September 4th, 2005

Grave Lying

KC is Buffy! :o

Okay, so at least in one of my newly made icons she looks like it :$ I made 6 more music ones cause I wanted a break from my fic. Mind you Idol is on as well atm so everything is overly distracting. I'm up to somewhere between 2 and a quarter, and 2.5 pages. So I've done almost 2 today, which is a pretty fair effort. I'm really struggling with writing Chris atm. I never had a problem before, but I think lack of Drewbieness is making things suffer, plus the escalating Wy/B obsession. I have this whole thing set out, but I just have to cover the inbetween bits which makes it difficult. I don't want to be repetitive. I don't want to be blah. I want it to be good, and decent, and right, and enjoyable.

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Um... so today was Fathers Day. We went out to dinner last night to cover that. Also we bought dad a bbq months ago for it, so I only had to give him a card (Russ didn't even buy him one *rolls eyes*), but he spent most of the day away from the house so he didn't get it until mum reminded me this afternoon. I have done very little apart from that. I solely wanted to focus on my fic, and apart from still trying to get my computer working, I didn't do anything else. I even got out of housework, everyone just left me alone today! :o I have to go to bed early too :( New train timetable starts tomorrow so I now have an earlier curfew :'( I dunno how I'm going to handle it, I'll probably lie in bed for hours awake cause I'm so not a morning person, I'm a complete insomniac. This week is going to be interesting.
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