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Unaffected trailer

WOO FINALLY!!! Man this was some work and a half, and it's not like completely flawless but I did the best that I could do with what I have whilst learning a few things along the way. Minor frustration was creeping in last night but things have worked out a lot better today. Hope you guys like it.

Unaffected trailer
Click on the banner above or here to watch on Youtube.

Everything in this video is in the story (okay maybe not 100% visually but it gives you the jist of it). Visuals & audio compiled from Charmed, Chuck, Ressurection Blvd, Latter Days, Invasion, 24 & In Justice. Song used is Hoobastank's "Crawling in the Dark" (which I miraculously mixed to make the song longer).
Tags: ariel gade, bianca, charmed, chris halliwell, drew fuller, fic, julian ovenden, marisol nichols, music videos, music vids, unaffected, wes ramsey, wyatt halliwell

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