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Heroes 1x14 - "The Fix" review & discussion

I proposed the idea of doing commentary like the actors of the show would with my fellow fans, and just thought "hell I'll do it". *gears up vid* Be warned... this will probably be long.

You know when I thought over who should do this commentary after seeing the episode, I decided I'd like to see Tawny Cypress (Simone) do it - cause I wanted some kind of explanation why her character is so randomly hot and cold over this - and either Mrs Bennet (real name escapes me) who got a helluva lot of screen time for once and might also be able to give us the insight into memory-lossage OR Zachary Quinto (Sylar) cause he just seemed to have a whole field of fun in this one. For a third I was thinking, if anyone, maybe Masi Oka (Hiro) so he could cover his family relations and his quest... but I thought it unlikely because I know there is a Hiro-focused ep coming up - unless this was it LOL I totally forget.

So let's say I'm walking down the hall about to do commentary with these guys, and I bump into Zachary who's on his way to commentate and I'm all *yay* that is so awesome, I hoped you would! But we get chaperoned into different rooms and I start to question why - so the scary man nicely tells me that I have seen parts they haven't and they don't want me giving anything away, and they have seen stuff that could spoil me so they can't ruin it for me. Fair enough. Though I don't know who "they" are, apart from Zachary of course ;) So I'm alone in my little room and I look across through the see-through glass and who should I see already inside? MILO! Dammit MILO is in there! But where is Adrian? He's not there. And now I am disappointed because I know this doesn't feature Nathan very much at all, and I wanted Petrelli-lovin' commentary not Milo's opinion on Peter & Claude commentary. (Erm... side note: I'm relaying something completely unreal here and I haven't heard the actual audio of this or anything so if there was something discussed in relation to this I don't know about it. Let's pretend I'm still stuck in that soundproof room where I can see but not hear).


Previously on Heroes
Ooh it's HRG opening. Damn he sounds scary. You know I never thought of trying to pick out the voices until last weeks audio commentary mentioned it. So now we're summing up Claire's storyline (and all I'm thinking about is Zach hehe). Yeah that's Hiro's daddy. Damn that psychiatrist of Niki's is asking for it. Look it's Claude - nasty!Yoda!!!! *sing-song voice* Syyyyyyyyyylars not deeeeeeeeead.

Scene 1 - Peter, Claude & petty theft
He took a bagel! And that shot looked more telekinetic than invisible, but anyway... hehe *thinks Claude has enhanced powers* OOH watch out for the costume guy laundry man. *snickers at the confusion of the guy and Claude's natural ability to hold it like he's really visibly standing there but seemingly enjoying causing grief at the same time* Nice theory about Peter's powers all jumbled together and Claude saying he's going to teach him to pull them out one at a time. OOH petty theft. You know I fully expected that Peter was meant to run away from Claude here and see how long he could hold the power, not have Claude walk away to leave Peter going "EEP!" once he was visible again with the bag in his hands. At this point I'm urging Peter to tell the woman he stopped the guy who stole it and was simply returning it. No such luck (apparently he can't hear me).

Scene 2 - Niki, female psychiatrist & the tick-tock
Bomb about to go off. *snickers* Inside joke. She's yet to meet explodey man (or whatever destroys NYC). Those cuffs could hold an elephant huh? Does he have super-strength too? And from the looks of it those shackles aren't big enough... Does that woman know anything? Oh she has a taser! haha. That'll help. So let's get Niki/Jessica together. Maybe this woman can help. OH Niki mentions the piano. I remember Leonard (DL) saying there was a piano in the Sanders home and on the first day Noah (Micah) was playing it - for those that don't know he's a musical maestro. And this whole time she's talking I keep wondering if this was actually conceived and written, or whether they just took notes on what Noah was saying! LOL That'd be interesting to see Micah channel Jessica. But then he'd be an evil child (and we all know how I love fictionally evil children).

Scene 3 - HRG, Sylar & the fugitive escape
Oh we backtracked a little. Sylar's not there dude. Look he's alive! And the terrified look on HRG's face. *BAM* haha the way Sylar's got his hand up it looks like he served some kind of karate chop and is channeling the energy. Ouch, removal of the shunt sounded icky. "That was for the haircut." Huh? You know, dude, that line would have worked better if you still had Gabriel!hair while running around killing everyone, but do you realise that you shaved your head before you got there? Or did they wipe that from your memory too? Though it's a marvel how he remembers Claire then... HRG looks very in pain on the floor. And it only looked like a small throw! I keep thinking the man should be getting up and stumbling while clutching something like they do on most shows. Oooooooooh Sylar has cool light on/light off powers. He knows how to do the one hand clap (saves using two hehe). Ah now the man's crawling. And Sylar's plastered his drivers licenese against the glass! To be honest, I had to have that explained to me. The only thing I saw upon first watching this was the "Department of Public Safety" and I jumped up and down going "Is THAT the organisation he's secretly working for that has no initials?" Cause it seemed like a logical title - u know, they're saving ppl from these special people with dangerous abilities. It made sense. But, eh, guess I was wrong on that one. Second question - how can HRG see what the hell is there without his glasses? LOL Or are they Clark Kent/Superman glasses and just representative of another persona. Come to think of it, how was he READING things in Mohinder's NY apartment without them?!?!? GOOD scream HRG! He really is passionate about his little Claire.

*world spins*

Scene 4 - Isaac, Simone & how things really should have been
Is he eating breakfast? I want some! I want to have spent the night there and been eating breakfast with him in the morning... *ahem* I'll get back to the ep shall I? She's handing the key back. OMG that's like *yay* rejection. LOL I shouldn't be happy about that, but at this point in time I think she's picked Peter and is finally ending their relationship. Which is better for him. Sad, yes, but it concludes something. Everything surrounding Simone makes little sense in how she emotionally reacts (I'm gonna blame the writers for jumping her all over the place). Erm... I had another point here. OH I like how Isaac said to her "You didn't use your key this time". That tells me not just that they were in a relationship and he let her come over whenever she wanted, but that I think perhaps he depended on her as a safeguard - she had the key in case something happened (eg. the first episode where he practically overdosed and she raced in with Peter to save the day). OOH did I hear right? He's been painting more?? OMG YAYNESS!!!!!!!!!! *SQUEALS* LEMME SEE! LEMME SEE!!! *the big reveal* "It's not done yet!" THAT panic attack made me almost think it was something to do with her & Peter, but no - it's destructo New York. And I instantly think of the future episode we're getting with *hopefully* Future!Hiro. Seems like it's taken from the roof of daddy Devearux's building. An apocolyptic nightmare seems to be what Isaac's paintings are beginning to depict. But with all this news of destruction I initially thought that no-one survived. Maybe I was wrong. Somebody had to be around to see this for Isaac to paint it. And Future!Hiro knows about the destruction doesn't he? Is this what happens when we don't "save the world"? OR what happens when we try to (ie. we know Peter's vision showed he was absorbing too many powers, and if he is indeed the one to go kaboom maybe they need to think of another plan that doesn't involve them all taking part in one location)? OMG she just mentioned their relationship and how he painted it *thinks of the two-face portrait Isaac did of her and my interpretation of that in the last ficlet I did* Okay now this THIS is the kind of reaction we should have had when they first came across one another again. Not the puppy-love one, but the "I'm pissed off at you for running off with another guy when I needed you and you believed HIM but not me!" kind of reaction. Isaac made a smart move by avoiding answering her and questioning her motives instead, though I didn't expect her to say she was looking for Peter. I think Isaac was hinting at the fact she was making it all about her *again* and was basically just picking for a fight, looking for another way to hate or blame him. I can imagine this being part of the destructive tendencies in their relationship. And I LOVE the sarcasm he gives her in response - "You FINALLY believe I can paint the future, and you want to use it to find your new boyfriend?" And who else is with me here when we're having this whole discussion about not knowing where Peter is and I'm screaming at the two of them "YOU'RE STANDING IN FRONT OF THE DAMN THING!!!" (there is a handbag snatching painting leaning against the stairs behind them). *cheers* Isaac thinks Peter is dangerous!!! I was so right about that part of my vision theory too. He's trying to save Simone from him *yay* Though *sigh* he still cares. He still holds that shred of hope she might just snap out of it all and come back.

Scene 5 - Claire, Zach, Mrs Bennet, Mr Muggles & skipping school
Okay, so, looks like she's reading to Zach and he's looking thoroughly disinterested LOL Gee she's a nice mum considering letting her daughter skip school for an aquarium visit. WTF??? Since when does Zach have a car?!??!? Why the hell would he ride around on his bike all the time and try to impress Claire with THAT if he had a car??? *sigh* K I wanna kick the writers. Seriously. Couldn't we just, like say, have let him borrow his PARENT'S car? Or, here's an idea, why not get Claire to drive since she's begging mommy to skip school as well?? Give her the whole kitten kaboodle. "Here, honey, here's the car keys and you can skip school to go to the aquarium but just make sure you're home for dinner". :( Dude. Seriously. If a guy had a car he would be trying to impress a girl with that. He would be driving around in that. He wouldn't be chaperoning his bike everywhere. Unless he was into fitness, but the dude's a geek! Not high on the priority list *rolls eyes* And it's not like we're living in the OC here, parents wouldn't just "buy" you a car. *grumbles* Okay *stops ranting* I realise they needed transport to get from A to B but they should have put more thought into that one. Damn that's gotta be the worst clothes they've ever dressed Zach in LOL Suspenders? C'mon. Where was that "all kinds of cool" and the permanently attatched headphones which seemed to have gone AWOL this year? Did the Haitian make him forget he liked music too? :( OHHH they're going to Kermit *is slow* hehe And Claire is prepared. Good girl. And why is Claire warning Zach about keeping a secret? Doesn't she know by now she can trust him? LOL

Scene 6 - Hiro, Ando, the Nakamura family & the destruction of the painting
"Your father looks angry" "My father always looks angry" LOL Yes he hasn't even cracked a smile. "But your sister looks hot" LMAO go Ando. *waits for Hiro to say waffles are good* and he does! hehe Cubicle reminds me of my job... and since when do cubicle workers get the top spots? Ahhh good old nepotism. See that's how u get to the top. But Hiro has other plans. And I kind of need him to save the world (once he gets back his powers) cause Peter's just going a little over the edge.

Scene 7 - Niki & the dead psychiatrist
OMG LMAO IT'S BROKEN NOSE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I bet Jessica beat him up REAL good. Ooh she got tasered badly. Ooh she's breathing, she's still alive! hehe *smack*

Scene 8 - Peter, Claude & what's holding him back
Okay Peter's annoyed and Claude thinks the handbag thing was funny. He really is a nasty!yoda. Notice important fact - Peter said Claude has been doing this for 15 years. "I'm pretty sure Nathan's going to kill me first anyway". Too right! LOL *remembers the look on Nathan's face when he yanked him out of jail in Odessa* Of course Peter worries about people, he loves them! And Claude now explains where lack of self-confidance and independance comes from, though he's not entirely right because Peter stood up to his family and did his own thing by becoming a nurse - THAT Mr Invisible Smartypants does not know. And now he thinks he knows all because he worked out daddy!Petrelli wasn't so fond of Peter. And now he wants Peter to punch Nathan out!!! Claude! *slaps* Offended, please. Don't break the Petrelli brothers love. It's an aweworthy thing. And despite the fact Peter HAS done that already, he still stands up for Nathan. *yay* And the fact that Claude now says he moves around people's homes is giving me icky thoughts about him stalking Nathan in invisible mode. Can I say I ♥ how the British say "suck"? Gotta be Claude's catchphrase - "People SUCK my friend!" And now he's all defending Simone and I want to slap Peter so badly. But, funnily, don't we all now feel that Claude's on our side when he's trying to break up Peter & Simone?? LOL

Scene 9 - Isaac and the new paintings
I see a building. And Isaac fervently painting. And I wonder if we're going to be seeing all these at some point. Random fact - did you guys know that Santiago purposefully paints with his left hand when Isaac's in white-eye mode (but he's actually right-handed)? I love that little touch that he added. I think the actor's on this show do a lot to add to the already crypticness of it all. But getting back to the paintings. He looks all headachy coming out of it, and the rate he's painting poor Isaac looks like he's going to soon collapse from exhaustion with every effort he's making. I don't think he's even sleeping - he just seems to be on a painting spree trying to get something, anything, that will help him explain it all. And he paints a picture of a taxi with blue and white light radiating from within and beneath it. This confuses him (I ♥ how Santiago's doing that headachy squinty thing, I think he's taken a leaf out of Masi's eye-squinting book, and if he continues it'll be a race to see who gets the first aneurysm LOL), but to me it instantly reminded me of Mohinder getting out of the taxi in the dream sequence. I also had a random thought we'd push Peter under there to explode LOL But, honestly, I feel that painting may have more to do with Mohinder because when he saw his father getting killed inside the taxi, that scene was also shot in a wash of blue light. So that remains to be seen. And just pausing on that shot I can see there's a painting of a lanterned streetlight behind this one. Which also makes me think of Hiro & Ando standing on the corner, but this painting hasn't been fully shown so perhaps I'll wait til we get a better view before guessing on that one. When he goes through the work he has done, there is one picture that clearly freaks him out. I'm thinking it's some big end-of-the-world revelation but, as revealed later, it's actually him and Simone.

Scene 10 - Hiro, Ando, Nakamura family and the trouble @ Yamagoto
LOL k the biggest part of this for me was Hiro questioning if Ando put on cologne (I had this dream where he got the nickname Brute and was breaking through a perfume wall prior to this). Awkward!Ando is so cute though. I love how the family is so serious, and he's being all goofy. But again, as a good friend, he advises Hiro what he should do. Though it's not what Hiro wants to do, it gives him a fabulous idea. And I wonder what that idea is.

Scene 11 - Zach, Claire & Meredith meets her daughter
Zach, ever the positive, tries to encourage Claire not to think negatively over what her mother is like because she doesn't live in an ideal location (though she might be happy to know that her real!daddy kinda does). It's amusing Claire's worried about her mother having burns and scars, when really she should be the same (but of course isn't). Something you guys might find interesting to know is what was contained in that article about the fire. I'm not going to chase it up now, but I discovered it when I was doing up Zach's journal entry. So, erm, I present to you an excerpt:

So after a very brief stop at the library later that day to pick up a manatee book that would back up our story, we headed just out of town to the Burnt Toast Diner, where no-one could see us together, and maybe we'd be safe from being caught. I brought my Dell laptop along for the ride, and over fries and soda we skimmed old news articles from the Odessa register back in 1992. On February 28th of that year we discovered an article that proclaimed "Apartment Fire Kills 7". It was the closest thing to any kind of tradgedy we could come up with in Kermit that long ago. Claire, seriously, I don't know where she got the information but it sounded really familiar. And then Claire teased me cause maybe the reason Kermit was familiar to me was because of "the frog" haha. Anyway, this article said that the fire started at 2am on the 3rd floor in a tiny one bedroom apartment, and seemed to be caused by a mass explosion. It ripped through the entire building. I'm guessing this "Meredith Gordon" and the baby were in that apartment. She was all disappointed to find it was true (except for the her dying part), but I suggested she could have family still out there - an aunt, a rich eccentric uncle. She wasn't happy at all, but I pointed out to her that if she could get hold of them they might point her in the direction of her father. He was a bigger mystery than her mother after all. I think she's going to call around. Any piece of information is one step closer to her finding out who her real parents are/were. Even if she ends up with nothing in the end, I'll still be here for her.

The second Zach walks away from Claire I freak and think "oh no! This is the last time we're going to see him!" but, in truth, it was not and whoever sent that stupid spoiler out I wanna kick! And, hello, shiny 4 door car is not something that's affordable for a young 16 year old boy who spends his spare time making films. So, again, I restate my "he should not have a car" arguement. And that Meredith meets Claire scene was very sweet :)

Scene 12 - Sylar, Mr Muggles, Mrs Bennet & the "dog rescue"
Little fluffy *snickers* Mr Muggles has an obsession with Sylar's shoelaces (why DO they taste so yummy?) and the two look so adorable together. If Sylar was TRULY a psycho killer I'm surprised he didn't just slaughter the dog. And OMG he's in Claire's room!?!?!? How did he get downstairs without making a noise? And Mrs Bennet looks kind of suspicious with the whole eye-twitching thing, but when she talks to Mr Muggles it becomes quite clear she's fallen for Sylar's delivery guy story. I love all the Southern accent exchange going on, and the ever so convenient miss of Mr Bennet's first name. I have to say, Zachary Quinto is awesome and I think he really does love that little pooch LOL (who'd have thought Sylar would be a dog lover?). You know this feels all very Slingblade. I think Billy Bob Thornton should be Sylar's father! hehe. I just noticed he's got a patch on the back of his head. I'm surprised she didn't notice that (but then... I didn't first time round either). Convenient use of calling him a Hero hehe And inviting him to dinner! Was waiting on that *nods* I love the whole Sylar/Mrs Bennet becoming friends thing. It would have made such an awesome unlikely duo if they'd continued with it. switch to HRG OMG THE MAN'S FREAKING BLEEDING ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! Though he hasn't put his glasses back on... But he looks as if he's tried everything to break out of there. It's like how you hear about people being buried alive, and how you can sometimes find scratch marks on the inside of their coffins when they've tried so desperately to get out. At this point I've now decided HRG must be Claire's real daddy to care so much.

Scene 13 - Claire, Meredith & the power revelation
I'm marveling at how similar these two actresses look. It's good to see they could get someone who Claire could take after in appearance. I love Claire talking about school, makes me think of Zach and that other ficlet I wrote of them LOL Every place Meredith mentions makes me think she's on a mission there for HRG. Claire telling her mother about Zach's aquarium activites gets me thinking about being at Seaworld in San Diego again. Claire does some more emo slicing her arm open kind of thing and I feel like we're flashing back to the Claire of ep 1 which is awesome. And then Meredith lights up her hand and I'm thinking her eyes went white from the reflection (or the effects flare, not sure, have to see more). I... don't know about this pyro thing. I mean, I'm going with it, but somehow it doesn't feel as awesome as it should. Maybe I've been corrupted by Pyro in X2 where he totally rocked.

Scene 14 - Mrs Bennet, Sylar, HRG, the Haitian and the attack
There goes Mrs Bennet and the twitch again. Now she knows what's going on. It's funny the conversation going on here, because from her point of view he's sounding like some obsessed pedophile, and from his he's just plain power hungry. Still, you know, I would have loved to have seen him appeal to her by revealing all the secrets he knew so he could work with her to overpower her husband. But, well, he's just psychotic. And DELIGHTFULLY evil. I lurve the "Maybe I kill you first" thing. *mwah* Awesome, Zachary, just awesome. Little finger waves to implement telekinesis have me reminded so fondly of Charmed. Mrs Bennet appears severley injured (and I start thinking he doesn't need to do anything to kill her, she's got a lung blockage or something going on). Then the Haitian and HRG burst in firing bullets and instead of thinking *yay* to the rescue, I'm rolling my eyes and shouting "Dude, don't you KNOW by now bullets don't work on him?" Obviously sweet little Eden was keeping secrets from HRG because she knew and he doesn't. It was also something Matt discovered when he first shot him. Sylar is bulletproof though where he picked up that power I'll never know. That'd be a cool power for a cop to have though *nods* OOH or a soldier! LOL HRG is so creepy with the "this is my friend". I so wouldn't trust him. I don't know how she can so readily do it, but I guess he's her husband and he probably knows best in her eyes.

Scene 15 - Claire, Meredith & the goodbye
Claire's daddy is brought up but no straight answer. Complicated. Yup. I can name a few guys that would make it "complicated". Love Zach tapping his watch, he does so much for Claire to make things the best he can for her. And then Meredith gives her the necklace which was such a nice touch, but I'm thinking she better hide that before HRG sees and realises who that's from and it's not likely to be an aquarium gift shop purchase.

Scene 16 - Simone, Isaac and the rooftop
When we first see the painting of Simone and ISaac on the roof I think "OMG he paints the past too!" And I waited for us to fade into a lost memory. But it just so happens it's a now moment. And I think that's what freaked him - he'd painted something that he wanted and thought it unlikely to happen. And the possibility that it could happen was something that threw him. The transition between the loft and the rooftop I think managed to confuse a lot of people. The thing was that originally they were going to make the roof that they built the roof of Isaac's loft, but then they changed their minds and made it the roof of the building where Simone's father lived. Isaac went there in search of answers, of why it kept showing up in his paintings. And I guess I'm bad for thinking that Isaac never left his loft, cause I'm sure he's quite capable of it. And Isaac feels the weight of the world now on his shoulders (bad HRG for making him think he was the only one who could come up with answers). He feels a responsibility to reveal all the clues that lead to this devastation, and he wants to save his home (as anyone would) and preserve his memories with it. He is so dependant on his creations and getting nowhere with them that he's again starting to feel that helplessness that he's felt before (the one that I believe led him to the drugs in the first place). And it is through that wonderful speech that Simone gave that he now acquires some hope. Sadly, I still feel like the reception between them was more frosty than loving, but I did like the scene. And doubly sadly jealous!Peter watching on didn't go all angry & explodey like the preview had misled me to think :( But that's okay. I feel his reaction was more honest for his character.

Scene 17 - Hiro, Ando, Nakamura family and the smart sister
I LOVED Hiro's plan. It was fairly easy to see he was putting on an act to encourage Kimiko to reveal her smarter ideas and prove to his father that she could run the company better than he can (by giving some awful suggestions). It raised the point that he shouldn't be sexist. He should simply employ what was best.

Scene 18 - Niki & Linderman-the-saviour
Ah Linderman considers Niki his little lackey does he? I'm in awe of her persistence to stay inside, but it seems the rich man has other ideas. I wonder if indeed he does know about all the others and isn't just coincidentally involved in it all. Does he realise Niki's alter ego has super strength? And does he wish to employ her as his own private assassin? Considering what she's capable of, bringing his own men down, then he must consider her a valiable priority. And perhaps he entangled her in that whole affair with Nathan to try and bring out what her abilities were. He could use the tape not only to bribe Nathan but to bribe her as well if she didn't want DL finding out. Truth be known, though, that Linderman is hated by both Niki & Jessica, so I doubt they're going to conceed to anything he wants too easily.

Scene 19 - Peter, Claude & "the kill"
"No wonder you live like a kid. Posters on the wall, hair in your face." *finds herself looking rather guilty LOL* Though I was also wondering if we're going to use the loss of Peter's emo bangs as a way of "growing up". As the arguement intensifies, it's becoming apparent to me that Claude is trying to gear Peter up to get some kind of reaction out of him. Peter's yelling and snapping leads to some drastic measures where he throws Peter off the roof. And I'm thinking OMG HE'S GOING TO DIE!!!!! (Maybe I have less faith in Peter too LOL) Especially when he doesn't fly. So he's lying dead on a taxi with metal through his body and I'm all sad like wondering how he's going to get out of that one, but when he suddenly regenerates I get totally excited. And hearing him curse under his breath to Claude had me cheering. Then everything goes black... for a while... and my brother tells me that's the end of the ep and I'm all "NOOO!" and it can't be cause we didn't get to Claire's daddy yet. BUT then we come back to Peter who's ready to kill Claude for throwing him off a 30 storey building (apparently those extra 15 storeys make all the difference haha). And Claude was actually pretty logical with the reasons. Love the British punned "You Claired/Cleared your mind". And as Peter revealed he actually thought about Claire before he landed, all the gushing Milo was doing had me thinking "oh HERE'S one for the Paire fans" LOL And it was awesome that he realised he had to remember people to use their power. Again, Parul, I do think that hand-to-head high pitched noise was meant to be Matt's power, but it does sound like a modem noise which would indeed make it Hana as you said. Perhaps she was nearby? *shrugs* And I love Claude's resolution to just knock Peter out from preventing power-overload. *glee*

Scene 20 - Isaac, HRG & some revelations
Oh THIS is where I thought Isaac looked really exhausted when he finished painting Peter and the taxi cab he'd just smashed. And OMG he called HRG?!?!?! Firstly - seeing HRG in casual clothes ruined any thought I had that he was Claire's real bio-daddy. Secondly WTF are you doing Isaac??? Working for the enemy!! And how does HRG know about Peter??? LOL Claire didn't tell him anything. She sent him away even so she could talk to Peter alone!!! But getting back to Isaac, seriously, I thought Eden gave him that swipe card so he could escape from HRG's grasp, not work for him as like her replacement! *pouts* I think, however, that from Isaac's point of view these people helped him. They got him cleaned up. They were the only ones who believed in what he could do. And HRG already told him he was part of some organisation or whatever trying to stop danger such as Sylar, so maybe Isaac feels like he's the only person he can run to with this information - HRG is the only one who can help him stop NY blowing up. He's really putting his faith in the wrong people. Sadly :(

Scene 21 - Hiro, Ando, Nakamura family say goodbye
Perhaps for someone who wanted to drag him home, I find it slightly unreasonable he'd still let Hiro embark on his journey. Loved the hugging scene though - his father's "this is awkward" expression, Ando's "Hug me!" one and Kimiko's polite rejection.

Scene 22 - Niki/Jessica, Micah and game night
First reaction to this was "how did she get home so quickly???" And then when we went beyond the doors I noticed how fresh and calm she was and I wondered whether it was Jessica (though she was being a little nice) and then we saw the tattoo and realised because Niki had let her out she'd taken over control again. I LOVE how Niki slammed the mirror from the other side and the whole thing vibrated. Awesome.

Scene 23 - Zach, Claire, Mrs Bennet & the "I don't remember" game
Zach, always on the ball, reminds Claire to take off the necklace (yes, hon, shove it in your pocket or something. I know you're giddy over meeting mommy but you're gonna disappoint your family). When Mrs Bennet says she's in big trouble I instantly wondered what for. And then I got confused (slight lapse in memory over the memory loss). I love how Zach's vainly holding the leaflets up hoping to convince her while being really confused over what was going on. Headachy mum (good idea to lie down from Claire) and Zach's watching on with awe and concern and complete bewilderment. I was fully expecting Claire to say to him "That's what happened to you" when she turned back to him, but maybe the boy was smart enough to get that himself. I'm surprised that Claire didn't act overly concerned about the fact that her father had a head wound and was obviously injured (especially after finding broken glass). Seriously, when my dad was bleeding profusely from the head, I was making sure he was okay.

Scene 24 - Meredith, Nathan & Claire's REAL daddy
I had hoped not, but it appears to be true. Even from the voice it just became plainly obvious. And if she hadn't seen him or spoken to him in so long, how did she have his number? Wouldn't it be off the list or something? Sheesh. And I'm sure he probably just thinks its another scam to upset his political aspirations. And I wasn't happy with this revelation. BUT I will consider it understandable. I don't completely buy Tim saying it was planned from the beginning, and he told Adrian and Hayden, and Adrian especially acted in a certain way blah blah... but from a writer's perspective, I will at least accept that the idea was sprung prior to Homecoming. They would be giving Nathan a reason to be thankful that Peter did defy him and go to save the cheerleader, because he was in effect saving his daughter. And if he saved his daughter, wouldn't that perpetuate the thought that he was indeed saving Nathan's world? His family? That which is important to him?

And now it's wayyyyyy after 2am :( *goes to get ready for bed*
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