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Christmas/Birthday/General wishlist

Yeah, so, since my birthday is this monday and Christmas isn't far off either, I've been mulling over this little meme for a while considering what I'd be totally happy with - what I desperately want/need, simple to the extreme. I'm not demanding these things be granted or given, I'm quite easy-going and I'm happy with whatever ppl give me. I'm not materialistic. You would be surprised with the things I do get excited over receiving. Simply, it's the thought that counts. If you know me well enough, then don't feel like I'm not going to be happy cause I will be. As long as you think of me, share the love and let me know, then, hey, I'm content!

So onwards we go...

01. The generally easy and REALLY free one Check my profile. Down the bottom you'll see a WHOLE bunch of interests. I have updated this recently. If you pick something from there, you can't go wrong ;) Now you can be all adventurous and try and track something down to buy if you like, but I'd be just as happy if you selected something from that list and got creative (ie. make icons, a music video, a fanmix/music soundtrack, write a fanfic/drabble/novel, draw some artwork, ANYTHING your little heart desires). Just so long as you let me know where to go if you've put it up somewhere.

02. Heroes. OMG can I BE more addicted and in love with a show???? Seriously ANYTHING Heroes right now wets my appetite. It's like a drug. I go through withdrawels without it on. LOL. So if you can drum up ANYTHING to do with the show you'll have me squealing like a little fangirl. Icons are VERY much appreciated (good icons are hard to find so far *pouts*). And Zach (Thomas Dekker) and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) are ♥ so I'd just die with happiness if they were part of the gift.

03. ... And on that note the other love of my life would be Supernatural. Jensen Ackles is teh pretty *nods* I've loved him for SOOO many years now, so it's really amusing seeing him get such notoriety now. And I'm learning to love Jared too :D So anything to do with that show (or the subject in general) would be muchly appreciated.

*adds key note* I'm not into slash. If you wanna do a pairing of something, I have my favourites listed here. Cordy/Xander (Buffy) and Zach/Claire (Heroes) are also faves who aren't on that list.

04. Fantasy or Horror. K so this stretches to books, tv, film, ornaments/accessories, whatever. If it's of that genre, I ♥ it. So if it's all dark & Gothy, it's me. If it's Fairies, unicorns & Pegasus, it's me.

05. Entertainment. I'm WAYYYY behind on films and such, so there's probably plenty out there I want to see and haven't :( Um music wise I'm generally a rock chick. It does sometimes pay to check with me, but you can be assured I haven't actually bought anything that's been released within the past month... I actually really want Josh Groban and Damien Rice's new albums (Mel's fault, she got me into them), and also Crowded House who I'm a HUGE fan of just released the live CD from the goodbye concert I attended! :| (Apparently that's been bought for me I was told today LOL) As far as concerts go, I SO wanna see Hoobastank but no-one will come with me *cries*

06. Jewellery. Okay for some reason I have this obsession of late that I *need* a blue bracelet. Mum pointed out that I had one already (I did find it) BUT, u know, doesn't hurt to have another...

07. Clothes. I THINK I need new summer nightwear (like of the skimpy spagetti strap type for those 30+ degree celcius nights). Everything's starting to get a little discoloured or chewed up by our evil washing machine *pouts*

08. Shoes. My sneakers are dying :( And Colorado doesn't magically keep the same fashions like I would hope. U can tell I don't like giving up things I love. SO I need new sneakers. Preferably blue. Also need like black ones too which I saw these awesome winged Converse ones in the shoe shops but they're somewhat pricey. Same goes for those brown kinda sandals I need also. *sighs*

09. One that's way out of anyone's range of giving The ultimate job and the ultimate guy *nods* But since no-one can really *give* me those things, it'll just stay as a wish. And I'll just recommend that people reading this tell the people they care about how much they mean to them. You can afford to do that at least once a year ;)

10. ... if all else fails... Soft toys and jackets. I have way too many of both. That's because they're things I can't say no to. I ♥ them.

If anyone feels the dire need to contact me (cause for some reason someone can and actually wants to fulfill one of these wishes), just comment or send an email to decadentdream@livejournal.com. Thanks muchly for your ears (and eyes... and hands...) :D
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