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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
"Awakening" - Switchfoot (A Peter Petrelli Heroes FanVid) 
7th-Apr-2007 08:29 pm
Grave Lying
This vid and everything around it has caused me no amount of anguish. But through all the blood, sweat and tears I think it's turned out really well. The basis of it was provided by alenah who wanted me to show the change between Peter at the start of the series and what he has become now. So, hon, this one's for you *hugz* Consider it an early birthday present. ;) And I also gotta thank canadian_turtle who was asking me about this song months ago before I even heard it - it sunk its hooks into me straight away and refused to let go until I provided a Peter vid for it (amusing, non-the-less, that despite this "appearing" to be New York, it was actually filmed in downtown LA as the lyrics say).

I noticed the difference between Milo and Adrian Pasdar during this. Both guys are great people to vid, but where Adrian uses a lot of subtlety and you can read the emotion from his facial expressions, Milo incorporates his whole body into a deeply involving body-language type illustration. Very different acting styles but very complimentary. True, this makes Adrian easier to vid than Milo, but it also makes for some fantastic footage once you incorporate some meaning to a scene. In that respect this is pretty action-packed and enjoyable.

Summary: Peter dreams of being someone great, and upon absorbing the abilities of others and awakening those powers he finds he's not only endangering his own life but those of others around him. This video shows the transition of Peter as simply a dreamer, to someone who can master his own abilities & learn to help those around him.

Awakening - Switchfoot (A Peter Petrelli Heroes FanVid)
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Warning: Features Season 1 episodes 1-18.

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Megaupload Uploaded 22nd April 2007

On a personal note - this may be the last vid I do for a while as I'm ambitiously planning to take on a huge Heroes vid-related project. This is not to say said project will be completed as I have to work out the fundamentals of things first and I may not be able to do it, but if I do I sincerely hope it will be something that everyone can enjoy *hugz*
9th-Apr-2007 08:17 am (UTC)
And it makes me think of u :$ hehe
Yay, I am not the only one!!

Psst wanna know a secret? That bit at the start wasn't entirely my editing (A) LOL Wonderful peeps at Heroes.
I didn't remember, and it fits the vid and your style so well I also didn't notice you didn't edit it.

(Thank God cause it would have taken me AGES to do that) though funnily enough I had to edit WITHIN the edit to make it fit.
Aha, so you did edit it!

And I never even thought of the Claude punch, I just ended up in that scene for some reason and went *FLAIL* MUST USE THAT!!! And it worked :D Even though my program was LYING to me and saying it was out of time (which I knew it wasn't cause it was one of the first things I did and it worked when I set it).>
Evil program! Good thing you're smarter than it xD

I'm surprised myself how well it went lyric/image wise. Mind you I had to put my brain to the grindstone to remember scenes. Geesh. And things I wanted to use wouldn't work, and like that scene with Claire SERIOUSLY I had to edit that again and again and again trying to get it down to the time constraint (and that's kind where I threw a hissy fit about nothing working and left it for a week :$ LOL)
I was surprised too. Not because I don't know how awesome you are at video editing, but because the lyrics fit into the scenes in detail and that's amazing. The work you put into it really shows off.

So glad you saw the Nathan - Ambition link :D I was hoping to get that across, glad to know I suceeded. And I think that "wake up kicking and screaming" was the part that just WOULDN'T leave me alone cause we had a scene for that! LOL
It def. came across, and more scenes did. But I didn't want to type out the entire song :$

I was hoping you'd like the Sylar part :D
My initial reply to this part in the comments was "SYLAR!! FDKGADA;DALHADLAD;HAD" But then I realised again this was in fact a Peter vid and that response was incoherent compared to the rest I typed so I erased it lol

*claps* thank u! :D I find it reeeeeeally weird that the homecoming-texas coma thing looks like it played out that way! :| They must have used a similar camera shot or something. And amusingly I again end a Peter vid as if he dreamt it all *snickers*
Maybe your subconcisous is telling you that this entire show is a dream :\

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