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4th Update of Musketeer Holiday (with pics *grin*)

*bounce* *wave* All that jazz... this is gonna be a very slow update cause I gotta keep an eye on Cold Case as well ;)

Okay so today decided to be sunny this morning and I ditched whatever shopping plan I had in favour of taking the girls to somewhere we could walk about without fear of getting wet. After deciding on Darling Harbour, I took them down the Kings Cross station where Melly got kidnapped by a survey/charity girl and I had to request I have her back so we could leave (a) Then we caught a train to Town Hall where everyone was marvelling at the Star Wars III billboard signs (that we got in trouble for trying to take photos of later :( ) before emerging out on the corner of the Queen Victoria Building where I spied Galaxy's new location was right across the road. So I suggested I be bad and take them there, and didn't we have a great time! El even mentioned when it took a good five minutes just to make it down the first few steps of the staircase that we were gonna be there for ages before we even got into the store! LOL. The new store is maybe 3 times as big as the old one, and the horror section! OMG! Instead of one small section it had grown to a whole row and a half! Mind you I restrained myself greatly in there - I didn't pick up a single book in that section, and I made sure to put down the Final Destination one and several others in the TV section, but I couldn't leave without the Charmed ep guide (with the glossy photos and DAMN don't I wish they had the next 3 seasons with Wyatt and Chris *whistles* not just the first 3), and 2 Nightmare On Elm Street books which are new releases (only written this year! :o They even mention newfangled technology... I only know cause I read the first two chapters of one on the way home *blush* I know have to finish It yet... *sigh*). By the time we left the store, each of us with a handful of books, it had decided to start raining :( But we braved it and headed for Darling Harbour. We had lunch first where we were swamped by a bunchload of schoolkids, discovered some ghost tours and showed the girls how far away me & Mel live from each other on the Australian map, and then headed to the Powerhouse Museum. We only caught 3 or 4 exhibits b4 it closed and we were getting kicked out. That was a shame. But we had fun - we looked through the Greek Exhibit and wanted to steal all the journals and pointy things (a) and El and I started up some commentary on the paintings with one that was called "The Dance of (something - I forget LOL)" and it was basically a picture of what appeared to be people throwing their children in the air, or having lost them. It was hilarious actually, took me ages to stop laughing about it, and we deemed the woman with the dagger was Bianca *snigger* Then, well we couldn't find the Toy Museum, so we had a look around the steam locomotive area where the carousel was, and then down to um I think it was a cybernetwork area or something - so it was all computer stuff. Mel was chatting with one of the computers, and we had a whole bunch of fun with other stuff, but we ended up getting stranded in front of some imacs for an hour offering free internet where I loaded the forum up for the girls who all got to read my update then LOL. Also kicked up LJ for Mel to read and for some odd reason it wouldn't load Wyatt & Bianca's journal - u could read it off the friends page, but the page itself was deemed inappropriate for young people or something. No other page was. It was weird, frustrating, but also funny because it just left Mel & I wondering what exactly we've put in there to make it so explicitly rated. I never thought it was that bad. I said to Mel maybe we should live up to the rating if they thought it was completely R rated or something. hehe. Anyhow, as the girls did that, I looked at the map again and discovered that the Toy Museum had been hiding from us, so we spent our last half hour assaulting the area and basically running riot. Such a shame I couldn't take them elsewhere we could run around, but we were out of time :(

After we left, I took them up Hay St and gave them the option of home or wandering aimlessly - they chose the latter with food & drink being additional options. And so we wandered back up Pitt St and discovered the 2nd-hand record stores still open, so first we plaguerised one (and Zarina got Ryan Cabrera's album for $7! :o So much cheaper than me *sigh*), and then Red Eye cause that was still open too. *cheer* But unfortunately nothing I was so desperatly wanting appeared b4 me. :( But that was a great way to do those stores without me having to drag them down there again one day *nods* Good timing. No sooner had we left Red Eye (and by now mum was already harrassing me to come home) it absolutely pelted down in rain, the hardest since any of them got here. So we dashed through the streets back to George St and I took them to a nice little eatery called The Dish that's hidden just inside where the cinema is. I ordered lasagne (came with chips) and it was sooo nice. I'd given up on that for so long because most of the ones I've had are just awful, but this was delicious. Only I couldn't eat it all :( Had most of it though. Same prob I had with lunch, only had half to 3/4 of it and had to throw it all out. I wanna know where my appetite is :S

Anyway, I had to come home after that (Was getting demanding phone calls from mum by this stage) so I did so and now here I am :D So a small selection of photos as follows:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ellen, Zarina & Mel in the 1930's cinema

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Julie, Mel & Ellen in the 1930's cinema

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Zarina & Julie at the carousel

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Addicted much? LOL. Musketeers invade the internet (a)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ellen tackles the balance beam on her first try

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mel tackles the balance beam after a few attempts *snigger*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ellen & Zarina try some hoop jumping

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Mel & Zarina find hula-hoops easier to swing on the arm ;)

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