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Hey! I'm accomplishing things. Weird, isn't it? I can't believe things actually get FINISHED. Hmm... okay so maybe I've over-exaggerating a little on what I've done. The harrassing Russ situation was going fine - until he went out, so that's not done, and if I knew how to do it myself I would. Also the going shopping thing got put off too. Mostly cause I didn't have time, mum says she wants me to take her tomorrow, but I also have to go into the city so I don't know when I'm going to get all this done. Sometime this week I hope, I REALLY hope, I don't want to keep putting this off.

Now my new accomplishment - my obsessional short vid that kept running through my head all week. It's done, it's finished, and I'm so happy because so many things worked out okay *nods* Sending it over to Mel atm so I just really hope it looks good. Wish we could use it *snigger* It's only like a minute long. I thought that might not be long enough, but I discovered that the Charmed ones were only 48 seconds, so that was funny. But it's all cool, I've called it the "Short" version, just in case I do decide to extend that extra 30 seconds in front. I got the main thing I wanted at least *nods* Even though B was a little hard, I worked it out.

I'm thinking of going to start on the next chapter of my fic. I mean, I have started it, probably only be a paragraph or two in my notebook, but I might see how much I can do. That's if I don't get distracted. Mum wants to watch Wes LOL But she doesn't think she'll be awake enough to see it. Figures, she'll probably watch him without me or something *rolls eyes* OMG can I say there's something about Chris-Crossed that infuriates me? Well firstly I think I'm overly biased and absolutely converted to loving Wy. Watching back on Chris in various episodes I can see what a little brat he is (again) and I just started to wonder how it was I was cheering for him instead of Leo - and at the end of Spin City I got my answer. Drew is a brilliant actor, yes, even watching the beginning of that ep you can see how methodical he is. But just in Chris-Crossed, well, I'm watching Bianca & Chris and it was annoying me LOL I think the whole reasoning behind it though is that I know they were together on the show, and in my first fic, and out of all that I'd say we had a month or two of those two being together (which I was never really happy with to begin with cause I didn't like her *cough* Where'd my opinion change? Oh, that's right, LMS *hugz RPG and fellow musketeers*), but since then well okay I'm now absolutely obsessed over the girl, I'm writing a fic about her, and the Wy/B thing has reached such legendary proportions it's absurd not to think of them AS being together. And in my little world, technically they have been together for 7-8 months (from when we first put them together), always engaged and well I won't say always happy cause Mel & I like to put them through hell hehe.

Okay now I feel like I've done nothing :( I've just been working on that vid and ignoring everything and um well I did do B's journal last night (edited it). Love Mel's update of Wy, was LMAO by the end. Oh, was talking with Julie earlier today, she's already getting character names in her head for the next RPG which I think is up to me to come up with, but I don't plan on starting it for a long while yet - just so we can finish up IDBT (which will be forever at the rate we're going) and then give ourselves a bit of a break to re-energise. Anyway, she reminded me of a generator thing Mel did that I haven't done yet, so I'll go looking for that and then finish up my post :D

Julie Ann Windred's Aliases

Your movie star name: Chocolate Jack

Your fashion designer name is Julie Prague

Your socialite name is Jules Sydney

Your fly girl / guy name is J Win

Your detective name is Deer Cambridge Park

Your barfly name is Chocolate Mudslide

Your soap opera name is Ann Caloola

Your rock star name is Cadburys Bullet

Your star wars name is Julran Winwya

Your punk rock band name is The Dazed Probe

LOL um my barfly name is a drink I believe :S Love my Rock Star name and the Punk Band name *snigger* Okay that's all.

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