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First sneaky update of the musketeer holiday

*waves* Everyone be quiet. Shhh! Melly's still sleeping ;)

Well, erm, I'll try to be quick cause I dunno how much longer that will be for (considering I've been up almost an hour now). So yesterday was Melly day - had to go pick her up from the airport... I thought I was only going to be maybe 10 mins late... I made her wait almost an hour for me. They closed off the main road and I didn't know how else to get there so I had to find another way and get lost lots of times in the process and they didn't reopen tge road again until Mel and I were passing through at 4pm, so it was closed for a good 3 hours *rolls eyes* After we drove back, got here dead on 5pm, she gave me some pressies (got Mariness! *yay* and something else really cool but I don't wanna spoil the surprise (a)) and we started dinner but mum was home only a few minutes later so she finished it, and we just sat around for a while b4 we had dinner, did the wiping up (Mel took over from me cause Michael called about the bridgeclimb), then we watched one Blind Justice eppie then Lost on tv, then 2 more Blind Justice eppies, and then we went to bed and we've been sleeping since then. And now Mel is officially up so I'm gonnna go *waves*

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