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Another wildly intrepid idea brought to you by Zach

LOL I'm guessing updating my Zach journal last night threw me into enough of a mindset to think there might be more to his words:

"You may have an aunt out there, or a rich eccentric uncle"

So 80% of the Heroes population has jumped on board this whole idea that Nathan is Claire's father. Well now I'm gonna present another theory that I've completely linked all together LOL (I can't believe I'm saying this, it's pretty out there)

ANYWAY I propose that maybe Claire is actually a younger Petrelli.

Firstly, let's look at some things (really briefly cause I'm not going back over things intricately this time, just from memory).

Mama!Petrelli has remarked how similar Nathan is to his father. Nathan has been following his father's footsteps through life and his supposed "death". To be honest, I never actually believed this in the first place. First we tell Peter his dad had a heart attack, conveniently at the time there was going to be a big Linderman downfall. Then we tell Peter that his father suffered from the same "delusions of grandeur" he does amd he actually commited suicide. Now (especially with the sudden survival of Claire's mother) I ask - is it possible that Papa!Petrelli actually has a power (hence why his sons do) and would it not be a perfect time for him to fake his own death and get out of that dangerous situation? Especially after the attack on his eldest son's life.

There are a lot of parrallel's between Nathan and his father which brings me to another question - if these two are so often presented "like father, like son", and bearing in mind that Mama!Petrelli said Papa!Petrelli paid little attention to her, it is likely that he also could have had an affair. That affair could have been with Claire's mother.

Now, as for Linderman's involvement in all this, he is meant to be part of someone's family on Heroes. I did crazily propose that Linderman was actually Mama!Petrelli herself dead set on ruining Nathan's campaign and bringing herself some attention (or saving her sons from being like their father, whatever her damn motivation is LOL). I thought maybe we should move out of the box a little. What if Linderman was, say, Mama!Petrelli's brother? That the only reason Papa!Petrelli is defending him is because they're "family". And the reason that decision was so hard on Nathan to bring them both down was because he would be defying his family and destroying both his father and his uncle. Perhaps that's why he sought out Peter for advice, not just because he trusts his opinion, but because Peter has defied the family before and survived (ie. by not becoming a lawyer, but a nurse and without his father's money or approval).

Which brings me back to Claire. If she were indeed the younger sister of Nathan and Peter, then she would have a "rich eccentric uncle" in Linderman. If Papa!Petrelli faked his own death, it would indeed be hard to find a "dead man". We never saw a funeral or anything other than hearing Nathan say that he was dead, so there is no actual proof that the man has died. Also it supports that fact that we already know about him, though we've never seen him. And that could represent another reason Linderman wants those paintings - we're not sure if he's aware they can "tell the future" but they do represent his possible niece and nephews. And, hey, if they're all related that would explain Claire's bio-daddy having the same build as Nathan without it being him LOL

Anyone else feel like throwing some ideas into this crazily wild theory? :D

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