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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
My quickly summarised Heroes analysis for 1x12 - Godsend 
23rd-Jan-2007 09:14 pm
Grave Lying

Things I managed to get right (that I at least remember)
* Claire asked the Haitian to give Zach back his memories
* Peter was absorbing too many powers (*yay* Nathan for the confirmation! Though I don't remember Peter saying that to him. :P U telepathic now boy? Or was it a mumbled incoherent thought while he was convulsing on the floor?)
* Nathan's gonna fly Peter out of there (at least that's still speculative... he at least insisted he wasn't moving and he was gonna help)
* Dream sequence takes place early in the morning (see OMG WOW for explanation)

Things that were sorta right
* Nathan went to see Isaac for info on Peter (but he asked Simone for help to get to him)
* Claude was indeed a figment of Peter's dream (but he was also real and didn't come into contact with Peter til then)

Things I got wrong
* Ooh a whole bunch of Claire/Zach first together moments conversation wise :( But that's okay

Things that were OMG WOW!
* I actually liked Simone in this ep!
* Ali was brilliant slipping between personalities
* Santiago was GAH! *dies* SO DAMN HOT!!!
* The amount of love being spread around this ep that made me go "Awww"
* Mom!Petrelli really can be a bitch! LOL
* They got 2 weeks off school cause someone DIED???? I dunno about you, but I never got 2 weeks off school for that.
* Eden's real identity! I felt so sorry for Mohinder :( Specially since I became a Mohinder/Eden shipper
* Mohinder knocking back HRGM. Much HRGM!Hate going on in there *yay* And LMAO at his jest to Mohinder about his protectiveness over the names "Why? Are you on the list?"
* Claire's parents work for HRGM!!! :O
* The extra sequences thrown into the dream clip. I notice small things - like the fact the sun is now rising in the background which does indicate it's morning! WEEEE!
* Isaac still loves Simone!!! And that's gotta be the first time I saw any kind of chemistry between them, which prompted me to go "awww" and "do I smell a 3-way love triangle?"
* Is it me, or did Lisa Lackey (aka Mrs!Matt Parkman) look just a little pregnant?
* Ted's getting control of his powers! WOOOOOOOO!!!
* The replay of the Zach/Claire scene from the first episode, but from his perspective

Things that were Grr
* Mohinder's accent. It's like 1% Indian now. Where did it go?? LOL I was all "this is wrong!"
* Zach not figuring out things himself :( Doesn't that boy check his damn receipts? At least he realised something was "missing". Plus he was suddenly nicer to Claire, so I still wonder what the angry blowout was last ep :\
* STILL not finding out who Linderman was, and I think the scene with DL kinda blew my theory :(
* Still feeling lost over what happened in those 2 weeks. Anyone know what went on with Sylar? Cause I was too busy trying to explain the last episode to everyone LOL
* The fact Micah is now back at school also confuses me... which school? They couldn't afford the private school, Niki pulled him out, and they've been on the run ever since :S

*laughs at the fact her mood icon is also a hot nekkid guy*

May add more later if I remember anything.
23rd-Jan-2007 06:47 pm (UTC)
Still not watched it yet, but have given in to reading reviews and spoilers!!
The one thing I can attest to, is that Sylar is recaptured, just after he's killed Eden, it's in the Online comic Fathers and Daughters

Can I ask did the new character Hana turn up yet? ...and Simone likeable...I don't buy it 'til I see it LOL, Can't wait to see Chris Eccleston as Claude

I've posted a link to the Greg Beeman blog on my LJ, he's one of the directors and has a blog on a lot of the episodes, he has stuff on Godsend, and pics of Zach, Claire and Peter behind the scenes. Oh and I've put up a Santiago wp version of the banner you liked, and a comedy fanart thing, which may raise a smile from you, below the cut.

Hows work today....or are trying not to think about it?
23rd-Jan-2007 09:04 pm (UTC)
Hana turns up in epi 13 ;)

LOL that blog is popping up EVERYWHERE! (I posted it too, coz I am slow and usually a day behind LOL)

Claude's cool and I agree with you, Simone is still.... yuck...
25th-Jan-2007 09:45 am (UTC)
Yeah but :( I just wanted to know why he was so vegged out and not super!agro like before.

Hana turns up next ep *nods* there's a preview on the NBC site and also on Youtube (I think canadian_turtle linked it from her journal yesterday)

haha dude I already read your post and the blog you linked from it by the time I got this ;) And I've been stealing all the Zach pics too :$

Thanks for posting the WP :D Keep wondering if I should steal it for work but then the other boys might get jealous *snicker* as well as wonder if he's my b/f (one can wish haha)

Um I'm slowly coming to grips with the program - there's like 3 different numbers for orders, and 2 programs (plus a million options and tabs in them) so I'm still trying to work out what goes with what, but hopefully I'll get there. My boss is wonderful however so I keep slapping myself for continually being so scared about going to work.
25th-Jan-2007 10:19 am (UTC)
Well you sound so much more in control of things work related, already, and you've been there less than a week. Am I proud of you!! :)

Yeah, I finally managed to watch the episode, and I'm sorry, I still cannot bring myself to get all warm and fuzzy about Simone. It was like get your hands off MIlo's chest, stop staring at Santiago like that...they're MINE!! LOL!! a girl can dream can't she....

I bet you spotted that hot and tender Nathan-Peter coma kiss didn't you...my husband thinks I read so much into it, because of all the fanfiction I've read recently. But seriously this show is jam packed with charismatic hot guys!!
25th-Jan-2007 10:31 am (UTC)
Aw thanks *huggles*

haha well I said I only liked her for this episode. It's a fleeting feeling. I just thought she was crafted out better, but she's already laid a whole lot of black marks against her name so she can't win me over that easily :P LMAO I can imagine... I totally agree

Oh the slashy moment? *snickers* Yeah. I was all "oh no, they DIDN'T! They just gave some fuel to the Petrellicest crowd" I couldn't quite buy Nathan being that caring, but I know he really cares about his "kid!brother" as Parul calls it. And that is SO true! hehe
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