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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
Round 2 over 
17th-May-2007 07:30 pm
Grave Lying
Okies, didn't fair quite as well this round with my "Lips of an Angel" vid. :( Competition was tough (yes there were a few vids which were lavished with awards, one of which I knew was going to stamp down every bit of competition when I saw it entered). I got an award of Merit.

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I'm thinking I should enter the Sylar one next...
18th-May-2007 12:21 pm (UTC)
*raises brow* Wasn't there mention of some fic awards for Heroes not that long ago? Though *fails* don't think I'm too widely known for that considering the number of ficcers out there and the pitiful amount of fic I have written for the show. Still, it's a novel idea, but I'm sure the competition would be SUPER high. And hey - if there's no challenge out there you could always start one! Remember you're only limited by your imagination on here *nods*

So back to me haha Thank you. I shouldn't whine, I did get something. And I knew I was limiting myself in the categories I had chosen but oh well... I just gotta keep moving on to the next one and trying to drum up more ideas.

Aww thanks hon *hugz* A lot of ppl like "Fix You" *nods* but I'm reluctant to enter it since I have already entered a Peter based vid. I like to keep my choices broad (probably why I've vidded half the characters already by now...). And Sylar is creepy! :D I just hope they don't feel it lacks because half a series has gone by since I did that one. Hopefully they focus on what's in it. Though that "blast is beautiful" scene is becoming FAR more cannon now than what it originally played as (maybe I do have psychic scenes in my work like Isaac... OOH the thoughts LOL).

Thanks :D
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