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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
Possible explanation for "glowy" Peter 
11th-Dec-2006 09:13 pm
Grave Lying

So this post is to address the little visionary dream Peter had at the conclusion of episode 1x11 "Fallout". My personal thought is that Peter did not have this dream to tell him he was the reason behind New York exploding but to show him that these were the people he needs to bring together. But, you know, Heroes writers are tricky, and they like to make us think - so clues can be found anywhere.

If we're taking this literally, I don't think Peter is about to go KABOOM! We all know by now that Isaac's paintings are only a snapshot in time that don't tell the whole story, and Peter's dreams aren't 100% accurate either as he has put himself into someone else's place (usually Nathan). To take on the presumption that this is all quite literall, that Peter is going to be the "exploding man" because Isaac painted one and because Peter says so would be silly. That would be like the painting of the dead cheerleader all over again (where, because they said so, we believed it to be Claire when indeed it was Jackie). So my theory is that Peter is not actually exploding, but absorbing powers. Let's look at the possibilities of what is displayed via this dream and I'll show you what may or may not be the eventual conclusion to this.

Preceeding - Peter's illness
I don't have an entire solution for this. It could be because of the fact that Peter's ability seems to peter out the longer he is away from the person he's around (hours after he'd seen Isaac he could only draw a stick figure premonition, but in his presence he was able to paint a masterpiece). So since Claire ran off from him, he wasn't exposed to her ability and considering all the blood he lost (and 24 hours later NO-ONE has bothered to even clean him up) he could become rather ill from such a fall. ALSO the theory of being exposed to multiple powers is what I'm basing this whole theory on. So in this short period of time Peter was exposed to Claire, Sylar (who's number of abilities we don't have a quota on yet)... by the time he gets to Matt and they're bouncing telepathic thoughts back and forth in a MASS clash, Peter's nose is beginning to bleed a little. So now we're up to 3. Then Claire comes to the station again. Not only is Peter exposed to her power, but with the Haitian running around as the secret bodyguard, it may have been possible that he stepped into Peter's range too. Add onto that Nathan once he arrives, and by the time Peter has been exposed to up to 5 ppl and is stumbling outside, he's passing out and nearly dying. This is what makes me think that the more abilities Peter takes on, the more he is hurting himself. If you look at the dream sequence, he is exposed to a good 8 ppl that we know of. And if Mr Bennet DOES happen to kidnap Peter and speed up his powers (as he seems to have done with Matt & Ted) then it is ALSO possible that accelerating Peter's ability is downright dangerous - and that MAY be why we end up with a screaming glowy Peter, transforming into the almighty powerful being. Every ability has a flaw - DL needs to concentrate to become incorporeal, Isaac ALSO needs to do this now instead of depending on drugs, Hiro needs to concentrate BUT it is still possible for him to overshoot his location, Claire CAN die but only when something is blocking/interferring with that part of her brain... so is it not possible that the reason Peter can't retain these powers would be that he would overload if he did? And possibly that is what is happening. But in regards to explaining everything else, here it is as follows:

Firstly, we open the scene when Peter falls on the ground. If you take note of his watch, the time reads 7:35 (or 36, I could be a minute off). If you remember back in episode 1x02 where Hiro is talking to the police, he glances at his watch and it is 11:52am. This is when the nuclear explosion is meant to happen. That's a 4 hour difference (or more if this is meant to be PM, but we'll play in the AM atm). We've noticed before that time plays a very important part in this show, and we often glance at watches or clocks to signify things (like Peter's death in 1x09 Homecoming). Then we look down a tunnel which is empty. Now I'm not sure if they're doing this to signify there's no-one around, or that tunnel means something (like the way to the real threat), but I guess we'll eventually find out. As Peter walks through the street we find that empty also. Now originally when I was trying to piece all this together I thought things had been frozen. This is probably not the case - demonstrated by the spinning bike wheel. Perhaps, then, it leads us to think that the chaos of everyone trying to escape the city via a section filled with roadwork led to people running away on foot. If you look closely though someone DOES appear to be walking through the cars with the same kind of confusion Peter has (possibly Claire) in the background behind him.

At first we see Mohinder getting out of the driver's side of the taxi. This would be fitting because Peter first met him when he was driving the taxi Peter was in. However Peter didn't recognise him when he went to Chandra Suresh's apartment and mistook him for his father, so it's likely either Peter's subconcious has put 2 & 2 together, or it's really just for our benefit. At first Mohinder looks happy to see Peter. I take this as his excitement in discovering his father's research was in fact true (he was pretty overjoyed to find the list) and he would recognise that Peter was the one that was first trying to direct him to it (I'm going to presume that post-it with Isaac's name on it that Mohinder found was written by Eden, and Mohinder has realised that the man on the post it and the man Peter was taking him to see are indeed the same guy). So he would be pleased to see Peter because here's a man who knew and believed wholly before he did. But, as we see, Mohinder's expression turns to one of shock and horror. So far Mohinder seems to be one of the last to get involved and discover exactly who Sylar is. If Mohinder manages to uncover this information, he may think that someone with multiple abilities will be corrupted. He may therefore begin to think that Peter may become just as corrupted. And I'm sure he would feel repulsed to learn that the man his father tutored is now the one killing them all. Mohinder manages to disappear pretty quickly. And I can't quite say what it is that brings that about, because strangely enough the next shot appears as if PETER is the one getting out of the cab.

Matt, we see, in his police officer's uniform. He LOOKS like he's directing frozen traffic (as we first saw him), and again there's the discrepancy as Peter only knows him from working with the FBI, out of uniform. But I guess it's easy to categorise police into uniforms. Now, personality wise, we know what Matt is like. He keeps a level head and tries to get the situation under control. We saw this with Ted and the bubbling glass, where he urged the man to calm down (I think he's a pretty skilled negotiator from what I've seen) and tried to ensure that neither he and Audrey NOR Ted were hurt by his powers (shall I also mention that when Ted goes radioactive, he doesn't go all glowy? So that's another way to dispell that kind of theory). We ALSO know that Matt is telepathic. So it is possible that Matt realises what is going on with Peter. I don't know if dream!Peter has a different mentality from real!Peter, but in the case that Peter recognises something is wrong, there must be a mental SOS going on there. Matt starts giving orders to the Hawkins/Sanders family to go in the opposite direction and tells Peter "Go away from them. Stay back!". If Matt recognises that their presence is causing a problem with Peter, he will realise that the Heroes need to step away from him to keep him from absorbing so many powers. Who better to vacate first than the family with the most number of powers? (ie. Niki, DL & Micah) So Matt is trying to evacuate them out of the area, at the same time telling Peter to head away from them before anything goes wrong. Notice that Matt does not head away, he wants to keep a handle on the situation.

Niki, Micah & DL
Well, it's obvious what they're doing. They're running away like they were told. LOL Notice they are still looking around though, as if trying to pick up on the real danger.

Claire is running towards Peter. I would think that she is having two thoughts at this point. She would remember that she was the one who saved him last time - that he could heal around her, so would be heading towards him so that this problem would stop. She would also be thinking "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World", at which point she might think that because she was saved it is her mission or duty to "save the world" and that perhaps by saving Peter she would be repaying the favour and fulfilling that duty. But once Claire reaches Peter, you can see there is no change. She looks down at his hands and tells him she's sorry. I think her apology is because she realises she's not helping him (and possibly hurting him, hence she runs away).

Simone & Isaac
As far as we're aware, Simone has no powers. So if she knows/recognises what is going on, she may think she is the only person able to stop it. She would be the only one who could get close enough to Peter without hurting him. And, well, she cares about him so of course she would head to him. Isaac, however, tackles her and pulls her away. Although this could signify the 3-way love triangle they had going on earlier in the piece, I think more to Isaac would be that he will instantly remember his painting of the exploding man and jump to the conclusion that it is Peter, hence pulling Simone away from danger. I would hope that this means there's a reconciliation between the two (and she apologises to him for not believing him).

Hiro & Ando
Are doing nothing, which is interesting. You would think that Hiro would be trying to freeze all the action. He looks a little defeated, and seems to be not as close as the others. And I find it interesting that Peter would dream of Hiro as Present!Hiro, not Future!Hiro. Because he has never met Hiro now (only seen a photograph at the Burnt Toast Diner and Isaac's painting) so it would be more likely of him to dream of Future!Hiro. Plus, you know, that would throw the whole thing out of whack since Future!Hiro saw him with a scar and such (which wasn't apparant in this scene).

and lastly... Nathan
Is striding out of his office. I would presume that he has won the election, there are wine glasses and a bottle in the bottom left hand corner of the shot that signifies the celebrations. There is also a collection of broken glass just outside the door. You'll notice that none of the glass doors or windows around it are shattered, and it can't be from above as it's in the indented section. And some of the glass it appears is, oddly, blue. This makes me think that there was ALREADY an explosion of some kind from the street, though a small one. The direction of the spray has caused it to settle in its current position. Nathan, I'm sure, probably recognises the disturbance outside is interupting his celebratory win. Maybe he even thinks Peter is stealing his thunder. But the reason we look at Nathan is because he's striding towards Peter, despite the danger. So what is going on there? He looks pissed off and a little determined, but here's a few possibilities:
1. Nathan is still in complete denial about everything, and is just going to lecture his brother again and tell him to stop it
2. Nathan isn't actually heading towards Peter, he's heading towards Sylar/Ted/whoever else Peter has put himself in place of, and plans to fly them out of there as a great sacrifice to protect everyone else from the great KABOOM
3. Nathan realises it is Peter, remembers Peter says he's the reason for the big bang, and decides to fly his brother out to protect everyone else
4. Nathan has finally acknowledged that certain people do have abilities, they are able to help one another with them, and he needs to right now help his brother to prevent him from overloading. The quickest way to do that would be to seperate Peter from the rest of the Heroes by creating as much distance as possible - hence flying him away.

Now I like the idea of #4 and my friend pointed out something in one of my video clips yesterday that we ended up spending forever analysing to work out if we were right. We're still none the wiser. But I did read in another journal that there is possibly a missing/deleted scene where Nathan asks "How fast do you think we can fly?" This I believe to be in relation to his sonic boom escape from HRGM & the Haitian. I advise people to go back and have a look at the future scene with Hiro in Isaac's studio when New York goes Kaboom. The mural on the floor shows that the explosion happens between two pointy buildings (k I don't live and have never been to New York so forgive my ignorance over this). Though its not possible to see the tops of the skyscrapers, most of the buildings around Nathan's office (where Peter is in his dreamscape) appear to be flat. I don't know where Nathan's office is in relation to Isaac's studio, but here's an interesting point. Before Hiro looks out the window there is a booming noise. Upon looking out the window on the right hand side there appears to a curved line of smoke that looks much like the trail Nathan leaves behind when he uses the "sonic boom" part of his flight ability. I know there is a sound AFTER this appears which sounds like glass breaking which made me think the window had simply cracked but you notice none of the windows across from Isaac's studio break until AFTER the cloud of smoke hits them and they crumble. So, if this is indeed a stream of smoke that's left in Nathan's wake (and I'm just guessing here as it was only a one frame change - so he WOULD have to have been really super-sonic quick to get Peter out of there and out of danger) this is blocks in front of the point of the explosion. Which means that Peter is not the cause.

Still... there is that 4 hour time discrepancy. And I've no idea where Nathan's campaign office is in relation to Isaac's studio, because I don't think Peter has ever traveled between the two. He has traveled to and from these places but never between them. So it'd be interesting to get a location.

So any thoughts? Anyone?
11th-Dec-2006 10:48 am (UTC)
Proceeding: you’re contradicting yourself there a little. At first you assume Peter could be ill from the fall after not being exposed to Claire for such a long time where you later state that he can channel Claire’s powers again as she came to visit him in the cell. That should’ve been enough time to patch himself up completely if he hadn’t been the first time around he used her power. I like the theory of a sort of power overdoses though, sound likely. Makes me wonder in return if his body is going to be dependant on powers aka is his illness in fact a craving and the powers a drug?

Opening: I love the whole time analysis you have done. It states that Peter can’t be the reason the time explodes in the original future. However, keep in mind that Hiro in fact already changed that future by warning Isaac and contacting Peter. The original future is no longer existent and it’s very well possible the time of explosion changed, but the disaster is still going to happen.

Something related I do not understand yet is: Why is the city empty? When in fact Peter (or the person he was channelling the future of) is the big danger (whether this is exploding OR nuclear vibrations or whatever). Why does he look so surprised when he starts to glow? Everyone apparently already knew, why else would they have fled? Or could there perhaps be a much bigger threat upon them and is Pete just channelling that threat thus leading to him exploding/dying of a power overkill?

Claire: I completely agree. She must remember the phrase and ought it her duty to do exactly that: “Save the world”.

Hiro: Didn’t you say he lost his powers? Wouldn't that explain the look of defeat on his face? Also, peter has never seen Ando yet he’s in the dream. I have an explanation for that at the very end.

Nathan: Very thorough, esp. the last couple of points. I wouldn’t know which one to be the most likely one,as I am still quite unsure about Nathan’s reactions to anything really. I can’t predict him. I prefer 3 or 4 as it would really incorporate the theme of the show well and I can already see the season finale going sky high (no pun intended) with the Petrelli’s flying around earth.

It’s not a dream: despite your theory I don’t think Peter put the people he has met in specific places because he knows them a certain way, thus he would think ie. that Matt would wear a police uniform. Ie. he sees Ando who has never really met. I truly think this was more of a premonition than a dream and the facts entering his brain were not his own, and hopefully never will be.

Btw, I am in quite a hurry and didn’t have time to reply to everything yet. Later :)
11th-Dec-2006 10:53 am (UTC)
Okay my mistake. He did meet Ando. But he never saw Matt in this costume and he never saw present Hiro as you state, thus I still think the last point I made to be more likely.
(Deleted comment)
12th-Dec-2006 09:58 am (UTC)
Firstly I ♥ your icon!! Isaac is love :D hehe

K secondly... thank you :D I had all these wild ideas and I watched the video piece by piece as I was going through everything. It was only cause my friend asked about the smoke thing from my music clip that we went back to look at that future scene to begin with.

And good point with the time difference ;) I guess it's not a great measure of time to go by what time Hiro left and teleported, but I would think they're showing us the watch for a reason. Now u DO have me wondering if they factored in a time difference LOL. Very strange.

You are totally right on that. We could be looking at something else entirely. It's only because of the celebrations glasses/wine that prompts me to think it is the day of the explosion. We shall have to wait and see. But thank u SO much for your input :D That's some good thinking u have going on there ;)
11th-Dec-2006 02:31 pm (UTC)
You analyzed this way more than I did. Interesting thoughts nonetheless.

I didnt notice the thing about Mohinder when he get out of the cab and then the scene cuts and it looks like Peter is the one getting out of the cab, I have no idea what that means or if it was just a cutting room fluke but its there.
12th-Dec-2006 10:02 am (UTC)
Oh I love your icon :( LOL All the pretty ones are turning up in this post. I ♥ that scene.

Anyways... thank u :D I think you're right, it's likely it was just an editing mistake, but still it is an interesting observation ;) Those people are evil for making us think even the smallest things mean something LOL Maybe it could be the actual way that Peter arrives on scene... okay, but I doubt he's driving a cab LOL Um... I've no idea. Guess we'll find that out eventually.
11th-Dec-2006 04:27 pm (UTC)
For some reason, I was thinking, Peter's watch and clothes looked like Sylar's. :o Of course, his watch isn't broken but.... :o
12th-Dec-2006 10:08 am (UTC)
Nope, Sylar's watch is round, Peter's is square. Plus it doesn't have the secondary numbers or the date facility that Sylar's has. And Peter usually wears those turn-up kind of jackets/coats anyway.

This, however, doesn't make me rule out that Peter could be putting himself in place of Sylar. When he dreamed about flying and Nathan, he still wore his own clothes - the ones he wore on the day. But he wasn't the one flying (until the last minute) it was Nathan. So we'll see ;)
12th-Dec-2006 07:16 am (UTC)
The mural on the floor shows that the explosion happens between two pointy buildings

The taller pointy building is the Empire State Building, while the shorter one's the Chrysler Building. /attempt to be helpful.
12th-Dec-2006 10:10 am (UTC)
Aww thank u! *huggles* Much appreciated.

Now any idea where they are in relation to Nathan's campaign office? hehe.
(Deleted comment)
12th-Dec-2006 10:23 am (UTC) - Re: Reply [part 1]
Wow when you said "big long post" you really weren't kidding huh. I am very impressed and awed.

Nup. *does ramble* hehe. Hey u should know that by now :P I'm like the one that plagues your journal with lengthy LJ comments :$ And thank u! *bows* Couldn't have done it without your help. Now u see why I waited to get a bit better, huh? ;)

Just because he managed to fix all the bones in her presence doesn't mean that he's fine.

That's right *nods* One of my biggest annoyances with fantasy tv land. You can't just be healed and suddenly you're all "HEY! I'm fine! Let's party!" U need time to recuperate *nods* and there's an aweful lot of red blood cells that need to regenerate there. If blood was so easy to replace, they wouldn't have blood drives now would they?? ;)

His defenses would be pretty low and hey it could be chilly in the air.

Yes, that's a fun transition between jumpers and t-shirts for them *raises a brow* What exactly is the weather there? hehe. But then, with the global warming, it has been going 20-40 here also in summer so maybe it's not THAT surprising. And OMG u make it sound like Peter's just actually SICK! LOL That's really funny but could be totally right, cause the producers were even nice enough to show that Nathan had a cold back when they were on the rooftop, and I was all *yay* "Look! They're REAL ppl! They REALLY get sick!" haha

just the fact that his body has to adapt from taking one hero's power to the other and then taking on 3 heroes altogether the next...it would be quite exhausting.

Good point. Nobody's really looked at the transitional effect of it all. And Peter hardly understands himself, so he's not able to explain it to us yet either. ♥ that we're as out-of-the-loop as him :D

this could just be some sort of precursor event before the big KABOOM.

Yup *nods* That's what I was getting at. And if that really was Nathan's sonic boom smoke my friend saw, then that only backs up that idea :D

and it can't be the blast because then they'd all be dead

LOL little glass! Little blast! :D Though I think u meant like nuclear explosion kind. But anyway...

It looks as though Hiro is wearing the same purple/white combo of clothes in the dream as he is in the painting.

WAS HE??? OMG well then. So where's the firey explosion and the great hellbeast dinosaur then? Did Peter put himself in its place??? Okay now I'm getting absurd. Maybe there is a shapeshifter out there. Maybe it's Lindermann! :| Okay I'll stop now LOL

*awaits future replies*

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
14th-Dec-2006 11:09 am (UTC) - Re: Reply [part 2]
I don't think that Nathan will be able to work out that a lot of Heroes are overloading Peter's brain unless Matt spells it out for him, assuming that Matt does understand the situation.

I wouldn't want to underestimate Nathan either. I think there's a great possibility that they're leaning heavily on this non-commital attitude of his so they can produce some big turnaround in the end where Nathan does save the day. Maybe he does piece it all together. And I'm also really loving that Nathan talking to Isaac thing I came up with too :$ LOL I shouldn't rely so heavily on what pops into my brain.

Someone else is going to have to look at those building 'cause I have 0 knowledge about the NY landscape.

Oh oh someone commented about it and had me squeeing! Here's the goodness:

Relatively speaking, yes Isaac's stuido and Nathan's campaign office are in the same part of the city. They're both on the East side of Manhattan, and it's very possible--if not probable--that the campaign office is between Isaac's studio and the two buildings. There's about 30+ blocks between the Lower East Side (Isaac's studio) and the Empire State Building, and from what I've noticed, it looks as though the campaign office is at least above 14th street, so that places the campaign office at at least 15 or so blocks north of Isaac's studio.

Now doesn't it sound like fun? I see a total seperate event now happening even more :D
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
13th-Dec-2006 07:57 am (UTC)
I know we've talked about this before, but I had another thought. What if this dinosaur or Godzilla, as it kind of looks like in the painting, shows up in NYC and starts wrecking things? That would explain why the other heroes are running away yet keeping their eyes open? Either that or I agree with the fact that it might not be Peter we're seeing, but someone else. I like the idea someone had before me that Peter might simply have caught a cold and combine that with maybe not healing fully from his fall, that would make him sick, especially if he does get weaker the more powers he absorbs!
14th-Dec-2006 11:13 am (UTC)
Perhaps ;) And I did happen to notice the shadow of the dinosaur today looked more man (*ahem* kinda Peter)-like than t-rexish.

Only some of them are running though, the others are still standing...

And yeah that would be interesting if he is just normal-ill & not supernatural-ill.
13th-Dec-2006 06:25 pm (UTC)
Amazing interp!!

Ok, now I am pulling my thoguhts on this from Buffy and have not actually looked up anything as of yet, but has anyone actually looked up what maybe the symobls mean in a real life kind of situation, like say an empty car stands for something or seeing a cop. Or the feelings of fear and anxiety?

I had this thought because I know the writes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in their eppisode "Restless" did this. I guess they learned different symbols for change , etc. (this was the seasons final eppi, before Dawn Buffy sister appeared.) and incorporated them into the dreams of the characters.

Just another thought. I could be barking up the wrong tree, but I thought I would throw it out there.
14th-Dec-2006 11:15 am (UTC)
Thank u.

Yeah I considered doing that when I first started on this, but then I couldn't be bothered LOL Usually the clues in Peter's dreams are direct and not really a "symbol" for something. But u never know, they might have taken a different turn this time ;) I never knew that about Buffy :| That is very interesting.
16th-Dec-2006 03:30 pm (UTC)
A lot of excellent well thought out analysis that hits on points I'd been wondering about as well. Particularly that Peter is absorbing everyone's powers and it's killing him and Nathan going towards him to get him out of there.
17th-Dec-2006 02:01 am (UTC)
Thanks :D And I totally appreciate everyone's thoughts and comments because more things are being uncovered through this discussion. Though nothing has been confirmed (and here's hoping that they're not going to end the season leaving us still wondering) its fun to break it down and see how much we get right.
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