August 23rd, 2005

Grave Lying

Happy birthday to Wyatt *snicker*

So I was determined that this was going to be a good day since it's Wyatt's birthday (a) Um... only thing ruining it was my mum being sick from lunchtime. I actually got really annoyed with myself tonight for the fact that I can't help but be selfless and help out, when I receive very little consideration in return. I mean I wasn't well last week and I was still forced to go to work, but you know I turn around and tell my mum that if she's not well then she should stay home. Not at all the selfish demanding I usually get in the same circumstances *sigh*

Anyway, even though I didn't think it would happen I did manage to get B's journal entry done for Wyatt's birthday. I tried to be as detailed as my irritated brain would allow, and Wy liked his present *snigger* so all is good. :)

I dunno what else to put, my brain isn't up for thinking. I've included some quizzes but no explanations cause I'm going numb at the moment.

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ETA: Also forgot, some other writer from where I live contacted me yesterday :\ Dunno if I should write back to him. I looked him up and he sounds kinda intriguing, but he's only 19! :o
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