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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
Stand my ground, I won't give in 
18th-Jul-2005 12:48 pm
Grave Lying
hehe can I say I'm in love with my little credit clip? Too short, but hey its cool. And pretty much everyone has it now and they all love it to :D Now I just wish I could make an episode or something to go with it :( Damn Kern - why couldn't he do the spin-off?

So I feel obligated to explain a little of what was happening with me yesterday. Again totally stupid reasons but, bleh, I'm gonna air it all anyway. When it comes to things that are important to me, I don't pay attention to anything that's happening in the world. I dislike the badness, and I abhor war (reminds me too much of the grandfather I never met :( ). The thing most important to me is my friends. Always has been, always will be. But for the majority of my life all my friends have either let me down, decieved me, or just plain betrayed my trust. It's just one of many reasons I find it hard to believe people anymore.

Now I got a little upset yesterday afternoon (as I said, over the stupidest thing) because Julie told us Drew was back and he posted - and I saw in my search that Zarina had also and I wondered why my dff source hadn't told me about it. Okay you can tell that's not a major issue, right? Yet still I got down about it (relay back to last paragraph). And then I got even more upset when Mel left and didn't come back, because I thought she'd left due to my mood (yes, self-blame rates highly on my insecurity list). See but there's one difference with the Musketeers (and this is including the honorary ones - you know who you are) in that if they upset me, whether they realise it or not they easily rectify it in a few hours, if not minutes. My other friends don't do that. My other friends don't even seem to realise that it's affected me, or they just gleefully like to watch me sink further into depression. Either way, I don't care, that's what makes me value the Musketeers so much, that they can always be there for me, and that they are TRUE friends. See, good example of how they fix things, when Zarina came on last night she straight away told us about Drew, I didn't even have to inquire. She even explained why she hadn't told me (the fact that I was in bed and she hadn't seen me until that moment). And so I was neverending hugging and thanking her, because I have absolute faith in these friends of mine and I know just how special to me they are.

Okay and now my time is up :( But that's the main thing I wanted to say anyway. Thank you. And to my TRUE friends - I love you. (Side-note to self: Stop writing things that make you cry *kick*)
18th-Jul-2005 04:43 am (UTC)
*lurks* See I am a jerk for making you think it was you. :( C'mon boo it's me, all me. I was feeling superfluous yet again, and shitty and I didn't want to burden everyone with my shittiness. *kicks own ass* I'm sorry :( I'm a jerk.
18th-Jul-2005 06:32 am (UTC)
Sweet, sweet Jules, don't ever think I would hold back info or whatever for your guys. Am I not your personal note boards regarding Drew posting? I know I used to e-mail stuff to you guys, but it was really late my time when I read it and I thought I'd tell you guys when I see you. And if I hadn't told you, it would have been because I just forgot, you know I have a sucky memory. It has absolutely nothing to do with you or the other musketeers. I love you guys, you must know that by now right? I hate to read how other friends have treated you, but I really wouldn't do that - nor any other musketeer, I am sure of that. So please stop worrying if it regards us, we wouldn't want to hurt you in any way okay? *Hugzzzzzzzzzzzz* because you need one.
18th-Jul-2005 11:46 pm (UTC) - I'm glad you're my friend!
Are you saying I'm an honorary musketeer?;) I didn't mean to make you feel bad, I was just bored and surfing the old web and happened to come across it myself. You are so sweet and thank you for counting me as your friend! I love you too and the other muskeeters!:) *hugs* You're amazing and don't ever let anyone tell you different!
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