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30 angsts ficlet - "Sleeping in the Red"

Fandom: Charmed
Title: Sleeping in the red
Author/Artist: decadentdream
Theme(s): #32. Black (~sleeping in the red)
Pairing/Characters: Wyatt and Bianca
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Belongs to Spelling Entertainment and all other associated people. I do however claim half of Bianca since they never fully developed her.
Word Count: 1,500
Written For: 30_angsts


Bianca ducked. Although she was crouched low behind a rock, it was still an impulsive reaction to the object that flew over her head.

“You think you can get away with it?” that same high-pitched female voice screamed.

“I don’t think, I know,” came the smug reply.

“Are they even aware of it?”

The darkly robed man turned, his gaze crossing over the area where Bianca hid. Silently she moved to the other side of the rock, trying to avoid his gaze, as if this slight movement would protect her from being sensed there.

“Probably not, but I can feel the presence. It’s nearby.”

Bianca narrowed her eyes. There had to be a way she could cross the room without being seen. She just needed to get a little closer to him, and if that annoyance of a woman who was with him would just leave the task would be so much easier.

“Let fire consume your body for the soul will not perish,” the man suddenly bellowed.

Bianca looked around with concern. What is he talking about? There’s no fire here. He turned away again and Bianca took the moment to pass from one stone to the next, her hand wrapping around the smooth surface and scooting her behind it before she would be revealed.

“Giver of life bear me power. I welcome those that oppose me.”

Bianca took her shot. Firing a bright blue ball of flame in her hand, she thrust her hand forward and sent the bright spark sailing towards the demon. His dark robe swirled as he turned and the air rippled between them, like an invisible wall her eyes had not previously seen. The energy ball doused itself upon plummeting through the ripple. Bianca silently cursed. She could not perform a distance attack here; she’d have to get closer. Rising from her hiding position, she strode into view.

“Did I interrupt the intentions of your covert operation?” the demon asked, feigning care. He glanced to the woman beside him. “You know there’s only one way to harm a Phoenix, Mischa.”

“You won’t hurt me,” Bianca stated.

“You may think you’re invincible with your reconstitution abilities, but you are not. It’s all a state of mind,” he replied. Looking to Mischa again he continued his instruction. “The Phoenix can reform after direct attacks. However they cannot avoid an approach that’s much more subtle.”

The lights in the cavern seemed to brighten as Bianca stepped forward. She squinted, but didn’t stop walking forward. Lifting a hand, she tried to shade her eyes as it became more blinding. She felt herself stumble backwards but she wasn’t sure why. Instead she willed herself forward, but with every step she found her mind unable to concentrate. Her eyes grew heavier. She strained to keep them open, to focus on what was ahead of her, but it all seemed to be escaping in a moment. She couldn’t see him enforcing any kind of attack. It was her own body betraying her right now. Her eyes finally closing, her body went limp and dropped to the ground.

“They cannot mentally prepare themselves to disperse if they are not conscious,” the demon concluded, lowering himself beside Bianca to lift her body.

She did not feel the pain until seconds after she had woken. The searing pain hit her like a truck colliding with a lone body. Just as her mind became fully conscious she screamed in agony. Blades protruded from her arms, her knee, already sunk well into her flesh. Her own blood stained her skin and pooled beneath her. All this time she had been sleeping in the red. The demon stood above her, crossing a fresh blade over his tongue.

“I can make this more uncomfortable than it already is,” he said.

Bianca closed her eyes and tears escaped down her cheeks. She would not normally cry in front of people, especially the enemy, but she was in such excruciating pain she could not help it.

“Let me go,” she choked out in a sob.

“Why? You are exactly the one I needed. You came right to me.”

“I will… I’ll go and not hurt you.”

The demon tapped the blade against his cheek. “Somehow I don’t believe you.”

“YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!!” she screamed out, lifting her head slightly before falling back in defeat. She couldn’t move. If possible even trying had caused her more pain than she was already in.

“Hmm, no. Not me.” He turned his eyes towards her exposed midriff, lowering the blade to her skin and applying slight pressure as he dragged the blade down. A line of blood followed in its path as her skin split beneath the sharpness. She cried out, gasping, the stinging sensation growing. “You’ll have to reconsider exactly who put you in this condition.”

“What do you want?” Bianca asked. “You want to torture me some more? Go ahead. I know you get off on it. I know you’ve left a trail of bloody bodies behind you. I know this is the best part of your disgusting life.”

“You are about to make it better, better than you could ever imagine. Just so long as you give up your child.”

“What child? I don’t have any children! I don’t want any children!”

“Great, then we have an understanding. I’ll just take him right now if you want.” He sunk the blade into the side of her stomach, just above the hip bone. Bianca gasped, the air caught in her throat causing her to struggle for breath. The demon yanked the blade back out. “But then I understand they have to live for nine months before you can expose them to this atrocious air.”

He ran a hand along her body as he moved back up to her face, lowering himself as close as he could to her and using the bloodied blade to lift her chin. He applied enough pressure to be threatening, but not enough to cut her jugular. She had to live after all.

“But I don’t mind keeping you as a dismembered rag doll until then.”

“Get the FUCK away from her!” a new voice bellowed. A familiar voice. Wyatt’s voice.

Bianca closed her eyes and relaxed again as a stream of great firepower blew over her body and sent the demon reeling back. Wyatt stood with his hands outstretched, having directed the great force of energy their way. As he saw the demon splayed on the floor, he raced over to Bianca and began yanking the blades from her body. He didn’t care whether he was hurting her – she was already in pain, and he was in a rush to get her out of there. He could heal her later.

Lifting her body into his arms, his gaze turned upwards as he orbed them both out and back to the room of their apartment. Gently he lay her down on the bed. His heart beat furiously as he looked her over, at the mess she had become. Pressing his hands to her body he began healing one wound after another, treating the most severe punctures in her arms and legs first.

“Wyatt,” Bianca murmured.

He brushed her hair aside, seeing her decidedly pale face. She wasn’t about to recover from this attack too quickly. He rued the day that she was forced into this occupation, and that he had not been there fast enough to save this from happening. The tip off had come far too late.

“Shh, rest baby,” he cooed. “Save your strength.”

She turned onto her back to give him better access, guiding his hand down to her midriff and placing it over the puncture there. Wyatt looked down at his hand questionably as an excessive amount of energy was drawn from his palm. This was no usual healing; it felt like a vacuum pulling at his power. He heard a relieved sigh escape from her lips.

“He told me… do you think I’m pregnant, Wyatt? He wanted…”

Wyatt’s expression darkened. “If he laid a hand on you—”

“No,” she interrupted weakly. “No, he…”

Her head lolled to the side. Leaning down, Wyatt placed a soothing kiss on her temple. He gently squeezed her side as he rose.

“Don’t worry about it, Bianca. You know demons are full of shit. Just get some rest and I’ll go make us something to eat.”

He rubbed his face with his hand as he rounded the bed, knowing he couldn’t tell her what he’d felt. Bianca didn’t want kids. Bianca would freak out completely if she found out she was pregnant, and he couldn’t have her be so worried or agitated in the condition she was in. Nor could he completely understand himself whether that sensation he had felt was any indication of another life form. Leaving the room quietly, he picked up the phone and dialed his father.

“Dad, it’s Wy. Something was pulling my energy when I was healing Bianca. Is she pregnant?”

Tags: 30 angsts, bianca, charmed, ficlet, wyatt halliwell

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