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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
Heroes Fanvid - "Run" by Snow Patrol 
23rd-Nov-2006 12:43 pm
Grave Lying
Run - Snow Patrol (A Heroes Fanvid)

Click the banner above to be redirected to the vid on Youtube. I'll upload it for download later and edit this post with those links. It features just about every character that makes a consistent appearance on the show. Enjoy.

Warning: Features Season One Episodes from 1-9

Downloadable from:

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17th-Dec-2006 11:01 am (UTC)
ha I know. What happened to all the Hiro fans? They went quiet and the Milo and Paire fans got louder...

I feel like I've been ignoring some Heroes lately... I think it's just probably this strange after-effect I'm having because the only things I'm really seeing are the vid cuts and the videos I've done because there's no new episodes, nothing to squee over except what we invent. It's really an interesting period to see how all the fans are coping.

Aw thanks :D That's such a huge compliment and now makes me feel bad for my earlier thinking (cause I have songs that cry out to be used but not every word applies to every scene like previous vids).

Um yes so thank you :D (And sorry for plauging u with comments but you're keeping me entertained :$ hehe)
(Deleted comment)
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