June 13th, 2005

Grave Lying

da na na na

Firstly *yay* for the holiday that gave me a day off today :D I've tried to restrict myself from typing too much so I haven't done any fic or anything. I stayed up until 3am though chatting with Mel and Julie, and consequently lost the Nip/Tuck footage Mel was trying to send me. So we're making a 3rd attempt tonight.

So what have I been doing? *thinks* Taking a lot of quizzes *nods* Gee I suck at coming up with inventive things to do :( And I've now caught up on Tru Calling as well so that's good. Drove to my cousins so Russ could pick up his jacket (only time I went out today - aren't I outdoorsy? Not *rolls eyes*). In truth I didn't actually get up until quarter to one this afternoon when mum came in the door and had a go at me for not being out of bed. I honestly didn't even think it was that late, spending all night going in and out of sleep while I switched my electric blanket on and off cause it was cold :( And again I've just been on the computer all day chatting to Julie and Mel and doing nothing :S I think I was more productive last night - I was making more Mari emoticon AVs from Blind Justice pics and, erm, I think I did B's journal. And I opened up that pic of me & Russ at the fountain at Dreamworld and cropped it down to be the same size as the Bianca pic I use for her entry posts, and consequently was then laughing at the fact that we were in like the exact same position, only I was laughing and she wasn't. I got Mel's interest peaked cause then she decided to look and compare too (and declare me Bianca LOL) and she then made an AV of pics of me! *blush* So yeah I was highly embarressed, but it was funny. And now she has one of all the musketeers. I think I've definately had a bland day *nods*

So quizness, and I'm gonna be lazy and not explain tonight:

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Mari might be finished soon! Yay! *claps* Which means I'm gonna run off and stop doing this b4 it dies on me again *nods* buhbye.
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