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Please say something

I'm starting to feel very boring. I have nothing to talk about :S Went looking for Switchfoot tickets today (couldn't find them) but in the process discovered that the Elvis To The Max tickets were already on sale :o Helen had only looked it up this morning cause she wants to see him - he's been around for years and he looks like the real thing. We figure he must be good from his popularity and she was dying to see him, so of course we had to snap tickets up today *nods* We were lucky to get seats where we did, they'd almost sold out every other day :o He's playing at Star City Casino which should be good. And it was so lucky Helen had to check with her friend, and that he had more dates, because otherwise I could very well have double-booked myself on Friday and left Melly out in the cold :( Didn't realise it was the long weekend. So after we worked that out I then got harrassed to ensure I could kidnap Melly with us while she's over, so it's going to be an interesting day *nods* And to prove something different, he's playing with an orchestra :D Or string quartet. One of them *snigger* Can't remember... but u know it's gonna make the ballads rock :D

Okay I've got more quizzes. One I stole off Melly and the others I er... well same quizmaster (except the last) so they're kinda on the depressing side but... okay *bounce*

Isolated You may be described as solitary.
But that's because you prefer your own company.
Your happiest of times is where you are away
from humanity, with only your thoughts for
company. Other people may perceve you as cold
and distant and only to people you trust (if
any) will you will show your actual
personality. Because of this you don't usually
go out of your way for a person unless they are
close to you. You may think about how to get
away to escape your problems.

What's the dark side to your personality? [pics]
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Okay, see this is why I run away every lunch and morning tea *nods* So I can be alone with my thoughts. I don't tend to socialise much with people I don't know very well and I do stick to the ones I'm close to. And yeah I'm always thinking of escaping *blush*

Avoidant This is characterised by intense
social anxiety. you have an extreme fear of
social situations as you are afraid of
critisism, disaproval and rejection from
others. You are reluctant to take personal
risks incase they prove to be embarassing, this
can lead you to exagerate these risks out of
proportion to escape them. You also do not tend
to get close to others due to a fear of being
disliked by them. Despite this you dream of and
desire relationships but are unwilling to get
involved with others as you are fearful of
being hurt or humilliated. You feel inadequete
to other people and view yourself as socially
inept or personaly unappealing.

What's your personaltiy disorder? [pics]
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Sees the "My conversation skills suck" thoughtage coming up again *snigger* *-) I think I have a word for that running away thing now "avoidant" say it with me :D

haunted by the past
You cry because of the story of your past which
still haunts you. You can't forgive the people
who hurt you back then and this has caused you
to be angry and frustrated. You cry tears of
torture. You want revenge more than anything
because of the unjust pain other people caused
you. The resentment slowly grows, causing you
as much pain as it did back then.

What has made you cry? [pics]
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Just for the record - it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be *nods* There was no light back then.

bipolar disorder
Bipolar disorder Also known as manic
depression, bipolar disorder causes you
dramatic mood swings, ranging from overly
excessive to depressive and hopeless. You have
periods of highs and lows. In a manic episode
you are elated and energetic. You need little
sleep, cannot concentrate and can be extremly
irritable. In a depressive episode you have
feelings of guilt, worthlessness and pessimism.
You have an anxious and empty mood. In severe
episodes of bipolar disorder, common psychotic
symptoms include hallusinations and illusions.
This can sometimes be mistaken as

What type of depression are you? [pics]
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Can a quiz diagnose me? *-) Interesting result. Good to know I'm not severely crazy I guess :S

Day dreaming is your salvation. Closing your eyes
and dreaming about that imaginary world inside
your head is your way to escape reality. You
have a lonely yet beautiful sweet character but
it only shows in your dreams. You tend to be
shy around new people and miss the chance to
make friends.
~~It's the only way i can truly be alive~~

What's your way to escape reality? What's your salvation?
brought to you by Quizilla

Aww I like this pic :D And I think the description is fairly trueness *nods*

Yup I think that's all.

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