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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
My life is brilliant 
15th-Jul-2005 12:14 pm
Grave Lying
Well I didn't get time to update this last night, so eh... bludging work to do it now (a)

Um, lemme see, I was overly happy/excited/bouncy last night because, unlike recent weeks, things have actually been working out right, and well, and good and all the other words that resemble that.

Work, thankfully, has not been an overly stressful hassle, although I'm slightly paranoid at someone yelling at me for not doing anything and um... being here LOL I feel I've abused my net access far too much (especially today) although it was nice for the non-RPG updating cause then at least I kinda looked like I wasn't on there - one thing less I was doing. I found new Mari pictures *grin* She went to the War Of The Worlds premiere while we were on our little holiday, and she looks so pretty (and little!). Good to see she's out there leading a happy and healthy life still. I'm glad she wasn't affected too badly with the cancellation of her show (she is now confirmed on the other one *nods*). Mel and I were just really hoping to see some more of Wes - I mean it's brilliant that he's this nice, sweet, quiet kind of guy like Drew said, you can see it, but... we would like to see him out and about occassionally. :( Are we greedy for wanting more piccies of him? Cause really, I'm not asking for much, if he, Marisol & Drew could interchange their appearances and attendance at social occassions throughout the year so we get one at a time for a little while that would be great. Wouldn't miss them so much then.

Hmm have to go to lunch in a minute. What else can I say? I had to update the RPG last night, so that (plus Lost which you really couldn't take your eyes away from) put me slightly behind in my little project. But I'm sure I'll be able to finish that in, say, half an hour or something tonight. And then I just have to hassle Russ *nods* And THEN what I'm hoping in all hope is that I get some more Drewbie onto my computer and I can start on the very thing that has been plaguing my mind all week. Actually, come to think of it... oh no, can't start that one either :S Anyway, I wanna get the short one done.

Okay going now.
15th-Jul-2005 02:49 am (UTC) - Can't wait for the weekend!
Jules, I'm so glad things are going well! Glad Mari is out and about and I'm glad your project is coming along.;) I personally would love some new pics of Drew and an air date for his movie! Thanks for the mention of Paige in your Bianca lj, I updated tonight!:) This weekend is going to be nice, I might go ride my bike or something, if it's not too warm! I left you a PM on the forum, so I'll ttyl.
15th-Jul-2005 03:13 am (UTC) - Re: Can't wait for the weekend!
That's okay :p Got into a Paige mood yesterday anyway reading back on Chris Crossed/Imaginary Friends :$ So yeah it made sense *nods*

Hope you're having fun tonight and, er, suppose I should travel over the other way to read said cryptic message of yours :p *hugz*
15th-Jul-2005 03:31 pm (UTC)
YOU are Brilliant! *skips off*
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