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Heroes FanVid - "Goodbye, my Brother"

Okay so if you're just a curious nut who had to click the link (just when ppl tell you NOT to push the shiny red button) congratulations, you clicked. Now if you really haven't seen Powerless, you better start running because I will not be held responsible for what you see below.

... still here? ....

... are you sure you've seen it? ....

Okay then. For all who are still with us, this video is in tribute to Nathan Petrelli. I'm not saying he's dead - in fact I believe quite the opposite to be true. But there's plenty of fangirls out there panicking and starting "Save Nathan" campaigns so I'll contribute this vid to that if it will help Adrian's cause any.

The vid itself looks as the sibling love between Nathan and Peter Petrelli. The inspiration for this dropped on me like an anvil after seeing the finale and made sure it wormed it's way to the front of the queue as the most important thing that needed to be done. In this vid you'll see the relationship and close bond between the brothers - how so many times Nathan has lost Peter and had to deal with it, only now to have the coin flipped where this time Peter has lost Nathan and must learn to cope. But essentially this vid is about Nathan, how his brother changed his views on the world, and basically it's giving his younger brother a message of love and reassurance just as he did when he was alive and he still is alive, I'm not living in denial... seriously LOL.

Goodbye, my Brother/Lover - James Blunt

Click the banner above to watch on Youtube. If the banner has disappeared, then click here

Warning: Features scenes up to & including Season 2 Episode 11. Does contain spoilers!

Tags: adrian pasdar, heroes, milo ventimiglia, music videos, music vids, nathan petrelli, peter petrelli

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