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If we're adding to the noise da na na na na na *mosh*

Okay not much to tell from today, and no piccies to offer. I drove into the city to pick the girls up and take them to my work to organise the Bridgeclimb (now I have to ring them tomorrow - so much for someone else organising it *sigh*). Then we went for lunch at McDonalds, and I took them to Sundance (clothes warehouse), then the post office so they could post their postcards, and then to the Irregular Jeans Warehouse where I was really naughty and parked where I shouldn't have (but 15 other ppl had done the same so I didn't see it as a problem (a)) and we pretty much all bought stuff from there. I got a long sleeve black top (and I was overjoyed that it had long long sleeves - and has a little pink bird on the front of the shoulder. Again, black & pink, and I wanted the peach workshirt/blouse too but it wasn't my size - see I am Mari obsessed *nods*) and a brown cap LOL *blush* I remember wanting to by one ages ago cause I saw Jessica Alba with one and she looked cool in it, but I never bought it and um well the girls encouraged me cause they said it looked good, so I did. Can't believe I spent so much on a hat *rolls eyes* was more than the shirt haha. After that I took them up to the shoe place and we looked around there. Melly bought some gothic kinda boots that laced up at the back, pretty neat *nods* and there was this really cool punk turtleneck that was made of nice material and I showed Melly. I loved it, and I would have got it, but I er... think I have enough of those hehe. I also had to keep stopping myself from checking out the jackets and summer shirts - I have an obsession with both. I have way too many. So, um, we jumped back into the car, and it has been raining on and off (mostly on) today, and I just drove them back to their place and headed straight home. Took me almost 2 hours, but I was in the first section of peak hour traffic so I guess it wasn't so bad.

We plan on going to Manly tomorrow, and we're gonna visit Oceanworld. Now since we didn't make it to the Sydney Aquarium I actually think that's a pretty good deal - they're not seeing anything twice and they get a ferry ride as well over there. It is supposed to be raining until the weekend *cry* but lets hope there's no more problemos by then.

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