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Feeling compelled to just write the date...

Hello old friends! *waves* Eh, so I suck. Boredish cause I can't think of how to clean, don't wanna leave here yet I know of a zillion things I should be doing - one being my fic cause I kinda did wanna get the chapter finished b4 everyone else comes so I don't feel bad like I left it for a month :( I'm getting into that whole stage I did for the last one - that despite having ideas for future things, I just can't get to them because the brain is preoccupied/dead. *sigh*

/-/dinner break/-/

Ok back now, and possibly the brain's a little clearer. Or not *thinks* Um ok so my day has been close to nothingness. Got rudely awoken about 11:30am cause my parents and brother came home from shopping and saw I was still in bed, so the boys burst into my room yelling out "Happy birthday!" "Happy New Year!" "Happy Easter!" "Merry Christmas" (mum joined in with the perogatory "Santa's here! He brought presents!") and just every kind of holiday blah u can think of. So wanted to kick them. I just wanted to be left in peace. Today was my first opportunity to sleep in cause yesterday I had to get up early to go shopping and pay my car. Bought myself clothes I thought were kinda Mari-ish *blush* and another pair of black cords for work. U know I spent the whole time wishing there was a damn Mari/BJ store. I so want those clothes :( I did find a top in the same style, exact same colour as the one Mary-Beth wore in BJ that I so wanted, but it was in the kids section LOL. Doesn't help me... although I did manage to get into a size 8 top! :o How the hell did that happen? It was only a little tight around the arms but nowhere else. I mean, c'mon, I've never been below a size 12 so that was just weird. Although my mum keeps insisting I go for bigger sizes *kicks* She never seems to get it, I'm a 12, I fit into a 12, I don't need to wear clothes the next size up unless the 12 doesn't fit (or the size after that as my friend so nicely did when she bought me a shirt *rolls eyes* just cause she likes things that swamp her). Erm... anyway, back to today, my wonderful family did this whole wakeup thing only to go out again. And I jumped into & outta the shower and decided to try something out to see if my hair could stay out without going badly blah, and it worked :D Was so happy *bounce* cause it's out and curlyish, and only messy curly not messy blah so tis goodness. :D Means I may be able to wear it out lots while the girls are here! *yay*

What else happened today? Did lots of cleaning (actually felt satisfied, what's the go with that? LOL). Um, my leg is sore cause I decided to do some dancing yesterday while I was on my Backstreet Boys high - put the dvd in and was dancing along to the video clips. Haven't done that in so long. Got supremely embarrassed when mum found me on the floor, and cause I rushed out to bring in the washing as ordered my leg got sore from not stretching and is still like that today *sigh* I did some more Marisol emoticon AVs :D So happy. Love them. Oh I have Mari news too *grin* She's got a new job and I'm so happy and a little weirded out, had to get my phone to check when I was having that Mari news vibe (6/6/05) cause I was texting Mel to keep an eye out, lo and behold news came out on the afternoon of the 8th (or morning of the 9th here) that she's going to be on a new tv show. As follows:

Marisol Nichols is hopping from "Blind Justice" to "In Justice," the ABC/Touchstone legal drama set to bow midseason.
Skein about attorneys working to free the wrongfully convicted also stars Jason O'Mara, Kyle MacLachlan, Constance Zimmer, Daniel Cosgrove and Larissa Gomes. Creators Michelle King and Robert King are exec producing with Stu Bloomberg.
Nichols currently is filming 20th Century Fox's "Big Momma's House 2."
Date in print: Thurs., Jun. 9, 2005

Er... basically they're saying it's a new show premiering mid-season (industry talk *rolls eyes*)

Um... feel like I missed something :S Dunno what though. Might just tralala along and, erm, I got tagged by helplessly_hope with the following:

List six of your current favorite songs...it doesn't matter what genre they are, whether they have words or even if they're any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post this in your blog, then tag six of your friends to find out what they're listening to!

Ok so songs I'm obsessive about *thinks*

01. "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" - Backstreet Boys
02. "Incomplete" - Backstreet Boys (c'mon, I was on a BSB high the past few days :p)
03. "Addicted" - Kelly Clarkson
04. "Behind These Hazel Eyes" - Kelly Clarkson
05. "In My Arms" - Mylo (what? LOL I know I hate dance music but a) this samples an 80s song and b) I'm in love with the clip *hides* Though I finally got it after much stressing last night *cheer*)
06. "Everything" - Lifehouse (yeah this one never goes off the list I don't think hehe *blush*)

I tag original_lie (done hers), ellehwho, leoalekslib, romancebuff (done hers too LOL) and... no-one else. I can't tag the original & I don't have enough friends *cry* And I'm not tagging Wy, B, Chris or Leo cause they won't respond :p

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Okay think I have nothing else to say :( Bye for now.

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