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Welcome to the deep, dark & crazy world that is my imagination
The strength in me 
19th-Jul-2005 12:52 pm
Grave Lying
Hey :D Notice I'm avoiding my fic still? I can't help it, I'm having timing issues :( See I know everything that's gotta happen, but I can't get the order right, and then of course I'm trying to work out what to put in the year before Chris arrives on the scene, but the problem I have is there's some "getting to know you" stuff and some "already know you" stuff and I don't want to have to break up the chapter halfway through with a year change... but if you think I'm smart enough to split it into two chapters, I refer you back to the first comment - I can't get the order right. It stinks *kick*

Latest thing on my mind is how I'm going to handle next weeks Cold Case. It's the episode of badness. No Mari but major damage to Elisa. And forever I have said I'm going to be crying over it, especially given the fact when I first found out I was in tears all night. Last night I was even considering taking next Tuesday off. But it has occured to me during the course of the day that things most likely will not be like that - they will be like when Chris died, or when the musketeers left - the very fact that I knew about it earlier will have prepared me enough to handle the situation, and if any tears are shed it will be much later.

Okay I can't really think of anything else intelligent to say, and lunch is about up so I'll just run off now.
19th-Jul-2005 08:09 pm (UTC)
Damn I had such a wonderful comment and then I pressed the wrong button *cries* Ok lets start over then.

You're avoiding your fic? I know you can do it sweets. You're the amazingest (a new addition for that special dictionary ;)) writer I know and you write the most wonderful stuff I can imagine. You know how to write stuff my brain doesn't allowe me to think even. I admire you for that so take a deep breath and give us some goodness ;)

About Elisa, I wish I could give you the tissues. That epi made me cry, it was so sad. The only thing I can do for you now is give you tons of hugs and tell you everything will be ok. *hugs*
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