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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
Wild random spoilerish theory for HRG's boss/Lindermann's identity 
10th-Jan-2007 06:13 pm
Grave Lying
Just thought of this while posting in balikpulang's journal. CONTAINS SPOILERS But nothing is accurate, I'm just speculating. Unless I really am an NBC spy like nakhrewali suggested *shifty eyes*

HRG's boss is RELATED to a Hero? Why do I get the feeling it's Mrs "Mom" Petrelli??? LOL. "I can't have anything spoiling my Nathan's campaign. Get rid of Sylar!" ok, that wouldn't work, she wouldn't let them take Nathan :( Um... Niki's dad comes back to haunt them all cause he has the money to pay?? Er... I still want it to be Lindermann but we don't know enough about him to make him someone's relative yet. Maybe we're not thinking wise enough. Maybe Lindermann is DL's father! :O That'd be interesting (and strange) and could possibly explain why DL didn't want Niki taking any money from him. Maybe he's one of those kids (like Peter) who tries to get somewhere without their parents money?

So I may totally not remember this right, and if anyone wants to tell me it doesn't work please feel free to explain LOL I haven't watched the show in a lil while (at least with audio) so I could be incredibly wrong, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
(Deleted comment)
10th-Jan-2007 10:13 am (UTC)
*maniacal laugh* Yes it was *I* that stole Peter's coat with the upturned collar! And those whacky red-tinted sunglasses that help u look at solar eclipses!

Yes... yes I want to know. And to totally get away from any theories that involve Claire-Nathan-Niki & Lindermann being related, I've devised my own! And I'll stick with it because they're being super ambiguous and we're being super naieve in the presuming game again. So I'm thinking outside the box. And DL didn't want to be a criminal like daddy, but he became one. Isn't it interesting his mother never spoke about his father when Niki went to visit??? Though that's really evil to get your daughter-in-law to sleep with somebody else... maybe he dislikes Niki as much as grandma does? And he wants to break the couple up... LOL I dunno. Clutching at straws *shrug*
(Deleted comment)
10th-Jan-2007 01:17 pm (UTC)
I do believe Mrs Petrelli features into this, in a big way .... I believe she knows the truth about their fathers powers, and she definately was behaving suss when the reporter came to their "family brunch", she was pissed that Peter saved Nathans ass over the blonde in Vegas

Is she behind HRG? Don't know.... I'd have thought she'd want him dead after his interactions with Peter. Is she capable of being that cold? Yep I think she could be

I f we're following Nathans election campaign further this half of the season, then I reckon that Mama Petrellis actions and motives will be shown more. What if their father is still alive, and he's running the show?

PS I'm gonna be posting that Drinking Game post we talked about at some point today.....
11th-Jan-2007 10:55 am (UTC)
I was wondering that. She is coniving (ie. stealing socks to get Nathan's attention, putting herself into control by organising him a brunch where he was outed about Niki... do u think she's trying to bring a downfall to his campaign?? Maybe she's working for Lindermann...) and can be a little old at times.

LOL I wouldn't be surprised if their father was alive cause I always took that suicide excuse with a grain of salt. For some reason I couldn't believe it, the heart attack seemed more convincing, and they both were trying to convince Peter really hard that he was mental like his father....

U know u really are making me think Mama Petrelli is trying to bring Nathan down.
11th-Jan-2007 11:00 am (UTC)
Cold! I meant cold not old! LOL *bad typo*
11th-Jan-2007 05:32 am (UTC)
Interesting! I too wonder if Lindermann and HRG's boss is the same person, but if they're related to one the heroes I honestly don't know. Oh, just thought of something totally random, what if it's not Lindermann, what if it's Nathan's wife? What if she does remember Nathan flying out of the car and if she suspected he had powers, but maybe not. She'd probably wouldn't want Nathan taken either.
11th-Jan-2007 10:08 am (UTC)
I thought about that, but she's not directly related (only by marriage) and the only reason I'd imagine her getting Nathan's ass hauled away was to get him away from "that tramp" (ie. Niki)
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