October 19th, 2005

Grave Lying

The one where Melly's a guy...

Wow I'm being frequent! :o More than likely cause I don't have much to do on my hands. Computer guy still didn't turn up with the power supply :'( Tisn't fair. Am I EVER gonna get my computer back? Cause seriously I need it. Next part of my fic is on there. ATM I have 4.75 pages done for my next chapter, and I'm wrapping this scene up. The next I don't think can be done in a page :S but it really is dependant on what's available to me, and I may just have to make this a short chapter again *thinks*

Anyway, um, just had to share a conversation I had today with Michael at the bank. I'm not a total freak, but if u saw all the way back in July or whenever it was he was starting to make me feel a little creeped out let alone annoyed with him in my posts, then yeah you'd understand. This whole thing about Melly being a guy he started off, I never said she was one, but he has since fallen under the impression that the person that's made me smiley, crying, busy with texting, etc. has been my new beau (and I think in some obscure reasoning he thinks its the reason I majorly backpedalled from him). So I was LMAO when I left the bank today after a conversation which goes much like follows:

M - So... counting down the days?
J - Yup. Just under 3 weeks, 2 and a half
M - All that for one day?
J - Three! Just one day off work
M - Must be worth it then
J - Yup. (pause) Even the parents are excited about me coming. I've never met them before.
(Notice I'm still being non-specific here. Mind you this led to him thinking I was talking about my parents but then he realised not)
M - Thought u were saying they'd be glad to get rid of you
J - No, other way round. Wouldn't mind getting rid of them. (:$)
M - So is he going to move to Sydney?
J - No *pouts* Well... thinking about it
M - So is he the one (grand hand gestures) came over with the others... back with the bridgeclimb?
J - Yup
(*snicker* Twas funny by this stage. Michael finishes counting money and gives it to me)
M - So you're gonna be a nervous wreck when you meet the parents, hey?
J - Should be okay. I said to warn them that I'm quiet, but they didn't believe me.
(We both laugh and I leave)

So really, when he asks me things, I always respond talking about Melly, but I never actually tell him it's not a guy. And now I have the Wessy tennis pic as wallpaper on my phone as my backup in case we get asked for a pic :$ I'm so bad, I know, but at least this keeps Michael at bay. And I know he'd believe the pic too cause he knows I play tennis so it wouldn't surprise him that "he" does too :$ So bad am I :$ But it's funny. And I don't lie so that's ok (cause I suck at it LOL), just mislead. :$
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