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Charmed - WIP new character - Ashley Kalis

Considering how small Justin's started out weeks ago, it's HUMONGOUS now! *glee* (I just added more :$ ) He's gotta be the 2nd most well-known character next to B *nods*

Anyways, from the thinking of Justin sprouted a new character (skate park buddy) known as Ashley. Unfortunately there's very few pics of this actor so I'm limited to like 3 images :( But, tis okay. And I don't think there's going to be info about the parents here cause he's just a sub (but hopefully very important) character.


played by Steven R McQueen


Name & Nickname: Ashley Kalis
Age/DoB: 22 / Born 17th February
Parentage: Lives at home with his mother. Never knew his father - though he was likely a witch and that's where Ashley's magic gene's have come from.
Place Of Origin: San Francisco, USA
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Single, though currently involved with Shae Springer
Magical Status: 50% Witch
Looks/Appearance: 6'0”, Brown hair & brown eyes, light skin. Dress sense - generally wanders around in long-sleeved shirts/jackets (probably to cover up all the injuries he's gained on the ramp) and t-shirts.
Personality: Generally a friendly, open and non-threatening guy. Does have a tendency to show off his abilities but has the common sense to only use them when non-magic-folk aren't around. Is envious of PJ & Justin's relationship as he feels like he is lying about who he is all the time and doesn't have anyone he can confide in or share the "magical" side of things with.
Education: Attended Galileo High School. Is currently majoring in History at the Univesity of California in Berkeley.
Skills/Abilities: Aerokinesis - the ability to manipulate air. ie. Air Propulsion (to propel an object faster and/or higher), Air Pockets (to create a rip in air matter to teleport from one place to another)
Power Flaws: If deprived of air (eg. being contained within a nitrogen filled environment) will be unable to use his abilities.
Personality Flaws/Character Weakness: Can sometimes be a little reserved and feeling awkward. He only has one power so isn't confidant he can use this to "defeat" anyone. Tends to be rather submissive.
Fears: Dominant girls?? *has no idea yet*
Most prized possessions: A silver metal watch (though I've no idea why, it just seems important). Also owns a maroon & black Darkstar Cross skateboard.


Ashley is a history buff and actually met Justin in one of his history classes at high school. They've been skating at the same place for years, and it was Justin who actually awakened Ashley's powers (though mistakenly as both he and Justin thought he was just a "normal" kid. Justin cannot sense "supressed" powers, only once they're awakened.)

Skate Park Affiliates

Skate reference material
Official site for professional skateboarders


Unknown at this stage. Lives alone with his single mother.
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