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Super Speedy Update

Ok I have some minscule time, and a lot of ... erm, issues that I could ramble on for hours. But I don't care to, and don't have the time to.

So, um, Tuesday night I got upset too and cried again. And whilst getting ready for bed I had a certain glow-in-the-dark bug toy thrown at me. There was no-one else in my room, and it launced itself off my Charmed tapes, and it wasn't just a fall, but a full-on throw. So, okay, I have ghosts/spirits in my room while I'm crying my eyes out. And I had three different theories about it (and the first one I thought of made me cry harder, not goodnees). But that was my freaky story for the night. Someone's definately watching out for me *nods*

Second thing, my dad admitted to my mum today that he lost his job. He told her he was fired on Tuesday. More than likely he's full of shit. For one thing, he has been lying to us all week over what he's doing and his whereabouts. And the other thing is we know what he's like, he'll be working at some job, get sick of it after a month or two, bitch about something that more than likely is not happening or he's just overexaggerating (seriously, men, u know what they're like), take a whole slew of days off for no good reason cause he prefers to be at home, and pretty much every single job he's had he's walked away from without giving notice, without finding a new one. If that's not enough, the worst thing about my father is he has a compulsion to spend money on huge things he doesn't need, all for himself of course. And those he keeps secret from us too until we find out. He racks up huge debts on his credit card, and he just doesn't learn to pay for them. All he wants to do is lounge around at home. I have to plead with those of you not to look at me badly for being bitter, I didn't always view him so badly, but the fact he stole a certain thousand dollars or so off me to take himself on a holiday is where he got into my bad books. Just that he takes money and never pays it back all the time, that he never gives any consideration to reality and it's like he just thinks that we can all pay his way through life while he does whatever he pleases, and just the lies and the constant fights he has with my mother over it all. I hate it. I really do.

Anyway, I think I've expired time here *Sigh* That's my rant for the night.

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