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Tis all aloneness again :(

I feel weird - not being able to offer any pictures or any fun news. For the first time I haven't been doing something with my other musketeers. I've now gone 24 hours without them. My day has passed quckly with very little going on. I resigned up to Drew's forum and discovered who did the wallpaper but, so glad I had to resign, trying to find my old AV in the gallery I discovered Kelly had about 6 Bianca AVs for me to pic from. Dream come true I tell you! So I picked one after much deliberating and, OMG, can u believe one of the AVs was the very pic I am missing *nods* So I wanna email Kelly about it now and harrass her for the missing pics. I know she's redoing the galleries, but what's up so far that pic isn't featured in. I feel bad about hounding her though, I don't know whether my obsession outweighs my patience, and I feel a little sketchy after only having returned 6 months late but, well, I've had this LJ for that long so it very much contains most of the trials and tribulations I've had to go through.

So after I did that (and a short "I'm back" post) I took mum downtown to go shopping so I could think over my fic a little more cause I wanted to do some work on it today. Everything is quickly returning back to how it used to be which is such a shame, I loved the way things were when the girls were here. But oh well. I can be glad I got a good page out of me at least. I finished off the current scene so I can move onto the next one, the one I know how I'm going to do but AGAIN can't get a start on. I might take another attempt later if I'm still awake enough for it. Oh *yay* the DVD worked :D We worked out the probs and the ebilness was with the other program. So it's FINALLY worked now. I have one DVD disk done LOL Can't wait to do all the others *nods* Mind you cause I have plans for Wes *ebil laugh* makes it all the more exciting.

Now... um, yeah I was talking about my day. *thinks* Okay so really there was nothing else LOL. Watched Monk, read about 2 paragraphs of It, wracked my brain trying to do more of Unaffected *nods*, posted in a few threads on dff. Damn I shouldn't listen to this it makes me want to do something I can't do yet. Grr. Bad musketeers with their musefulness. I kept getting ideas while they were here and had nooo time whatsoever to do anything about it. And now I'm trying muchly to get it all out but some of it doesn't wanna come (hence fic stalling again *sigh*). Oh Live 8 is on again tonight, they're gonna show some people they didn't show on Sunday (which should be just about everyone they cut so much *rolls eyes*). Will be goodness. And we get to see Bon Jovi :D How cruel after El left. Meanie bums. Okay so I'm gonna go now :(

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