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"Compulsory Hero" - 1927 (A Hiro Nakamura Heroes FanVid)

So, I caved. I can't completly abandon music vid making, so I've returned to it. This one was actually requested by my brother nearing the end of last year and I just had to wait for the show to reveal a few things before I could settle on a character for this song. This video I've experimented a little with the colouring over certain scenes which will be apparent when you watch it. And of course there's a few different transitional effects thrown in too.

More than anything I hope that this video is a true reflection of the character of Hiro Nakamura. This video reflects Hiro's desire to be a Hero, and how he discovers through all the different situations he finds himself in that it's not always going to be exactly planned and he'll have to face some things he couldn't even possibly dream of. The inclusion of Future!Hiro also shows how he works so hard to change things, and yet still nothing can be absolutely certain. But through all this we know that Hiro strives on thanks to his friendship with Ando and his faith in destiny.

Compulsory Hero - 1927 (A Hiro Nakamura Heroes FanVid)
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Warning: Features Season 1 episodes 1-20.

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