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Okay I'm just posting a public post to let everyone know that my fics have now all been unlocked and are free to be read by the public again.

You will remember I was asked by Heroes comm. maintainers to lock my fics down with all the controversy that was happening across LJ lately. I said that I was only going to do it temporarily. Admittedly it took me a while longer to reopen them than I would have liked but I guess I was just too busy or lazy to do so.

Nevertheless ALL FICS ARE NOW UNLOCKED!!!!! Please go, read, and enjoy. Hopefully I'll get my ass into gear another day because this actually alerted me to the fact that I haven't written anything since May, which is a very sore fact.

Anyone who stumbles across this LJ in search of fic you will find that I don't dabble in Harry Potter (in fact I'm not really much of a fan at all of that fandom), and I have never written & never plan to write slash. Anything that's even remotely NC-17 (or R if you're living in Australia) has been marked as so - everything is rated - so please use your own disgression before attempting to read anything I've written. Also I don't go against the grain or write anything socially unacceptable - I have a great deal of trouble in doing so, so most of my fic will be family friendly (if not a little angsty & maybe bloody...). I therefore see no reason in having to keep them locked.

[/end rant] Thank you.

This public service announcement was brought to you on behalf of DecadentDream, Charmed-fans & Heroes-fans & all other fandom that happens to be crossed
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