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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
The Foreign thefridayfive 
23rd-Mar-2007 07:38 pm
Grave Lying
Haven't done one of these in a while - foreign theme for thefridayfive this week.

1. If you could suddenly speak one language fluently (that you don't currently speak) what would it be?
Latin! :D Cause it's awesome. And I can sound like I can interpret seriously old texts. I blame Buffy. LOL Barring that - Spanish & Italian. And I'd like to at least be able to understand Dutch so I won't have that odd out-of-place feeling around my friends and their country.

2. If you were to suggest a foreign film, that you really enjoyed, what one would you suggest?
House of Flying Daggers!!! No question.

3. If you had to call another country home (other than the one you currently live in) what one would you choose?
Um um *whimpers* can I just stay here? If I have to leave I'll live in Universal City in the USA cause that was fun. Though I'm sure I have many international friends out there who want me in their country. I have yet to stray though (bar that US trip which frightened me about leaving my country again).

4. If you went out to buy an import music CD, what one would you buy?
The Devlins - cause that's the only way I can get their music! LOL Or, totally, some rockin' Dutch band like Within Temptation (I'd add Kane and Di-Rect but they're troublesome to be "imported")

5. If you were to chose an ethnic dinner, what would it be?
:\ U say ethnic u make me think rice (which I don't eat). If you say another country other than my own... can I chose Italian?
24th-Mar-2007 05:09 am (UTC)
Latin huh? You so make me think of Supernatural there, that would be very cool! Hehe, I love Italian food, so yummy!
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