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The one with all the Christmas Cheer


Okay now that my birthday has passed and I've moved onto being in the Christmas spirit (cause u know I won't allow that til AFTER my birthday by ANYONE hehe), I've decided that I'm gonna send out cards to whoever on my lovely list wants one.

So if I haven't chased you already (or if I have and u want to double check I remember cause, u know, my memory sucks sometimes), I'm setting up this little thread for y'all to comment with postal addresses where you'd like me to send to them. If you're not comfortable with writing all that up in a comment (I will screen, don't worry) then just email me: white_ang@hotmail.com

Um I realise I have not explained any of my birthday nonsense but I promise I will catch up when I get a chance *huggles*
Tags: christmas, r/l

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