August 10th, 2005

Grave Lying

Please say something

I'm starting to feel very boring. I have nothing to talk about :S Went looking for Switchfoot tickets today (couldn't find them) but in the process discovered that the Elvis To The Max tickets were already on sale :o Helen had only looked it up this morning cause she wants to see him - he's been around for years and he looks like the real thing. We figure he must be good from his popularity and she was dying to see him, so of course we had to snap tickets up today *nods* We were lucky to get seats where we did, they'd almost sold out every other day :o He's playing at Star City Casino which should be good. And it was so lucky Helen had to check with her friend, and that he had more dates, because otherwise I could very well have double-booked myself on Friday and left Melly out in the cold :( Didn't realise it was the long weekend. So after we worked that out I then got harrassed to ensure I could kidnap Melly with us while she's over, so it's going to be an interesting day *nods* And to prove something different, he's playing with an orchestra :D Or string quartet. One of them *snigger* Can't remember... but u know it's gonna make the ballads rock :D

Okay I've got more quizzes. One I stole off Melly and the others I er... well same quizmaster (except the last) so they're kinda on the depressing side but... okay *bounce*

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Yup I think that's all.
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