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Charmed (LMS universe) - Justin


played by Ryan Cabrera


Name & Nickname: Justin Bell
Age/DoB: 22 / Born 20th May, 2004
Parentage: Both witches - Alisha Bell (nee Wilkins) and Maximillian Bell (or Max as he prefers to be called)
Place Of Origin: San Francisco, USA
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Single, though currently involved with P.J. Halliwell
Magical Status: 100% Witch
Looks/Appearance: 5’9”, Blonde hair & green eyes, lightly tanned skin. Dress sense - casual/skater boi. Wears a shell necklace.
Personality: Justin is one of the most carefree, easy-going guys you could meet. He doesn't get bothered by much, and other people usually view him as the "fun guy". He can be somewhat cheeky and is often more playful than serious. He has a quirky habit of talking in his sleep which he does get slightly embarrassed by. He cares about everything and everybody, and his passionate views sometimes walk him into dangerous situations. He does, however, never impose his opinion onto anyone, and is quite happy to sit back and play sidekick to his best friend Chris Halliwell. Not a big fan of studying, his lingo usually consists of street slang and frequent use of the word "dude". His favourite subject at school would be considered "lunch" though his lean figure never shows how much he can stomach as he is so active that he burns it all off straight away. He also has a strange liking of monkeys and, in general, small furry creatures.
Education: Attended Gratton Elementary then futhered his education at Galileo High School. No college education.
Skills/Abilities: Telekinesis, Temporal Stasis (Freezing), Astral Projection, Catalyst Telepath ("wakes up" powers in others - can tell if they have power or not), Grounder (the ability to ground energy directed at them)
Power Flaws:
Telekinesis - can only use through his hands. Can move/shift position of anything of any weight but can't lift. If he is constrained he is helpless to use this ability.
Temporal Stasis - Can only cause demons & people to "freeze". This power does not work on witches.
Astral Projection - Can project his image & concious mind elsewhere (though actual body will zone out and become vulnerable) but cannot physically move himself from one place to another (eg. orbing)
Catalyst Telepath - Obvious flaw - exposure to any magical being will automatically awaken supressed abilities. Needs to concentrate/meditate to read/inspect people's abilities. Can only "sense" magic, not determine what power it is.
Grounder - Also only hand-imbued. The size of the power is equal to the level of concentration & energy needed to ground it. He needs to be in close contact with (and generally facing) the energ source to do anything with it.
Personality Flaws/Character Weakness: Sometimes takes a while to process things. Thinks more with his heart than his head and is prone to act more on emotions than thoughts. Doesn't like the things he cares about being threatened and can be somewhat overprotective (both a good and bad element to his personality). Is far too trusting of people and doesn't think of them negatively unless they do something bad to him or people he cares about.
Fears: Massive Heights
Most prized possessions: His skateboard (green & blue Element coyote deck with Spitfire 52mm Bighead wheels) and his young puppy Chase (not to mention the g/f)


Maximillian (Max) Bell

Abilities: Molecular Regeneration (the ability to reassemble destroyed molecules into solid being. This ties into cell regeneration - but only of himself. He cannot heal others, and he can be killed if he is dismembered and part of his body is removed from the rest)
Employed as: An Accountant. Justin knows his father has a brilliant scientific mind, but Max is set on having a "normal" life and doesn't want the glory that such a profession would bring. He is good friends with Piper Halliwell - having done the books for P3 since 2015 when they moved over to San Francisco from Berkeley.
Personality: Is a pretty down-to-earth guy who loves everything about being a dad and wants to teach his son all the tricks of the trade. He is, however, in constant fear of being "exposed" as he does like to fly under the radar. Does have a temper when extremely upset as he is a sensitive and caring guy - of which he has also passed onto his son. Loves his wife deeply and considers her his rock.

Alisha Bell

Abilities: Temporal Stasis (Freezing), Premonitions
Employed as: A Teacher
Personality: Alisha is very centred and calm, always keeping her head in a crisis. She is reasonable and sensible minded, though she does love to have fun in her own little ways. She is a great believer in her own premonitions but lacks the confidance to think she can ever change them. To her they are akin to prophecies. Because of this she often keeps quiet about what she sees, though she is not afraid to drop a few cryptic clues here and there believing if someone else works it out, it is their destiny to do so. She cares very deeply for her husband, though feels at times as if she is raising another extra child as what he exceeds in in regards to mental intelligence, he lacks in emotional strength.


Born at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, Justin spent the earlier years of his life living with his parents in Berkeley. When his father landed a prime position for a financial group in the Financial District of San Francisco, Justin and his family moved across the water and into a cozy townhouse a short bus ride from the city. Being as his dad was working for Piper Halliwell (handling both the business accounts for P3 and her new restaurant), Justin grew up around the Halliwell clan for at least the past 10 years of his life. He grew very close to Chris, bonding as most boys do over the d-link gaming system where they competed against one another in all kinds of games including Chris' favourite - Need for Speed. He attended a "normal" school along with Chris, PJ, Ellen and Wyatt (both the Halliwell-Wyatt's and the Bell's seemed to be in agreement over their children having a "normal life") - Galileo High School which, despite being the best school in the area, didn't seem to entertain Justin as much as it did his friends and he barely hung on until graduation. As soon as school was over he felt free to pursue his other interests more actively and has set about making and achieving his own personal goals which has set him up well in life at an early age.

Justin is 100% witch and proud of it. He was a magic child whose parents weren't so much opposed to him being magical as to the fact that he could be dangerous with access to his powers. His mother bound his powers until he was fifteen, believing he would be more responsible at that age, her sole reasoning to protect him from ‘waking up’ the powers of everyone he came in contact with, whether they be friend or foe. His parents were both witches, they understood all the risks. They weren’t terrified of him being hunted down and killed for them, more cautious of what could happen if he did have them.

Justin's greatest passion is skateboaring, though he has indulged in other daredevil activities (he can't say no to a thrill). He's been doing this for as long as he can remember. Thankfully his parents are very patient people and have not had trouble putting up with his enthusiasm for such things. He is currently working for a skate shop called FTC skateboarding at 1632 Haight St, San Francisco (not far from Golden Gate Park).

Skate Park Affiliates

Skate reference material
Rodney Mullen - Justin's idol
Official site for professional skateboarders


Just over 1 block north of Golden Gate Park, Justin has his own little house on 4th Avenue (just past Cabrillo Ave) with a nice long ramp-like driveway leading from the base of the stairs to the street (is it any wonder why he chose this?)

Powers Timeline

From Birth - Catalyst Telepath. This was not detected until Justin reached speaking age and his parents were able to make the connection that the strange things happening around him were being caused by him.

14 Months - Telekinesis. This was a natural ability that never saw the light of day until Justin started moving his toys around without actually touching them.

2 years - Astral Projection. Discovered by his mother when he projected himself out of his bed and into the kitchen to see what she was doing. He had an uncanny sense of finding people with this ability (due to his Catalyst Telepath power which no-one realised the strength of yet).

2 years, 9 months - Justin's powers were bound and shut down by his parents to prevent him mistakenly using them. His mother decided they should be bound until he was 15 when she envisioned he would be more responsible with them and better apt to handle them.

15 years - Temporal Stasis. Within weeks of regaining his powers, Justin acquired the ability to freeze objects & demons. Max was trying to teach Justin his own power by smashing 2 salt & pepper shakers and guiding him into reforming them. Instead of being repaired, the pieces froze momentarily together before falling apart again. Alisha came home with the groceries and, witnessing this, declared that Justin instead took after her. To illustrate her point, she tricked Justin into using the power again so that both he and his father could see that she was right.

16 years - Grounding. The most difficult power to master, Justin discovered this one completely by accident (and not in the company of his parents). Whilst visiting the Halliwells he yet again bore witness to another arguement between the two brothers. Wyatt lost his temper and threw an energy ball at Chris. As Justin threw his own hand up to try to ease the conflict the ball hovered momentarily before his palm and then deflated like a balloon as he lowered his hand again, the wilted energy streaming to the ground as he did so. Chris was impressed. Justin was surprised. And Wyatt remained annoyed.

This looks pathetically short and may end up being added to :\ (Psst Zarina, I think we need to do some RPing of some kind :$ ). I can't remember his last name or the exact street names or any tiny thing I came up with for LMS2 :( Not one record on my computer and the site has now bitten the dust. Added to, remembered some, and changed what we couldn't remember.
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