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shortness *snicker*

Yup I have nothing important to say *cheer* Two days till Elisa :( Um... I got boo the whole day today! *hugz* She was so upsetness last night/early this morning that she didn't end up going. I watched Greenday's new clip (Mel being home gave me time to send that to her, and Nat reminded me to send her the credit one) and :o don't think I've seen a vid that I loved and hated so much at the same time. Totally loved the whole love story aspect of it (it like totally summarised most of IDBT Wy/B *snicker* was funny - although I do remember at the point of the yelling and screaming wondering if it was Mel's fic instead *blush*) and hated the war aspect of it. It's not like I didn't know what the song was about, sure I did. It's not like I didn't understand the clip - I even realise that the fact there was no end to it was because the war against terrorism is still currently going on, that it hasn't finished, and that it was appropriate to get the message across in this day and age of what it's doing to people. No the thing I hated and makes me absolute cringe to watch is that whenever I see war I instantly think of my grandfather who I never met (died a year b4 I was born, I was his first grandchild) who I've only seen photos of and heard fantastic stories of. From what I've heard he was a fantastic guy and it makes me sad that I never got a change to know him. I got to know his brother a little who also fought in the war with him, and I remember he was such a fantastic guy too I loved him so much. He was like my replacement grandfather because the real one couldn't be there. And you know we have lots of little things around, but the one thing I cared most about and wanted my dad to keep was the framed certificate that hung in his house that said what a great service he had done for our country. I'm so proud of him but it also makes me cry cause the war put so much stress on him that things weren't the same when he came back. He was sick over there and my "replacement grandfather" saved him, and just that they both came back but he didn't survive long enough for me to know him makes me really sad. He was someone I wish I knew, I wish I met, and just I refuse to see anything in reference to war cause it reminds me of something that both he and I never got to have in our lives.

Damn song, and damn me for making myself cry again *kicks* The Calling are ebil *nods*

Okay well, apart from that, and I almost cried at that Greenday clip but was only a little teary (hey I'm crying now *sarcastic cheer*), I have been rather productive today (or rather late this afternoon after all housework and chauffering duties were done) - I'm now up to 4 and a quarter pages in my fic (gonna take another stab at it to see how far I get), and I updated IDBT. Was thinking of doing B's journal but I don't want to keep giving Mel work to do. Besides I'm doing mine and making myself cry instead *rolls eyes* Thought I was saving this till Monday. Anyway... um I think that's it *nods* Nothing else happening. *wave*

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