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2nd sneaky update of the musketeer holiday

Greetings once again. Boo is in the shower so I'm gonna take this opportunity to update once more.

So yesterday we whiled away the hours sleeping. Nice boring way to pass the time... unless u have exciting dreams like me *rolls eyes* Kept waking up every few hours which was no good, and then I was dreaming that I was awake but wasn't ie. Like the one where Mel turned the clock away from me, and so I had to resort to my mobile to check the time and I was hiding it under the covers to do so... my mobile was actually out in the lounge room so I definately wasn't awake for that one.

So I got up an hour before Mel, checked the forum, spoke to Julie, and when we eventually got ourselves ready we headed into Russell's room to watch Hero but I couldn't get his tv & xbox working, so we ended up watching it in the lounge room. Was a good movie, just wish there was more Sky. Can't decide whether I like that one or House of Flying Daggers better - they've got such different aspects to them. It's strange.

Um... we also had a bit of a Tru Calling marathon so we watched a few eps of that that Mel hadn't seen. Sad to say we spent most of the night watching Big Brother haha. Was funny and gross, and Mel said we should have taped the disgusting bloody part to show Zarina. Nice. Also Ron (at my work) is now organising the bridgeclimb cause he wants me to take his daughter as well who's out here from Scotland. I've yet to tell Michael, which is gonna be fun considering what a bad liar I am. How do I get myself into these predicaments? *sigh*

So today we're up at a really horrible hour cause we gotta pick up turtle & Ellen from the airport. I don't know what's happening between there and the concert tonight. I know Michael's expecting me to show at the travel place. Dunno if that's gonna happen. Will wait and see. Anyway, better continue getting ready, adios!

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