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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
Another wildly intrepid idea brought to you by Zach 
3rd-Feb-2007 01:09 pm
Grave Lying
LOL I'm guessing updating my Zach journal last night threw me into enough of a mindset to think there might be more to his words:

"You may have an aunt out there, or a rich eccentric uncle"

So 80% of the Heroes population has jumped on board this whole idea that Nathan is Claire's father. Well now I'm gonna present another theory that I've completely linked all together LOL (I can't believe I'm saying this, it's pretty out there)

ANYWAY I propose that maybe Claire is actually a younger Petrelli.

Firstly, let's look at some things (really briefly cause I'm not going back over things intricately this time, just from memory).

Mama!Petrelli has remarked how similar Nathan is to his father. Nathan has been following his father's footsteps through life and his supposed "death". To be honest, I never actually believed this in the first place. First we tell Peter his dad had a heart attack, conveniently at the time there was going to be a big Linderman downfall. Then we tell Peter that his father suffered from the same "delusions of grandeur" he does amd he actually commited suicide. Now (especially with the sudden survival of Claire's mother) I ask - is it possible that Papa!Petrelli actually has a power (hence why his sons do) and would it not be a perfect time for him to fake his own death and get out of that dangerous situation? Especially after the attack on his eldest son's life.

There are a lot of parrallel's between Nathan and his father which brings me to another question - if these two are so often presented "like father, like son", and bearing in mind that Mama!Petrelli said Papa!Petrelli paid little attention to her, it is likely that he also could have had an affair. That affair could have been with Claire's mother.

Now, as for Linderman's involvement in all this, he is meant to be part of someone's family on Heroes. I did crazily propose that Linderman was actually Mama!Petrelli herself dead set on ruining Nathan's campaign and bringing herself some attention (or saving her sons from being like their father, whatever her damn motivation is LOL). I thought maybe we should move out of the box a little. What if Linderman was, say, Mama!Petrelli's brother? That the only reason Papa!Petrelli is defending him is because they're "family". And the reason that decision was so hard on Nathan to bring them both down was because he would be defying his family and destroying both his father and his uncle. Perhaps that's why he sought out Peter for advice, not just because he trusts his opinion, but because Peter has defied the family before and survived (ie. by not becoming a lawyer, but a nurse and without his father's money or approval).

Which brings me back to Claire. If she were indeed the younger sister of Nathan and Peter, then she would have a "rich eccentric uncle" in Linderman. If Papa!Petrelli faked his own death, it would indeed be hard to find a "dead man". We never saw a funeral or anything other than hearing Nathan say that he was dead, so there is no actual proof that the man has died. Also it supports that fact that we already know about him, though we've never seen him. And that could represent another reason Linderman wants those paintings - we're not sure if he's aware they can "tell the future" but they do represent his possible niece and nephews. And, hey, if they're all related that would explain Claire's bio-daddy having the same build as Nathan without it being him LOL

Anyone else feel like throwing some ideas into this crazily wild theory? :D

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3rd-Feb-2007 04:22 am (UTC)
I know! Blame Zach! LOL

Oh c'mon don't gimmie that :P *kicks* U came up with the whole Claude thing, that was good *nods* You analyze the Petrelli's really well. And me, well, I just keep trying to think outside the box. Which is good for my creative imagination *nods* if only I could implement that somehow into a beginning....

I don't know *ponders* I mean it would make sense just to completely abandon them (OH! LOL He could be self-healing too so any suicide attempt would fix itself) erm yeah haha. I'm just a wealth of speculation.

So I read the little link u gave me for that and found out stuff I didn't know, but as far as Adrian saying that I did know. He says they're not brother and sister... does a half count? Or maybe she really is a cousin like Kristin suggested and she's Linderman's daughter hehe So we've got like a week and a half to this I guess. Oh did u notice everyone's suddenly backtracking on the when Zach is leaving thing? So shady.

Meh. Let's just make daddy HRG and be over and done with it. He had an affair cause he couldn't have kids with his wife and he was frustrated or something...
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3rd-Feb-2007 04:26 am (UTC)
Oh hon:

Ali also talked about her character's involvement with the older Petrelli brother, "I don't know much, other than at the end of episode 15, there is a reason as to why we are going to be together again, which I am thrilled about. I absolutely adore working with him, and I think our two characters are great together."

That's exactly what I was saying earlier - if Nathan's involved with so many other characters, how can he be involved in Claire's storyline. And Ali's just said that at the end of Ep 15 SHE is with Adrian. We haven't heard anything about her and Claire, so I'm presuming she'll have to find someone else won't she? LOL hang on - what's happening ep 15 again? Tell me what u know.
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
3rd-Feb-2007 04:13 am (UTC)
heh I remember reading that :$ But can't a girl theorise? (A)
(Deleted comment)
4th-Feb-2007 01:28 pm (UTC)
Hah. Adrian did confirm that Peter and Claire are not siblings but he didn't DENY that they could be related! Ack. After watching the latest preview clips, I think Zach and Claire both speak half truths (i.e. her having a rich, eccentric uncle/aunt and thinking her parents were in New York) intentionally left in the script. Also, TPTB DO watch the fan buzz, and similar to their actions pre-Eden's death, they probably added the Sylar voiceover b/c the previews were "too obvious." Ausiello hinted as much.

Which brings me back to pondering if Nathan is Claire's dad after all. It'd be a cliche (how many blonde affairs does he need?!) but it does match the official NBC description for Ep 15 (Run) which says "While the scandalous truth about Claire's real father is revealed!" Otherwise, Linderman and HRG kinda still qualify as "someone we're familiar with." That said if it IS Nathan, there better be a good explanation on why he, HRG and the Haitian didn't recognize each other at the Las Vegas "kidnap" scene.
5th-Feb-2007 10:40 am (UTC)
asdfhiohfif??!?!? THERE'S AN EPISODE CALLED RUN??????????????????? LMAO *rolls around on the floor laughing* Oh I choose the most appropriate songs for this show. I make vids and then the show starts naming them (eg. the Petrelli's sudden obsession with "fix u")

I have a good masterful power here. What do we want to see on the show next (is it sad that not only have I geared up a somewhat Sylar based vid in my brain, but as of today I think I scored songs for a Niki/Nathan & Isaac one too...)??? OOH I need a song that says "Nathan's not Claire's daddy" hehe. Um. *obsessed*

Interesting to note that I saw somewhere something about Claire's not happy with her real father, and then when I read the EXACT same ep summary on tv.com (word for word) it said that Claire finally lets her anger out at HRG (so instead of "Real father" it said "HRG" - did someone slip up? *hopes*) And to think I only mentioned to Parul the other day I could imagine a whole "Claire gets so pissed off at HRG she starts screaming and hitting him and saying 'you killed him!'" but, like, that was jumping off my idea of killing Zach off :$ heh.

Oh there better be a LOT of good explanations if it all comes down to that. I'm not happy. And I won't be until they reveal every little detail and make it work.

Shall we wonder if Ausiello was trying to mislead people too? Because if they're not allowed to tell anyone the big secrets, why would (or should) they be telling the spoiler people???
(Deleted comment)
6th-Feb-2007 11:32 am (UTC) - Warning: Features hints at Ep 14 footage
Adrian was on purpose being very deliberate

That he was. *kicks him* I wonder how much he knew? Smack your boss for me Parul.

I really like the idea that what Zach said was a partial truth because then it's cool that we are getting some subtle clues from within the show from avenues we hadn't even expected them of.

*nods* That would be awesome to interweave the links like that.

he wouldn't have been married to Heidi at the time.

I dunno... Heidi just makes it sound like she's known him for so long. I totally imagined them as college sweethearts.

I can't quite recall why they should be recognising each other...a little help please?

Because the Haitian said that Claire's parents worked for HRG, therefore if Nathan's the daddy he & HRG should have recognised one another. One thing though, I find that the Haitian was only repeating what HRG told him, so he's not really a wealth of information.

oooh Nathan/Niki yay. Make a vid quick cause that's what I want to see. Not that I am encouraging affairs or the sort.

I wanna do the other two first! LOL Besides, I have to wait for the reunion between our favourite little affair so I have more footage ;) But I've got their song on repeat now if that helps *shifty eyes*

I think I need to start taking notes of anything Heroes you say. This is getting too ridiculously scary.

LOL I've often wondered that. You know 2 nights ago I had this dream which featured Hiro and Ando and how they'd been kidnapped. Well, it just so happens, that Ando got pushed down the stairs and died as a result of this. And I was floating around but I think I was just watching LOL So, anyway, Hiro got all depressed about losing his friend (I remember a large frame filled with photos and sketches of the pair) and he was led outside where he sat on a seat moping and there was a blonde woman who looked like your typical reporter hanging around with him. Anyway, behind them, Ando appeared (as a ghostly apparition) in like a long green kimono/robe with a sword strapped to his side (yeah I went all traditional Japanese LOL) and he needed to pass on a message. So he ended up having to break through this perfume (which was like some kind of barricade between earth and the "other side") and the blonde asked him how he did it and he said that he'd always been known as "Brute" - a nickname but also a men's cologne. Well wasn't I LMAO tonight when Hiro turned to Ando and asked him if he was wearing cologne (he was still trying to get some girlk's attention ;) Just not the one I dreamed).
4th-Feb-2007 12:51 am (UTC)
Hmmmm .... interesting, I'd be shocked shitless if it turned out to be true LOL!!!

I see where you're coming from, and it will truly be accepted that you have Isaacs powers if this is right, but I think the Zach comment could be a red herring.

I think if Linderman was related to the Petrellis, the brothers would have known...I agree that Papa Petrelli more than likely had powers, and maybe Mom too, he also could have spread his seed elsewhere. But I think Adrian said that the brother-sister theory was wrong...

I am still thinking Nathan is her Dad, but theres also an outsider like Thomas or Thompson, the character to be played by Eric Roberts, who could also be Daddy...

anyway, its really late here, and I fear I'm becoming less coherent than usual...so I'll go now... enjoy your sunday....
4th-Feb-2007 06:13 am (UTC)
LOL it won't. But it was fun to piece something together and say "there's enough proof for this" and I FULLY blame Zach for convincing me there was something behind what he was saying (not that he knows, just the writers...)

Well they do know Linderman (ha EVERYONE knows Linderman - EXCEPT US!! LOL), it's just easy to disguse things by hedging around acknowledging something directly (hehe I know this cause I am very good at this... at least the last story I wrote I left clues all along the way wondering who would pick them up. Just wish I could do that in something completely original). Mama!Petrelli is overly secretive and ruthless and I don't think she actually has any ability at all. Out of everyone on the show (except maybe Heidi) I think she's the least likely to be hiding one. I do, however, think that that small comparison between Peter and his father is not normal related but power related. Let's just wait and see on that one. :D But I'd like if my minor analysis of Papa!Petrelli is right *nods* Even if the brother-sister thing is wrong.

LOL I said I was 100% certain that he wasn't. But because of that I need to find who is. And I can offer so many suggestions and weird theories but the thing is that I'm not going to be vindicated by any of them until the moment it happens :(

U know they seem to keep throwing us a bone. First with the "why is Peter blowing up?" thing, now "Who's Claire's daddy?". Makes me wonder who's next on the list to question...

*hugz* Hope you're sleeping well. And your ears weren't burning too bad when I was talking about Heroes and you last night (A)
4th-Feb-2007 07:34 am (UTC)
I really like the idea. I'm not sure it's entirely plausible...but I do like it a lot. I'd love to see a family relationship between Claire and the Petrelli's, and this one is more appealing in some sense than Nathan as her dad. Though, I don't object to that either. *is easy to please on this show*
5th-Feb-2007 10:44 am (UTC)
Thanks :)

Yeah I'm trying to think outside the box - cause that's the genius of this show, they always come up with something unexpected. I actually admire them for inspiring that kind of thoughtage in ppl, though it's going to be difficult for them to stay one step ahead of all the fans ;)

Still, it was a wild and wacky theory while it lasted. And I so don't want Nathan to be the father (in fact I said I was 100% sure he wasn't when I first heard about the idea). And I'm easy to please too, as long as it's plausible hehe Otherwise they shall feel my wrath!!! Though it's not like I have an aggresive superpower or anything...
5th-Feb-2007 06:14 am (UTC)
Hmm, very interesting theory! I would like to find out more about Papa!Petrelli, and this could be a good twist, especially if the brothers find out their dad's still alive. However, I do think that Peter and Claire are cute together and maybe in the future they can date or whatever, who knows? Can't wait until tomorrow night though, gonna be taping it during class!
5th-Feb-2007 10:47 am (UTC)
Yes! Me too! I want to know all the family backstories of these super secret parentals. They know more than we do... *shifty eyes*

Oh are u a Paire fan? :P Join the other 80% of the Heroes fandom *pushes Julie that way* hehe. Dude there's such a HUGE age gap between them! (Though entirely plausible since my friend dated someone 15 years older than her...) but the show's ppl have insisted they're never getting together (in that way).
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