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3rd Update... *thinks* yeahs, sure it's that... of the Musketeer Holiday

*waves* I am sickness :( Well actually I feel better than I did when I left the others, but I'll get to that - need to rewind time first ;)

Okay so yesterday, Saturday, NL girls arrival day :D After crashing early in the hopes of getting a good 7 hours sleep (only woken at 15mins b4 midnight cause I thought it was time to get up *rolls eyes*), we only left probably 5mins or so later than we should have, by which time Ellen had begun texting me about her craving for a Big Mac (but she was hours too early for that). When we arrived at the airport (in the pouring rain so everyone was looking for the closest car spot) my first predicament came with the fact it was so large there's actually two different ways to go depending on the incoming flight. Thankfully I knew they flew British Airways so we headed north and dived inside near McDonalds (basing this knowledge on Ellen's Big Mac convo LOL) and I had to call them to find out where they were - bad thing my phone only had 4 mins worth of credit on it. We found them in 2 *yay* And I completly let my promise to speak Dutch slide in favour of hugging them both. The girls are terrific, they get along so well, u would think they had known each other for years not months. We had trouble parking outside their hotel, but it was all good. We stalked up & down the same street 2 or 3 times to kill time so Ellen could get her Big Mac which turned into an early lunch. We bludged in their room watching music videos & Beastmaster as we had a catchup/getting to know you kind of conversation. IDBT did come up as well, and I took my opportunity to playfully interrogate Ellen on why she was taking away my fiance again, Mel backing me up also (she didn't know about it) and it was hilarious that Ellen actually couldn't remember what she posted, so we had to remind her. And I had to mention a few things from my update too so they knew what was going on. All our friends got an honourable mention, and the brilliant Dutchies showered me with gifts (just hope mum doesn't find the handcuffs *snigger*)

So after our day of bludging (mostly I was just waiting to see if the girls wanted to sleep, but Ellen was bouncing off the walls and Zarina really couldn't decide), I decided to take them out for dinner, and we headed off to the Hard Rock Cafe early enough to have dinner before going to the concert. Oh of course I remember saying to Mel the other day that that was the day "Everything that can go wrong will go wrong" and no doubt it's more than just a day - everything is against the Musketeers. *nods* Even the weather which has not rained in months, and never more than two days, has decided to downpour for over a week *rolls eyes* and only as soon as Mel came. It's just wrong *kicks* But, as I was saying, we got to the restaurant and the place had been booked out by 200-300 people for a corporation dinner, and they couldn't offer us a placing until 7:30pm (half an hour before the concert *shakes head* we had to travel out of the city so no time for that) So we left and I took them into the city (yes, we survived Hyde Park at night *cheer* was a little worried about it) in search of food. Discovered Oportos so thought I'd take my opportunity to introduce them to this popular Sydney eatery. Unfortunately being pretty much the only people in there our food came extra quick and hot (good) but we finished much too quickly (bad). While we were eating I actually realised something about myself, for the first time I was with people I didn't know very well, and I didn't want to run away. I WANTED to be with them, and I was so happy about that. Okay, yeah, my conversation skills still suck, but its great to spend so much time with them and feel a lot more comfortable putting quirks to the people and things. Tis great. So we sat around a little while after dinner and now was the time that tiredness kicked in for Ellen, and it was far too late for us to go back for them to sleep, so I tracked them up and down George & Pitts Sts and through the new World Square (which I hadn't seen b4 - reminded me of Surfers, and had pretty fibre-optic statue things) to kill time. Both girls were sleeping on their feet so I offered to take them to a coffee shop and we pulled up at Starbucks near St James station for a wakeup call. At this time Ellen filled her coffee with I don't know how many sugars LOL and Zarina shoved a whole stack in her pocket for later so they could keep awake. Mel noticed that they were playing "Breathe (2am)" and I surmised that Drew spends way too much time in Starbucks as well.

Down at the station cityrail nicely closed down the city circle, so we only had one way we could go (not the scenic route :( ) and the train was half an hour away. Thankfully that dropped down to 15mins (I had no idea how else we would have made the concert) so we got tickets and jumped on the train, walked straight down to the Enmore Theatre and went in. For so long there was no people around us, and we listened to the support act 67 special who I've heard about but not heard their songs and I can't say I particularly liked them. I was actually spending most of the time trying to consider whether I was hot or cold and feeling old cause I feel like I can't handle concerts like I used to. I was very grateful to have a seat. Stereophonics were good, but it wasn't much of a stage show. Being as everyone stood as soon as they came on, I'm kinda glad that it was like that because I knew I could sit down every so often (cause my ankle/foot was killing me, and cause it warmed up so much I was feeling a little sick). I only knew maybe 4 songs they did, but it went quickly so that was okay. Zarina was keeping me awake by feeding me orange lollies with chocolate in the middle of them hehe. The concert was mostly ruined by the guy who was harrassing Mel all night (and trying to get to me but being as I was on the far side of the Musketeers he couldn't really reach me). Um, I know he was pissing me off greatly because you know my friends are visiting and to have idiots like him spoiling the short fun they're having was not good - a bad representation of Sydney people. And so I was feeling very overprotective and assasiny and ovoidy and did not like being so far away from the culprit (only to save myself, but hey that's entirely different - he still managed to reach over and touch me, and then wanted a handshake which I indicated in no uncertain terms that I was not going to shake his hand and he better get back where he belonged), and I had to rely on Ellen to be the protector which she reckons she hurt him and she was almost tempted to hit him, and I said I was ready to launch myself across them all and do the same. The mess of alochol they left on the floor led me to jumping over chairs and banging my knee (assasin out-of-practice *snigger*)

My party boy brother led to me not arriving home until 2am, which was the catalyst for my shambles of a day today. Wrote a note for mum not to wake me up b4 9am (so I wouldn't be tired today), and since my phone ran out of credit from the frequent phone calls yesterday (one in which Michael called rather put off that I hadn't called him about showing up or the bridgeclimb *kicks* Made me so annoyed), I was trying to work out how to do that and was running so late I just gave up, grabbed mum's phone and left - grabbing a jacket on my way out and forgetting my camera. So I was hours late to meet the girls, and it poured in rain again. We decided to be defiant and walk in it thru Woolloomooloo and the gardens over to the Opera House when the rain went away for 2 or 3 hours. We stopped for lunch at City Extra in Circular Quay since I hadn't eaten yet, and that was fun, and the others grabbed food too so it wasn't so bad. They loved the newspaper idea of the menu, and it was nice the selection was varied and cheap. Was good. :D But it was the first little sign I started to get that something was not right, and I hoped lunch would fix it. Of course it didn't. *sigh* So we went from there to watch street performers, one was all dressed in gold and had pigeons flying up and sitting on her. So rocked, can't believe they stayed there, was brilliant! And then we stopped by a guy that was eating fire, and although I thought seconds b4 what happened that we should leave, Ellen began making ebil comments which drew his attention our way and he needed a "victim" to help him out. Instead of targeting Ellen (all 3 girls quickly backed off LOL), he grabbed me and pulled me in. So I was his new safety helper in front of the crowd, despite me insisting he drag Ellen in for making those comments. But he wouldn't have it. So I um had to throw water on his pants when he entinguished the flames in his crotch (I do believe, I was behind him :S ), and then he called another guy out of the crowd so we could chain him up, then he let the other guy go and still kept me. I wasn't as friendly or helpful as I would normally be mostly because I was feeling faint, I really couldn't wait to get away. And when he decided to hammer a nail into a block of wood, I was trying my hardest not to shake. He was going to nail it into his head (nose to be precise). I think I frightened him slightly when I was holding up the pliers at the girls and telling them I had a weapon (they just wanted me back by this point LOL Thought he was gonna hurt me) so that was funny. But only after he did it did he let me go, and I practically collapsed into Mel's arms I felt so bad. Got the opportunity to sit down though which helped with the head thing, and I took a photo of the 3 girls with the opera house in the background (and they all have photos of me from the streetperformer, including the one where he wanted a kiss on the cheek for good luck and as I reluctantly went to he turned his head and kissed me instead). Um *thinks* then we went further up the Rocks in search of the markets, and I went down the wrong street but they were able to take photos and see Luna Park from where we were which was good. Once we headed back (and the rain fell again) we found the Markets and escaped into them, and I tried to give them more time to look around, and I would have to but at this point in time I was fighting the stirring pain. I hate when this happens, and the only thing I can think of that causes it is that I don't drink enough water. So I had to take the girls back to the station and send them on their way home so I could come home and try to fix this. There's a couple of ways I can do it, unfortunately all at home, and one is sleep, so no sooner was I on the train than I was trying to ignore the now insistent pain & make myself sleep (even though I wasn't tired) and sure enough it had receeded to almost nothing by the time I woke. Don't I wish I had the power to shimmer, I could have just gone back to the girls then. Doesn't matter, gonna make sure I get an early night and everything hopefully will go well tomorrow.

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