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Heroes Music Vid: "My Best Wasn't Good Enough" - Kane

Okay, I admit, I couldn't help myself. I made another entire cast vid. BUT it was all in good spirit, back when I had the Claire/Zach vid going around in my head I also had this one too by the wonderful Dutch band Kane. It is almost entirely different footage again (I don't tend to use the same scene twice unless it's too pretty/meaningful to turn down). PLUS there is a miniscule blink-and-you'll-miss-it section of the Claire promo provided to me by __outdated (thank you again *hugz*). So without further ado, the vid (please enjoy):

My Best Wasn't Good Enough - Kane (A Heroes Fanvid)
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Warning: Features Season 1 episodes 1-11 and may be a tad bloody

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Tags: adrian pasdar, ali larter, claire bennet, eden, greg grunberg, hayden panettiere, heroes, hiro, hrgm, isaac, leonard roberts, masi oka, matt, micah, milo ventimiglia, mohinder suresh, music vid, music videos, nathan, peter, peter petrelli, santiago cabrera, thomas dekker, vids, zach

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