August 9th, 2005

Grave Lying

Just some quizzlies

Nothing much interesting to say about today. Bludged muchly reading friend's lj's and um emailing them. Checked LMS trivia to rediscover a few things about Justin. I even found him a house :D Looks like the outside of the one I imagined, and it's purple *snicker* and Zarina commented on the driveway being a nice ramp for him :) I love Justin & PJ - gonna be so cool to play them again *bounce* Tis really the only time I get to play against Zarina fairly well. And it's so great to be able to play characters I have a good feel for again. I'm seriously hoping this will give me some ammo to do the Alex/Ellen fic too. I update IDBT as well so hopefully now that Leo's returned we can start wrapping this up *nods*

Okay quizzlies:

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Got the new Ryan Cabrera song "Shine On" tonight. Turtle made me look for it. Love it to bits, listened to it like 15 times over b4 I changed my tracks LOL. Okay that's all for tonight *hugz*
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