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Aches & Pains & All that jazz

My day really doesn’t stretch out properly. I can sit here for hours being bored at work with nothing to do, and then have so little time at home to do everything in. It really is not fair that the work meanies won’t let me play on the net, at least not without being sneaky about it. And even then I get questioning looks and, well, I guess u can call them questions of jealousy. Can I help it that nothing has come in? *sigh*

So, really, the best thing I should be doing is writing more fanfic. But I think I’ve exhausted myself out over the past week of just trying to get the last update done, and so I feel free to guarantee myself a break today. I’ve been playing catch up this morning on reading the others, but have left Zarina’s until tonight cause I think there’s somewhere between 4-6 chapters I have to catch up on (thanks to being dragged away for the majority of the weekend) which I believe will probably be too high a volume to try to read without getting sprung like a thousand times over. Besides, I think it’s about time I gave my buddy my full attention for her fic without having to be overly paranoid and looking over my shoulder. That way I can be more involved and hopefully not miss anything (because apparently I do if I try to skim read at work – Ellen’s pointed out numerous things I missed in hers because of that ;) ).

For those that didn’t pick up on that passing comment, yes I did update my Bianca fic last night. Re-read through it just before to see if my brain wanted to generate any more inspiration, but I was right – it wants a rest. Can I say how atrocious some of it was? I couldn’t help but nitpick at certain misspelling of words, or words meant to be one thing but actually another. Had to be at least about 5 errors in there. That’s what you get for being in such a rush to put something up that you don’t back-read. I could kick myself, honestly. I know it’s the perfectionist side of me coming out, and if I had more time on my hands I would be happy because I wouldn’t have to try to rush things. I only just finished it before bedtime last night, and had to stay up that little bit extra to upload it, so I had no time to update my livejournal (hence the reason I’m doing it now), or to even check it. So frustrating. Maybe it would be a little nicer if I could actually finish an update on the weekend instead of mid-week. I’m hoping the next one (when my imagination actually switches on again) will be easier because *claps* I get to rip off part of Charmed, so that’s at least half a page of dialogue I’m not going to have to think up myself. I love working in and around scenes. I have to watch Chris-Crossed a thousand times over though (but hey, am I complaining? Got all my brilliant actors in there! Hehe). Just maybe I might come up with a few more headache questions for my buddies as well as myself too. Looking forward to that… maybe. Well I do like analysing things, but I don’t want to stress myself out over it. I think that’s why it’s good to get someone else’s opinion sometimes; it takes the load off yourself.

I suppose I should actually be branching out on yesterday. I’ll leave todayness until tonight because surely I’ll be updating again since I’m giving myself a break. Mind you, now I have to remember what happened yesterday. I know my knee was sore – my dislocated one. Still grumbling today actually. If it’s a sign of rain, I wish it would pour down. Not when I leave though, have to go early (orthodontist appointment), but maybe tonight so it can be all inspiring.

Something to shock my buddies – my boss complained about my wallpaper. Yes, that’s right, Ellen’s one. Now don’t freak out or anything, it was because she thought I’d had it up for far too long. What can I say? I love my wallpaper. And there are reasons it’s still there – Wyatt, Chris & Bianca I kinda need to see cause of my Bianca fic. ;) But she obviously had not been paying too much attention when I had taken it down last week, putting up something fairly dark and stormy to represent my mood that day. I only just put it back up this week cause I can’t leave my fave characters off my screen for too long. Admittedly I had to change my one at home to the Phoenix one I made, so I could see the characters of Bianca’s early life and work out what I was writing off that. But the moment my boss said that, and that I should take it down cause Drew isn’t on the show anymore, I instantly thought of messaging Melanie or Ellen and requesting new wallpaper – with Mel in mind I thought instantly of a Cold Case one, that way I’d still have Marisol. And you know the funny thing about that? My boss watches both Charmed and Cold Case, and I don’t think she’s strung the idea together that Bianca & Elisa are the same girl. So I pretty much could protest that Drew might not be, but Marisol is still on our screens. ;) Needless to say, my wallpaper has remained, and no new comments have been thrown my way about it today.

Okay so nothing totally thrilling happened yesterday. The fun parts were writing the Bianca fic. When I got home I found my brother was playing Kelly Clarkson’s album, so that was a nice thing to hear. And then he provided me with some of the greatest most surprising news out – Lifehouse has a new album out, and a new single. It was released in the US in January, and how did I not know?? I guess last time I checked up on them must have been last year then. It doesn’t feel that long ago. And considering Mel was listening to Lifehouse tracks, I don’t know why I didn’t think to go check again. But 96.1FM (which used to be in Penrith but has since travelled further east) decided to play the new song. Bless their little souls. So Russ heard it, said it was a nice acoustic number, and has since spent just about every minute trying to locate the song. As soon as I get word about the album, I’m rushing out to get it that’s for sure. Must add it to my collection. Those guys are brilliant.

Russ also played me his new song. One he stayed up until 2am to write. My brother writes some wonderful music, I must say, and I’m not just being biased because he’s my brother and he’s such a great guy, but the stuff he wrote with this girl in Canada was absolutely brilliant. She has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard, and it was a real shame that she never wanted to go ahead and release it – he was quite eager too. He hasn’t written anything in a while because he can’t find a decent singer (yes, it’s hard to live up to perfection, isn’t it?), but he’s just decided with some encouragement from me and my wonderful buddies to get back into it. So he played me this instrumental piece he wrote – dark, brooding, and hauntingly beautiful. If we could offer instrumentals to well known bands – and in this case it would definitely be Evanescence working away on their new album in the studio – then we would. He’s quite pleased with himself for writing something with piano and strings, and he’s in love with his new drum samples – one of the big booming thunderous ones he’s implemented into that tune. It sounds great, and really needs beautiful and disturbing vocals laid over the top.

What else? Well I found out Zarina’s going to a fantasy fair thing in April. I so want to go. Why can’t we have things like that here? :( And you can dress up and all – that would be so much fun. I still have my Halloween murder mystery costume lying around somewhere *looks around* oh, that’s right, it’s at home. Hehe. Well from what Zarina’s saying it covers everything fantasy & supernatural. I wish I could live there at the castle where it’s held! U know what, maybe I can go dressed as Bianca. Just have to find that leather catsuit somewhere… and maybe sharpen that knife… hehe. Argh, it’s so much fun and I have to miss out! I know my friend would love to go to it too, the little Wiccan she is.

So as long as I wanted to make this, I really can’t think of anything else to write. :S Perhaps I should take some quizzes. Oh, that reminds me, read my other buddies journals and they all quizzed they cared most about me. Aww *hugglies* so sweet. I feel so loved. But, again, I did state all that on Valentine’s. ;)

*about 10 mins later*

Okay, so our internet connection sucks today *Cry* it won’t load anything properly. So I’ll have to quiz tonight. Now I have to think of something actually creative to do *rolls eyes* Oh, funny thing, I’m finishing this update on the same song I started on! Hehe.

*2 mins after that*

Now I think the world hates me. Can’t even update my journal. *waits patiently*

*just after midday*

Oh finally! It works. Decided to browse through some other lj's while I waited. Gee some people are so uninspirational. Another reason I'm thankful for my buddies - some of the most creative people on the planet. They can even make their livejournal's sound interesting. *hugz*

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