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I think I'm up way too late

Ok so I should probably be in beddy byes trying to get back that Wy/B dream from the other night *blush* Yeah well nothing major, he was just asking her to dance, wearing no shirt & a cowboy hat :S Anywhoo, um interestingness today. Got dragged outta bed early so I could do driving duties for my dad *rolls eyes* came back home & went back to bed. Got up later again, talked to Melly while I read her ficness and IDBT update and ate breakfast. Then I had housework duty, although we had to go into town and I got my dvd burner *yay* but came home to do everything else after yelling at pretty much every member of my family, I spent a good half hour in my room playing Lifehouse and crying while I made my bed. Mostly cause I hate my life right now. Mostly cause I feel like I'm so deprived of time to do everything that I have to either sacrifice sleep, or as felt like the case today, eating. I don't want to be living a Cinderella lifestyle. I don't want to be stuck here forever & ever doing chores and nothing else. I begged my mother to let me stop and eat something, but it only meant putting things off till tomorrow (or today, so yet again depriving myself of sleep). I just wanted to do something for my friends. I updated Bianca b4 I left, went out with my other friends to dinner and bowling, came back and did Teegan (about all I can do at the moment), and um chatted quite a bit before I actually did get started on my fanfic. I've made it up to 3 & 1/4 pages now. I really should have finished it already but *sigh* no time. Not even at work. deprived myself of lunch there too cause of trying to meet demands. And now mum's not coming in next week cause she keeps doing stuff here and losing too much blood so the drain tube didn't come out, and so it's going to be twice as bad at work too. So I knew I would cry today, I actually thought it would have been tonight while I was out, but instead it happened earlier.

Alright, here's the new thing we're doing:

[01] Reply with your name and I will write something about you.
[02] I will then tell what song(s) remind me of you.
[03] Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity/animated or otherwise.
[04] Last, I will try to name a single word that best describes you.
[05] Put this in your journal

Step 1: Open your MP3 player. (or your playlist)
Step 2: Put all of your music on random.
Step 3: Write down the first ten songs it plays, no matter how embarrassing
Step 4: Post them in your journal!

(On a personal note - I have no embarrassing song's yo! I like them all otherwise they wouldn't be there *nods*)

01. "I Believe In This" - Sender
02. "Comfortable Liar" - Chevelle
03. "Have A Nice Day" - Stereophonics
04. "Dare You To Move" - Switchfoot
05. "God Only Knows" - Troy Newman
06. "Shine" - TransCendenZ
07. "Gone" - Switchfoot
08. "The Missing Years" - Troy Newman
09. "I'm So Sorry" - The Smiths
10. "Only One" - Yellowcard

Hmm interesting considering half of these rarely get play, and repeated artists? *shock* I do actually have a lot more music than that on here ;) Mind u its hilarious its been playing Evanescence all night and not one there!

a. Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch (current or cancelled!)
b. Have your friends list guess your favourite CHARACTER from each show
c. When guessed, strike through and tell us why you like that character

I don't even know if I have 10 *thinks*

01. Charmed
02. Lost
03. Cold Case
04. Without A Trace
05. CSI
06. Medium
07. Monk
08. Buffy
09. Angel
10. Blind Justice (a)

Your brain: 100% interpersonal, 80% visual, 80% verbal, and 140% mathematical!
Congratulations on being 400% smart! Actually, on my test, everyone is. The above score breaks down what kind of thinking you most enjoy doing. A score above 100% means you use that kind of thinking more than average, and a score below 100% means you use it less. It says nothing about how good you are at any one, just how interested you are in each, relatively. A substantial difference in scores between two people means, conclusively, that they are different kinds of thinkers.

Matching Summary: Each of us has different tastes. Still, I offer the following advice, which I think is obvious:

  1. Don't date someone if your interpersonal percentages differ by more than 80%.
  2. Don't be friends with someone if your verbal percentages differ by more than 100%.
  3. Don't have sex with someone if their math percentage is over 200%.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 76% on interpersonal

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You scored higher than 54% on visual

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You scored higher than 67% on verbal

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You scored higher than 74% on mathematical
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Theme songs of your life
by eponine
your name?
love song:tiny dancer - elton john
depressing song:everybody hurts - R.E.M.
party song:dirrty - christina aguilera
what-the-hell-ever song:walk this way - aerosmith
your lifewide open spaces - the dixie chicks
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