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Clingy, annoying, weird, what else shall we dub me?

Great, only left myself like 5 mins *rolls eyes* Okay so... I decided to go out at morning tea and actually think about my fic. I think I have things in order now. I'm going to have to kick my stubborness and break a year halfway through OR just write two not-quite-so-long chapters. *sigh* You know I spend so long striving for perfection that little trivialities such as this get the best of me. Anyway, be that as it may, I now have to write something preceeding what I've already written :( But I think I have a purpose... maybe. Possibly have to hassle someone for past info (a)

Hmm... okay so I didn't update this last night. Not for any particular reason - I would say I had time but... well things went the way they were supposed to yesterday (despite ppl telling me how to do my job, which I hate) until just before I left work when I had to deal with a somewhat abusive woman that I couldn't help. Not through any fault of my own, really, she just didn't want to be put through to the same person again which really left me with no option because a) we're so short staffed no-one else is in that department, b) the idiocy of this company that some ppl won't take certain calls even though it is their area to help and c) the main contact for this woman is off on worker's compensation with no idea when he'll be back. I don't like not being able to help someone, but when they consistantly belittle you for it (and I guess just the fact I've been down or on the edge of it for the past few days) for the first time in the whole time I've been here I felt like crying. But I didn't, just got sniffly on the way home and then by the time I was there I was in morbid overdrive (tempted to change my nick but, because I didn't want to scare anyone, I just erased all except my nick & fic no. instead).

As with Saggies though, you tend to be able to pick yourselves up fairly quickly. So I wasn't so bad after a little while. The only thing I was willing to write was B's journal (to just get it all out through her) but I waited on Melly to do Wyatt first before I did that. And to occupy the time inbetween I haunted the forums (spotting Belen in the process so I told her about my vid, and she told me about hers which I got and :O It's a brilliant opera piece that could so have been a ssn 6 promo! It rocks! And of course I sparked Nat's interest then too so everyone wanted to chat last night *snicker*) and then read up to the next chapter of It (perhaps 4 pages. I'm so slack.).

Well... being as I should have finished this 15 mins ago and done some work, I should be off. Melly just got her present! *cheers* See now all that strenuous work on the Charmed DVDs paid off. *nods* Well... 2nd half of season 7 at least LOL Couldn't give her any more :( But lots of Wyness in store so that should make her happy :D At least I won't be spoiling her with any more Drake stuff in IDBT or Wyatt stuff in Unaffected *nods* I was so afraid of doing that, after the minimal cryptic kind of stuff I've presently been doing. Oh yes, work, get back to it *kicks self*

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