March 17th, 2005

Grave Lying

Day 7 of costume sabbatical

OMG a week? It's been a week? :S How did that happen? That was much to fast. And I still woke up with that cramping stomach thing. *grumble*

Um, so yeah it went a little like yesterday. Started after 11am. Cut out the lining & underlining. The interfacing I discovered I didn't need cause my shopping list says it's for the skirt. :S Weird being that it was used for the bodice on the other costume I was making. Anyway, I was costuming to the first two Cyndi Lauper albums (I blame Cold Case for getting them back out!), Icehouse's "Man Of Colours" & Duran Duran's "Big Thing". Never realised albums were so short in the 80's. Barely lasted 40-50mins, and I had to keep getting up of course to flip the record over. But it was fun. While I was mulling over the meaning of the interfacing, I had lunch and made a quick stop on the NL forum. Well it went for almost an hour, but u know, restful ;) I then brought the washing in b4 it rained, and finally pulled out the sewing machine. I think I worked out how to make the bobbin work :D And it was all in the instructions :S Okay, call me blonde, but I don't remember that being there last time :p So everything was working well, and I got the lining sewed (and my mother called wondering why nothing had been sewed yet *sigh*), and then I was doing the material for the bodice. I switched the computer on sometime after 6pm and started multi-tasking by doing the sewing at the same time. I had to unpick one half of the back section cause it seems I sewed it back-to-front. :( So I fixed that up, have a bodice in material, and I gotta do the lining that same way tomorrow. Also did the two lots of straps (which I kept misplacing hehe) that I had to iron as well. Did a lot of ironing - had to iron the lining b4 I started too cause it was so crushed and folded from the store *sigh* Um so yeah I gotta attach straps and do lining tomorrow and eyelets (oh the fun) the ribbon I do not have *blush* and the top will be finished :D

Also had mum yelling at me tonight for the fact that even though I was helping her with one thing, that I wasn't doing something else at the same time for her *rolls eyes* Yeah had enough. Was ready to draw blood from the barrage but it slowly went away. Then the machine decided to hate me too so I called it quits. Now, have to go looksie at IDBT and possibly throw an update up.
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Grave Lying

Day 8 of costume sabbatical

I threw it away. Thrown it all away. Well, as far as the kitchen table anyway ;) I sewed all the lining together and so the majority of today was playing with the boning. Whoever said it was a good idea? Next time u see someone in a corset, feel sorry for the wardrobe people. I got pin-pricked so many times, and the stupid boning *grumble* out of 6 pieces I have managed to sew one onto the lining... after 3 attempts. It really is a horrible device.

Talked to Julie a little today. Chatting to my other buddies while watching Lost tonight. That show definately has me intrigued. Also went and saw the Orthodontist for my bottom plate, tiny little plasticy wirey thing, and um he says only to waer it at night and that I don't particularly need it anyway. It's only my top jaw he's worried about. I felt a little sad sitting in the waiting room down there and I don't know why. Maybe I was expecting bad news.

Anyway, I'm super tired so I'm gonna go to bed shortly. I um have been getting a little addicted to certain things so ... actually I shouldn't be pleading minutes before I go to bed, I won't see anyone update the RPG ;) hehe. Alrighty that's enough from me.
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