October 21st, 2005

Grave Lying

Waste of time & energy

So my day has not exactly been brilliant. Wish I could have the good days (like yesterday) without the bad ones (like today). Wish I could have the up moods without crashing down an hour or two later. Sometimes I just wish I couldn't feel, just be cold and emotionless like some people seem to think I am. I mean what is even the point of being able to love when you have nobody to love? What is the point of doing right by others when they don't do right by you? I can keep applying myself to be nice and loyal like is in my nature, but I don't understand why I turn things back onto myself, why I feel the need to run and hide as I do because I'm so afraid. Not even sure what of, but hey life can just suck anyway.

So into my little day. First another of my little rubber bracelets broke :( Gonna need a new set soon, think I've only got half left now *sigh*

And then I get to work and already I have a message to call the computer guys. I figured it was about my power supply. But first I had to go to the post office to get the mail since my boss is on holidays. Well I get down there and am told to take 10 boxes of books back with me! :o I mean they're like 10 kilos each :( So I was SERIOUSLY pissed cause my boss always refuses to take them, and the lazy ass production manager obviously just doesn't go down to get them (they're his anyway), so they accumulate till I get there and have to haul them back :( So I told him no way was I gonna be able to fit all those PLUS a tub of mail in the car, so I said I would only take half and take the rest tomorrow since I would be going down again anyway (the guy behind the counter looked very uneasy about this, and yeah I was talking about Monday but I just had no clue what day it was anymore). So he packed them all into this trolley thing and told me they were light anyway. Yeah light my ass, I had a whole trolley load to try and push all the way up the other end of the carpark and load into the car myself, not to mention dumping them once I got back to work in the POURING RAIN!!!! So I got all wet, and my back hurt, and I was severley annoyed, and THEN the financial controllor whose car I borrowed said "you took a while" and I was like "did I?" and then he kinda reiterated the same sentiment so I went off at him and said it didn't help when u get down there and have to pick up 10 boxes of books (blah. I just rambled at him. He had no sympathy for me). My supervisor was trying to get me to do the pays for New Zealand, but Helen was in there booking a tarago for our Gold Coast trip in December, and I threw my credit card at her to use cause I seriously couldn't talk by that point, and then once that was finished, my supervisor ended up in the room ranting on about what I should be doing next, and when I told her I hadn't done them yet she got pissed (and I was like "could I help it? U all keep jumping in the chair!") And then I finally got to do those. Helen thought I was annoyed about the booking she was doing and I said to her "no I'm just shitty about the post office" so she asked what happened then and couldn't believe it either. :(

And to make my bad day worse, this power supply I've been given I was emailed the invoice for and he charged me $55. We can get a brand new one exactly the same for half that price! It was such a rip-off :( He made me wait 2 weeks for something he's trying to charge double the price for, when I never had to go through this agony in the first place. So needless to say after much discussion with my brother, I cancelled the sale via email. The computer guy rang me up in a panic wanting to know what the problem was cause I "got what I wanted" (yup, knew that was coming) and then I re-explained that I could get it for less. And he was all "didn't I tell you how much it was?" and I was like "no!" and he said "How much did you think it was?" and I said to him "a lot less." then told him I could get one for almost half the price which he was trying to tell me was the standard one (you know, indicating it was inferior blah blah) and he only sold the expensive ones 8-) Best he could do was cost price at $45 (Russ was like "where's he getting that from then? LOL Needs a new supplier) So like he said it was okay and I told him I'd bring it in for him on Monday since he was supposed to be in from today until then (seriously I was frekaing out about seeing him cause I thought he was going to hassle me more but he never showed). After that I called Russell cause I didn't want him tracking any more of my emails, and I talked it over with him, and Russ was like "I said he'd say that" and I laughed and said I knew, and now we're gonna go down tomorrow morning and get one from OUR computer place but we're thinking of bumping up the power cause maybe the prob with my computer is it can't handle all that memory I bought (cause I went for the top of the range - most u can get LOL :$ I needed space for Charmed & BJ & my vids!) so we're gonna get like a 400W which should be about the same price he was trying to charge me for a 350W. I think I have every right to cancel, I haven't paid anything, haven't used it, so I am entitled to do that. But the HILARIOUS thing is that after I got off the phone from Russ and was telling everyone here, the computer guy sent me an email saying that the RRP was $59.95 and I shouldn't be comparing to a 200 or 300W one. Seriously, am I that dumb? Just cause I'm blonde 8-) The 350W was $28, I can get a 400W for the price he's charging. You can't pull the wool over the eyes of people who actually KNOW a bit about computers. Sheesh.

So I've had to wait another day to try and get my computer up and running again. At least I have been able to do things - like my fic got written and posted, I've sorta done both mine & B's LJ, the RPGs are getting updated whenever they need it (which unfortunately seems to have dropped from every day to once a week, so I made a little announcement on the df.nl board to get IDBT wrapped up). I've no idea what to do now. Guess I'll work something out :(

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