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Ideas from the Island and Elvis lives! :o

So here I am, back again, with some time actually on my hands to update this. I have been a busy little bee *nods* All starting from Friday when I was supposed to be having dinner with Jenny & Hue, and possibly seieng Ewan's new movie "The Island". Well the very fact I sent an email out about it on the Wednesday was because I knew, when it comes to Hue, it takes forever to make a plan. We had a plan set on Thursday but because Jen had to get up early Saturday morning for the bathroom guy at her new place, she didn't want to be out too late. While I freaked, Jen actually thought straight. And as much as Jenny can screw u up, sometimes she's a god-send. And this was one of those times. So she decided we would see the movie and then meet Hue after for dinner since she finishes so late. Well we thought we had the plan set... until Hue decided to change it AFTER I left work. The plan got changed so many times it was no wonder we were all getting annoyed. So while I was bouncing around because I thought I was actually getting to see Ewan McGregor that night (being as it was that night or else not at all cause Jen is so busy), Hue threw a hissy fit to Jenny on the phone. When I picked up my Last House On The Left dvd (which I watched later that night and really it wasn't so great... I probably only enjoyed 5 mins of the whole thing *sigh*), I tracked Jen down to discover our "new" plan. So we had to rush to Parramatta then to meet up with Hue. I must say God was looking down on us that night, everything worked so right, to the minute. We had dinner with Hue, walked her back to her car, then raced to the train station for a train. They've closed everywhere except one exit there now, so we had to track a few blocks up to get there. We were just glad to get on a train. Straight away I called home, and eventually we found that the last session for The Island was 9:30pm - we would just make it. So Jenny and I FINALLY got to see Ewan. And the movie was great - scifi-ish, lots of action. I know I checked my watch a few times, but it wasn't cause the movie was boring, quite the opposite in fact. I was actually suprised at how much time had passed while we were watching it, and even more so quite curious as to how they were going to fit half the stuff I saw in the preview into the last half hour, but they did well. Ewan was terrific, just the kind of thing I'd expect from him, very funny guy. And Jenny was in hysterics over how he was questioning his life. Scarlett... I have to say I've not paid much attention to her, I've never found her as pretty as I did in this film, and I have to say that she played her part well. They didn't leave me dissappointed, they were the characters, and it had me wondering at some point if the story was originally a book, then who would have even thought of those people to cast in the roles? It was interesting. And I have to be so thankful and so grateful because there was one scene I was absolutely wrapped in the futureness of it all, and now I'm going to incorporate it into my Bianca fic *nods* It's going to be great fun, and it's actually leading to two things that really did need to be put in there (one of which I didn't even realise LOL Interesting a film can point that out), so because of that I have an additional scene to use in my next chapter which eased my mind enough to complete the one I was working on, and I notched it up to 10 pages.

So, in all, there is a new Unaffected chapter posted as of 4am this morning (yes, I was determined to finish it), and I'm quite proud of it because I've incorporated so much action and emotion into it. I'm so proud of the way I've been able to keep things progressive, both in the characters and the stories. I've got the sweetest reviews from my buddies now too, and I love that they've been able to pick up on the little things and can either figure out, or at least be on the right track, where I'm going with it.

Okay now last night I went out with my mum, and Helen and her mum for dinner/gambling/Elvis impersonator show at the RSL. Dinner was fairly nice. I decided in no way was I going to have fish & chips again like the previous night, so I got the chicken schnitzel which was huge and I thought I'd never get through it all, but I did well. Despite the many people who came and left from the table next to us, we actually finished pretty early and so we had like an hour and a half before the show to play the poker machines. I'm not a huge fan of gambling, I'm actually of the opinion it's a big waste of money, and I find those machines a tad boring (dunno how ppl can sit there so transfixed for hours on end), but the greatest thing was that there were empty tables and chairs nearby where the others were playing, so I claimed one to myself, and my brain actually shut everything out enough to let me write for about an hour. Usually when I do that at work, I go to a little quiet place for about 10 mins, but here with the well... how do you describe it? Casino noises? I think you all know its not exactly the quietest place on earth. But it was good that I was able to concentrate enough to write there so the time passed quickly.

The Elvis show was actually pretty fun. The guy is a fairly good entertainer, he jumped into the crowd at one point (or several actually LOL) and interacted with people, it was great. poor guy lost his favourite pinkie ring though, and his belt broke halfway through the first song of the 2nd set, so he had some issues to deal with (and joke about) but it was all good. And of course, I knew it would happen, I'm not an Elvis fan but my favourite Elvis song is TeddyBear (um.. Fantasia thing *snicker* so u know if it's Disney it's me) and he chose the one moment in the whole show I went to the bathroom to do it. *sigh* We had some um mentally incapacitated people in front of us - all of them were okay bar one who thought he was Elvis, and so kept turning back and singing to me and Helen instead of watching the show, with the occasional "I love you Elvis!" shout thrown out (at one point our friendly Elvis impersonator even responded with a song). Anyway, I tell you this guy just did not want to get off stage. His show went from 8pm until 11:30pm!! It was ridiculous. I know Elvis has a lot of songs, but seriously... all I gotta say was at least he made sure he was worth every cent paid for the ticket price. So once he wrapped, Helen (who is a huge Elvis fan - seriously as soon as the guy came on stage and started singing, she cried because he sounded so much like him, it was like her dream come true to get *this* close to Elvis) wanted to hang around to buy some merchandise and get an autograph. I went with her cause I'm um well I feel like a pro at it sometimes LOL Especially given the fact it was not me all starstruck at that point. So that was a fun little wait in a non-moving queue, and eventually when we did get there, he spent more time talking to Helen than the ppl in front of her whose possessions he was signing. Then he sung "Are you lonesome tonight?" to her which she responded to every line, which was funny. But because he kept singing, her eyes started welling up again and she was trying to make herself not cry, so mum and I were waving our hands at her to give her air and things. It was hilarious. And then um just to prove I spend far too much time around the musketeers, I went into a whole Melly-like spiel and kept saying to him "Hug her! You made her cry!" LOL I was admittedly trying to score her a free hug, but I think he only gave her a slight pat on the back, although she was proactive enough to kiss his cheek b4 she left, and then we watched him speak a little greek to her mother who he said he was absolutely in love with. It was great. And as with the previous night I got home after midnight. So much for me thinking these outings weren't going to take long :( But at least I got done what I wanted to, and stayed up ultra late with the girls both nights.

Today I woke myself up for a change, spent a little while in front of the computer chatting to Julie, eating breakfast, and re-reading the last chapter I put up of Unaffected since I skipped over the first part last night. I did find an error, but it was in the section I DID check at 4 in the morning LOL So I dunno. But it was all good. And er I haven't really left here except for the occassional bit of housework. I did manage to drag out an Alex update for the LMS Never Say Goodbye fic El and I are working on. I had ideas for Unaffected though, I so wanted to keep writing it, but I've avoided it thus far (despite my randomiser thinking it was a good idea to torment me with Wyatt songs while I was writing NSG). I know once I finish the next chapter though I'm going to be in another stuck period because that's where Chris comes in, and I haven't quite worked that out yet. Chris is a little hacked up in my brain at the moment - a whole bunch of things that haven't been strung together, and yet again I'm going to have to try to master his personality.

*-) Ok think I'm gonna steal something from Melly again (a)

10 years ago; Um... Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers obsessed, working on my first full length novel-like story, playing a lot of volleyball, dislocated my knee, finally seeing a glimmer of light in the darkness.

5 years ago; Working where I am now LOL Now how bad is that?

1 year ago; Okay well we're leading up to the days where Drew Fuller had his finest moment. Spin City becomes my favourite Charmed episode, I start cheering for Chris over Leo, Chris dies leading me to rediscover my writing skills, pen a fic about it (hmm this sounds oddly familiar), look for a place to put it up, discover dff.com, meet my wonderful beautiful musketeer buddies *hugglies*

Yesterday; Saw Elvis! :o He is alive! LOL. Um yup Elvis and writing Unaffected, that's about it.

Tomorrow; Go back to work *grumble* but at least I get a day off Michael, banks are closed cause it's a bank holiday *snicker*

5 snacks i enjoy;
[01] Twirl
[02] Strawberry Freddos
[03] Cadbury Chocolate Blocks (can u tell I'm Cadbury's obsessed?)
[04] Donuts (cinnamon/chocolate/strawberry)
[05] Gobstoppers :D

5 bands/artists that i know the lyrics to most of their songs;
[01] Evanescence
[02] Savage Garden
[03] Sarah McLachlan
[04] Lifehouse
[05] Linkin Park

5 things i would do with a $100,000,000;
[01] Travel - anywhere and everywhere I want to go as many times as I like
[02] Probably buy myself a nice house :D
[03] Ransack a CD store *evil laugh*
[04] Erm... in addition to the traveling thing, see every single artist I've ever wanted to see perform in concert
[05] Self-fund the publishing of something I've written

5 locations i would like to run away to (excluding musketeer locations :p);
[01] Italy
[02] Prague
[03] USA
[04] Spain
[05] Melbourne/Gold Coast

5 bad habits i have;
[01] perferctionism
[02] Night Owlism
[03] lack of energy/slothism
[04] Running away from people (Being unsociable because I'm afraid of something, because I'm not interested/don't care, erm... tough to explain)
[05] Daydreaming (if writing in my head as opposed to paying attention to what's going on around me is termed as that)

5 things i like doing;
[01] Writing :D
[02] Listening to/watching Music
[03] Rollerskating
[04] Going Away *ahem* travelling
[05] Watching movies/tv/concerts/plays... anything of interest

5 things i would never wear;
[01] Ultra skimpy clothes
[02] High heels unless I was in the mood
[03] Makeup - ^^^ ditto LOL
[04] A skirt (although some look pretty :( )
[05] *-) a tuxedo? LOL. I dunno

5 t.v. shows i like(d);
[01] Charmed
[02] Buffy
[03] Angel
[04] Blind Justice
[05] LOST

5 movies i like;
[01] Nightmare On Elm Street
[02] Pet Semetary
[03] Thirteen Ghosts
[04] Lord of the Rings
[05] Moulin Rouge

5 famous people i would Like to meet;
[01] Marisol Nichols
[02] Wes Ramsey
[03] Drew Fuller
[04] Davleigh Chase (she's so cute hehe)
[05] Ewan McGregor

5 biggest joys at the moment; the 5 things I like doing *snicker* or can I just name the musketeers? (a)

5 favorite toys; Mickey Mouse (Love), um um... LOL my room has a lot of stuffed toys, I can't decide between them :( oh Gizmo :D *-) Dunno how many of the others have names *blush*


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