July 11th, 2005

Grave Lying

Can fill the time but am I achieving anything?

Hi! *wave & bounce* Well lemme see, I'm overloading my computer muchly making it work hard for me *nods* It's very hard having a zillion ideas in your head, things that were very much on the to-do list and getting added to all the time. I'm being an impatient sod wanting to do it all now, but I know I can't. Certain things have to be done before certain other things can be started or attempted. ARGH I wish things happened quicker, and right, and ... I feel really stupid for crying over that the other night - the fact that things never really went right. Nothing got finished before everyone came, and then when they were here things kept going wrong. Of course I love to torture myself with that.

Well I can be glad I accomplished something at least. I finished the next chapter of Unaffected yesterday - the one I wanted so desperately to finish before the girls came so it wouldn't be a one month delay. It was nice that I had enough time to work on it on the weekend, and I was so glad that I could finish it. I got to throw in Wy's flashback and it ended up being about 9 pages long so I did a good lot of work on Sunday.

Today was my first day back at work. I have to be thankful that it was relatively quiet and that I wasn't getting yelled at every two seconds, despite how very little staff we had. I can't believe they're not hiring anyone new for a few weeks (or if at all *rolls eyes*). Leanne left last week cause apparently Club Med wanted her to work for them (yeah, I'm sure the whole "They begged me" story was a load of BS, especially since she's taking less money for it) so work Mel is going to do her job now, and there's one less person around my way. Means I'm on reception 24/7 until they get someone to help a bit. *cries* But I'm ignoring that so long as there's no stressness. I ventured out for 10 mins at lunch (mum didn't want me to leave *rolls eyes* I need some freedom dammit!) so I could do some thinking on my fic. I wasn't going to write anymore, I just needed to try to map out everything that's going to happen so I have an idea what to do next, and writing down all my thoughts I discovered I had more things for Wyatt than Chris. That completely baffled me because there are so many Chris scenes running around in my head I was certain I'd have more for him. I still don't know how I'm organising this, but I have to say I'm so grateful to have Mel around because she's neverending inspirational when it comes to Wyatt, and so there's so much extra depth creeping into his character now cause I keep borrowing from her. It's fantastic. I love it.

Speaking of which, here's more things I stole from Melly:

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That is all for tonight *bows*
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