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"The Only One" - Evanescence (An Isaac Mendez Heroes FanVid)

Yes it's that time again. I couldn't help but do up a vid for Isaac Mendez, my poor little tortured artist. This is one of two I had on the burner, and depending on who made the most appearances first determined which got attended to first. Isaac won. Mind you I was thrown into a state of utter confusion after seeing Ep 16 because I had searched so hard for a song to fit him, and suddenly I wasn't sure if I'd made the right choice. Nevertheless my hectic real life led to such a delay that even more footage shown in Ep 18 helped me dig my heels in and stick to the choice.

This video is about a tortured young artist by the name of Isaac Mendez. Through his life he has struggled with his own inner demons and it has had adverse affects on his relationships. He sees a light of redemption in his prophetic paintings, a way of making up for past mistakes by preventing the chaotic future he depicts. His drug dependency worsens as he searches for answers, and he finds himself suddenly caught up in a web of lies and deceit where he no longer knows who to trust. He can't trust anyone, not even himself. And so he lies to the people he loves, who in turn also lie to him, and through all the good he tries to do tragedy soon befalls him.

The Only One - Evanescence (An Isaac Mendez Heroes FanVid)
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Warning: Features Season 1 episodes 1-18.

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Tags: heroes, isaac mendez, music vid, santiago cabrera, vid

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