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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
"In The End" - Linkin Park (A Heroes ensemble FanVid) 
18th-Jun-2007 09:19 pm
Grave Lying
Hold onto your hats people, this was made quick with the intention of being quick and ironically took me about a month to do (with all the mass problems I had inbetween). Get your pause button at the ready because you just might blink and miss something.

I began making Heroes vids with an opener to the show and what it was about in the early stages. Because I made an opener, I felt it only fair to make a season closer showing the journey that each hero has had to face and overcome. This video tries to cover every bit of ground the whole season through and features just about every character you can think of.

*Puts on a Mohinder style voice* Is this quest all for nothing? Or is there true meaning at the end of one's journey, having experienced life outside your own realm and faced obstacles you never thought you could overcome? Did you anticipate yourself to be different from anybody else when you started, or did fate firmly step in your way and lead you where you were meant to be? Does life have a plan for us all? Does life want you to be the Hero?

In The End - Linkin Park (A Heroes ensemble FanVid)
click the banner above to watch on Youtube or click here.

Warning: Features Season 1 episodes 1-23 (that means the ENTIRE season, and yes it's VERY heavy on the spoilers).

Download Links
Megaupload - link corrected for upload of FULL version
Megashares - link corrected for upload of FULL version

EDIT: I HAVE JUST BEEN MADE AWARE THAT THE DOWNLOAD VERSION IS NOT THE FULL THING. For some reason the file has become corrupted or something on my computer and has chopped itself short. I will have to re-render the file and will reupload it as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for your patience. ALL links now corrected with full version.
23rd-Jun-2007 06:17 am (UTC)
Aww thanks hon! *hugz you back* Glad you saw the similarities between the visuals and the lyrics. No-one's mentioned the Eden section to me yet but I'm glad you saw exactly what I was portraying - how "The Company" (or HRG as he was the face of all this) thought of these mutants they captured and tagged as their property. Even thinking back to when they wanted Claire back because she'd manifested powers - it all fits. And yes I purposefully went with the death scenes at the end as a tribute to all those wonderful Heroes we lost during the season, although some of those people didn't actually die but we won't find all that out til next season ;) And the two explosions I'm so happy with because it just looked like it was taken from a different angle and blended so beautifully. Thanks for watching! *hugz*
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