August 8th, 2005

Grave Lying

Swallowed up by the sound of my screaming :D

Felt much like doing that today *nods* Even actually vocalised it quite a bit. The amount of arrogant pig-headed males I had to deal with *rolls eyes* So not so fun day - starting off with the loss of my gloves (still dunno where they are :( ) and the cancellation of our trian leading me to stand in the freezing cold for almost half an hour. My noise was numb, I was convinced it had fallen off. And of course we had the whole running around at work, the switchboard crashing (which I managed to fix after an hour or something... almost 3 hours later the "tech" calls to help out *rolls eyes*). Good newsness of today, Jocelyn asked Ian to get someone new in to replace Melissa who's around the other side now. And he said he'd talk to Bev. *yay* So maybe the strain will start to ease. Something I forgot to explain on Friday was um what led to the adrenaline thing in B's journal. No I didn't kill anyone, but there was much instant die-hard rush to organise this holiday to the Gold Coast. Helen discovered the plane fares went up over a hundred dollars which freaked us out, even more so when the guy at Flight Centre told us the accomodation was booked out. He only had one reserve and we had to use my credit card for that. The flights got put onto Russell's. So now we're officially going to be at the Gold Coast for Christmas-New Years break. It means having to leave my buddies for 5 days or something, but hopefully it should be fun (see, there's no guarantee here cause my mum is coming too *sigh* and so is Helen's who I hardly understand).

Snagged more quizzlies from Mel (and I'm gonna be quick cause Cold Case is starting shortly):

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So wanna play more *blush* Maybe I'll wait for Melly to rack them up again (a) Oh oh, I've made a start on another project I did wish to complete and until tonight didn't have the enthusiasm of late. Melly sparked it (no surprise). But my computer kept crashing so I got VERY little done. And Ellen has started up LMS 2 so I guess I better go work out what's happening with me there. Toodles!
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