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Although I was scared, I slept it all away

So I'm trying to work on doing an LJ layout. Yes I suck muchly compared to my buds at the graphic stuff, but you know the mass harrassment tonight at least makes them feel wanted :D

As always, there is so much to tell, but really I can't be bothered. I haven't started my fic again. Having difficulties finding time, motivation, and erm... Wyattness? Well, at least the one I need. And Bianca as well. I'm so caught up in the way things should be that the way things are seems all to foreign.

And again, there are distractions. I'm sick of having to snap at the others at my work every morning because they can't be bothered doing something which I think will effectively get me into trouble, or I don't know... I kind of feel like I don't have reason to be like that, and usually end up scolding myself for a good half hour before I go back to my niceness.

Now the interestingness of today which completely weirded me out - I paid a visit to my "boyfriend" Michael (the guy from the bank we always joke about). Cause I've been so tied down at work I haven't been to the bank in ages, and well I think Helen has been up to something cause she told me to go today. I think he was surprised to see me, but then he told me that he had called me at work and hung up b4 speaking with me (he had my direct line number which was interesting, so Helen must have given it to him), and he asked me what time I finished work. Now I could probably say that this guy has tried every tactic in the book, but up until today I was keeping in my unobservant naievity. So for the rest of the day I have been running this possibility through my head and trying to work out things from my end, and you know I am a complicated, confused & completely indecisive person - every insecurity and bad memory came up and by this afternoon when I left work I was scared *nods* So I think I've slipped back into blissful ignorance for the moment.

Um so elsewhere, things are good with me according to Dr. Tobin, granted me 3-6 hours less *yay*, although he was hoping for 12, but he doesn't want things to go bad. I love how he's always positive, even when he's negative he tries to make it sound good *snigger* Mum's still got the drain in, is severely unimpressed, and still not going back to work, and at the moment hating us all for not talking to her (although when we try we get the short grumbly responses *rolls eyes*) I told her when I talked to her earlier today that she's just hanging out for when Mel comes over so we can weigh hand and foot on her hehe. I have this whole mental image of her sitting back with her feet up while Mel & I run around with serving plates and things (yep, call it weird, cause I know we won't be, and she definately doesn't know how to sit still)

Ok so I have some oldness I gotta catch up on...

a. Post a list of 10 TV shows you watch (current or cancelled!)
b. Have your friends list guess your favourite CHARACTER from each show
c. When guessed, strike through and tell us why you like that character

01. Charmed
Okay I'll declare everyone right :D LOL I love all the Halliwell-Wyatt's & my girl B *hugz* I don't think I need to explain Bianca, do I? I think I rattle on enough about her all the way through. Um I can't really explain the Chris thing. I know it flipped halfway through season 6 when I stopped rooting for Leo and started rooting for Chris, and I do NOT know how Drew did it, but the boy is a genius. And I love Spin City. I love seeing the boy get hurt, and to see him cry was beautiful - just that he could convey such emotions of warmth & despair. And Piper, well, loved her from day one. I love her powers, love everything about her, from her softness to her taking charge stance... she always seems to see reason, and I love her snappy comments. Just want to hug her. And something else I have been slowly realising is that a lot of what I'm doing with Bianca reminds me of Piper sometimes too - that whole balance between someone who can be so strong with such leadership qualities and still be able to be emotionally crippled if things go wrong. Had to laugh when I saw a certain breakfast discussion scene between Piper and Leo, reminded me of something Mel & I wrote for Wyatt and Bianca (and I was thinking like father like son ;) So brilliant)

02. Lost
Hmm does it so happen that the fact I blabbed this to everybody help? haha. Okay I love Locke the most just from that whole eppie of his. I felt a little akin to the fact that he longed to be someone else, that he would often escape into a little world where he could have power and be the kind of hero he wanted to be. It's nice thoughtage. If I could be in Charmed world, I would love that too *nods* It'd rock. Don't care if everyone else thinks it would be scary, I think it would be exciting! Anyway, back to Lost, um yeah the other thing I like was that the crash made him able to walk again, and now he's getting a chance to realise his dream and play out that role. And he's an extremely intelligent man *nods* with a not-so-important job. To me, that feels a lot like reality. And Hurley, well, I really like him cause he's funny and he's brilliant with ideas, even when nobody wants his input he comes up with the smartest strategies that come in handy for everyone *nods* Tis goodness.

03. Cold Case
Yup, Elisa's my girl *squishy hugz* Erm, I've explained previously why I like her so much. Plus she's so lovable & adorable, how could you not love her? I don't care that she has a mental problem :( Scotty is ebil *kicks him away*

04. Without A Trace
Nup, guess again :P

05. CSI
*Looks around* No guesses? Hmm... certain people seem to have forgotton the days when I used to say "Sorry I'm taking so long, watching CSI, and *blank* is on" (a) U all used to say he was too distracting for me and threaten to turn it off ;) hehe

06. Medium
Yup, wanna steal Brigette, little cutie. She's hilarious. I love her interaction with her sister and her parents. She seems completely naieve to what she's doing, or stubborn and keeps doing it, but either way it's so funny. I love all the characters on that show, but she's the one I wanna adopt.

07. Monk
Nup. Look a little closer to madness (a)

08. Buffy
*shock* No-one's worked this out? I woulda accepted two different answers. And yeah I love Oz, but he's 3rd in line ;) I loved his dry wit. Makes me wanna get season 3 out again :D

09. Angel
*yay* Go Doyle! Love Doyle. Love Glenn Quinn. Okay, I admit, it was the Irish thing *blush* And yeah his character wasn't perfect. I love the fact that he had flaws. And I was sooo hanging for him & Cordy to get together. And when his character died, I cried watching the vid of him, and I was so glad Joss kept up the tributes to him throughout the show, cause when Glenn died, that was really touching (and I cried again).

10. Blind Justice (a)
LOL I think I made this too easy, didn't I? Didn't even watch the show and everyone knew who I loved. *hugz Marisol* She's got a really thick yankee accent, but you know I loved the little moments in the one eppie I saw where just her character shone through (and I saw bits of B :D). She's a brilliant actress and conveys emotion so well, especially through her eyes.

Okay photobucket still isn't working *sob* That means I can't do the desktop thingie. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

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