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Wild random spoilerish theory for HRG's boss/Lindermann's identity

Just thought of this while posting in balikpulang's journal. CONTAINS SPOILERS But nothing is accurate, I'm just speculating. Unless I really am an NBC spy like never_evil suggested *shifty eyes*

HRG's boss is RELATED to a Hero? Why do I get the feeling it's Mrs "Mom" Petrelli??? LOL. "I can't have anything spoiling my Nathan's campaign. Get rid of Sylar!" ok, that wouldn't work, she wouldn't let them take Nathan :( Um... Niki's dad comes back to haunt them all cause he has the money to pay?? Er... I still want it to be Lindermann but we don't know enough about him to make him someone's relative yet. Maybe we're not thinking wise enough. Maybe Lindermann is DL's father! :O That'd be interesting (and strange) and could possibly explain why DL didn't want Niki taking any money from him. Maybe he's one of those kids (like Peter) who tries to get somewhere without their parents money?

So I may totally not remember this right, and if anyone wants to tell me it doesn't work please feel free to explain LOL I haven't watched the show in a lil while (at least with audio) so I could be incredibly wrong, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
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